Letters To Ducky: Welcome Knights

Dear Granpa Duck,

How are you? I am fine. I miss my daddy and my Unca Tim too. I love my Granpa Jefro. I love my mommy. I love Aunt Ziva and Unca Jimmy. I think Aunt Abby is silly but I love her too.

I got puppy dog kisses from Unca Tim's dog Jefro. That was fun but mommy said it was yucky.

I will have Unca Tim tell me a story about a knight and a dragon when he gets back from where he and Daddy went. Granpa Duck? I love you.



Sarah smiles as she watches her son sleep. Seeing the tow-headed child asleep at Tim's desk she gently raises him up and tears spring to her eyes as she reads her son's letter to a man he couldn't possibly have met. She carries Donny to the couch and covers him with the afghan on the back. Lightly caressing Donny's blond locks she remembers the few times she'd met the kindly old man. He'd been there for her and Tim when few others had been.

Sarah's breath catches on a sob when she thinks about Tim and the misfortune he's had in the romance department. The bad thing is that Sarah knows who she wanted him to pair off with but, as fate would have it, the woman Sarah thinks would be good for Tim is currently dating someone else.

Then there's Gibbs. A man of contrasts if there ever was one, he's been the perfect Granpa to little Donny. In a way, a lot of the team thought that Donny was the one to bring Gibbs back to the land of the living after Ducky had passed away. The little boy just charmed his way into Granpa Jefro's heart and the older man has been improving ever since.

Snuffling at her feet brings her gaze to the slowly aging German shepherd that has been Tim's main companion these last several years. His tail doesn't thump as swiftly as it used to, but the animal is still a good protector for her and Donny which is why they stay at Tim's when he and Tony are away on overnight missions.

Sarah sighs as she contemplates getting a dog for her son. She and Tony have discussed it several times and the main factor that holds them back is the space. They have no real room for any animal much less a dog. Their current housing allows pets, but the rooms just aren't big enough if they want to have more children and Sarah's thinking that Donny's little brother or sister isn't too far away. Yawning, Sarah sinks down on the couch beside her son, pulling him into her arms. It won't be long now before he'll start denying her this small contact if he's anything like his father or his uncle. So for now, she'll cuddle with him while she can.

None of the room's occupants see the grandfatherly figure as it glides across the floor to read Donny's letter. The spritely form smiles at the childish letter that tried to emulate his uncle's flowing script. Clearly Timothy has been teaching his nephew how to properly use a pen and quill and the elderly man can't quite hide a tear at how even those childish words touch his soul.

"Oh my dear children, you do make an old man proud."

Ducky sits down at the antique desk remembering how proud he'd been when he'd owned it. knowing that Timothy and now little Donny are using it, even if it's just for a letter, he cant help feeling that pride once more. Still, he does wish that he could convince Timothy to start writing the LJ Tibbs novels again. He'd enjoyed the funky mysteries for what they were…a tribute to the friends and co-workers of Timothy McGee.

Sighing the ghostly figure reads all the letters that Tim's written to him over the years. From the first one written over five years ago to the one written…oh my…the day before Anthony and Timothy had left on their last case…

Dear Ducky,

I know that this is silly and I'm hoping that I'm wrong but if you actually see this letter can you please send someone to rescue us? No one believes me, Ducky, but it feels like a trap and I believe it is a trap. Please, Ducky, find us…or find someone who can. We're being sent to the Florida Keys and I have a feeling that we're being set up. Gibbs is out of town or we'd have never gotten this call…I feel it in my gut.

I'm trusting you Ducky

Timothy McGee.

As a mission gone south, this one certainly had. The team had been set up from day one and Tony was cursing for all that he was worth. He should have trusted Tim who'd tried valiantly to get Tony to stop the mission or to give it to an actual military team. Tony hadn't listened to his second in command and for the life of him he still didn't know why. He's always trusted Tim to have his six. He should have trusted the younger man's gut the way he trusted his own and before that the way he trusted Gibbs. It just didn't make sense that he wouldn't trust Tim now.

"Mind control…Damnit, probie…you said it was possible…hell we saw it happen with you…" Tony's words are slurred as he struggles to regain consciousness. He Tim and Ziva had arrived two days ago and promptly been abducted. He hasn't seen or heard from either of them since. Tony tests his bonds, he's securely tied to a chair and there's no way he can reach the knife in his belt.

"I see you figured it out Agent DiNozzo."

"You're Steve Kopf. You're the slimy bastard who denied my partner and his sister 20 years with their parents! How the hell did you get out of jail?" Tony's anger is clearing his mind as is fear for his family back in DC.

"It wasn't easy, but we managed. We even brought you a present."

Tony watches, horrified as he sees Leroy Jethro Gibbs, bound and gagged being thrown into the room. The former lead agent of the country's top MCRT is unconscious and bleeding from a head wound. Tony can see that Gibbs hands are tied behind him, but there are scrapes on the knuckles so the boss man went down fighting. The fact that Gibbs hadn't made a sound when he landed is Tony's primary concern.

"What the hell did you do to him?"

"We beat the holy living crap out of him; he wouldn't talk however, so we brought you in."

"Talk about what?" Tony honestly has no idea what the Kopfs want with him and his team.

"Where is the current location of the bitch he was hooked up with? You know…Laurie Fields. We have a score to settle with her."

"Federal Agents! FREEZE! Did you get enough evidence Agent Sacks?"

Ron Sacks strolls in, nodding in the affirmative. "Oh I'd say that confessing to the abduction and bodily harm of a federal agent is plenty of evidence. Also intent to do bodily harm to a member of the US Military…yeah they're going down for a long time."

Tony smiles when he sees the look of unbridled rage that crosses Steve Kopf's face. The smile fades as he realizes he still hasn't seen Tim or Ziva. Ron Sacks glances over at Tony and says, "We managed to get the rest of your team out safely. You and Gibbs were the only ones we hadn't found and we had no clue just who was behind it. We received an anonymous tip saying that we'd find at least one of you here. How're you holding up?"

"How's my boss?"

Ron finishes cutting Gibbs out of his bonds and checks his vitals before coming over to Tony and cutting him free of the chair. "He's alive for now. I'm putting a call in for a doctor to be standing by when we get back."

"I'll do it. I want the best on staff and I know just who to go to in order to get her. Can I borrow your phone?"

Sacks hands over his cell and the Italian wastes no time dialing a long distance number.

"Dad…it's Tony…no time to explain…I need you to use whatever military pull you have left to get Laurie Fields pulled off of assignment and sent back to Bethesda. Gibbs is seriously injured possibly critical and I want the best…thanks Dad."

Tony tosses the cell phone back to Ron who is staring at him in wonder. "It helps sometimes to have a Commander in the Navy as your father-in- law. Let's go and don't hold back."

Four long hours later Tony follows his boss's gurney into Bethesda. A familiar blonde figure steps forward and Tony gives her the rundown on what he knows for certain happened. Laurie nods and starts to follow Gibbs form inside when Tony's hand on her arm stops her.

"They were looking for you; they were using him to try and get to you. They almost succeeded in getting Tim and Sarah again. Who the hell are you?"

"The one that got away… I'll have a file on your desk in the morning. Do with it as you please; for now, I've got one chance to save your boss."

She did Duck…I don't quite know who she was, but she saved my sorry ass when no one else could have. There's a blank spot during that time period, certain memories that seem to be frozen or forgotten. I still remember the team and my grandson and I can remember her coming in to assist when we needed a doctor for Tim but aside from that, I don't remember her. Tony says he read the file she left for him and told Tim to shred it. I have no doubt that McGee did so.

Tim McGee takes the flashdrive he'd loaded the file onto and hands it to the blonde in the elevator. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"The file doesn't exist, therefore I don't exist. Are you sure you want me to block their memories?"

"If this is the best way to protect our family then please, block what you need in order to keep them safe."

"Very well." Sorrow and understanding are in both sets of eyes.

"He loves you, you know that right?" Tim's question brings tears to her eyes.

"I know…and if we're meant to be, maybe one day, we'll find a way into each other's lives again. Have Tony call the campfire, it'll be easier that way." She thinks back to the day Gibbs had told her about the campfires and how Tony referred to the new team as his knights.

A faint smile plays around her lips as Abby and Jimmy join Tim, Tony and Ziva at the campfire. Laurie gives one last smile, "Welcome Knights of the NCIS Table."

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