Okay everyone… here is my very first attempt {key word ;) } at writing a Harry/Voldie fic…

Summery:: Harry has been 'suspended' from Hogwarts without Dumbledore giving him a reason, thus sending him back to the Dursley's for the school year. During the second week back home Harry receives a rather vicious beating from his uncle and cousin with no help at all what so ever from his aunt. After passing out from the pain Harry's and Voldemort's mind connect and Voldie sees into Harry's pain. Voldemort's big plan… rescue Harry!

Warnings:: maybe smut (not sure yet. We'll see when the time comes) cussing, cutting, Rape. Whatever else that may come to my mind… ;)

Bashings:: Dumble-de-dick, Ron & Hermione as well as some of the order.

Disclaimer:: I do not under any way shape or form own Harry Potter's world… even if it would be kinda nice!

Do What?

Chapter 1:: The Rescue Mission

Harry POV

This was the worst imaginable pain that I wouldn't even let my worst enemy suffer from. Oh how I hate my family. My life. Harry thought to himself. He was currently huddled on the floor of his small bedroom/cupboard. Wincing as his uncle's foot connected with his stomach and trying not to make a sound or else his uncle would never leave and only cause worse damage than already done.

"you worthless piece of shit. You are a freak. Nothing less! You don't deserve to live here. And your stupid ass just had to get kicked out of that freak school! Even THEY don't want you! How pathetic!" Vernon, a whale/ pug of a man yelled. Spit flying out of his mouth with each kick and punch he delivered to his nephew. With a final kick to his ribs Vernon walked out of the cupboard yelling "no food for you for two days." over his shoulder. Waiting to make sure his uncle was gone and wasn't coming back anytime soon, Harry slowly and painfully got up off the floor to walk to his desk to compose a letter. He knew he had internal damage. How could he not? After what he just received? Gingerly sitting down he grabbed a quill, ink, and a piece of parchment and began to write. Hoping beyond hope that this would work.

12:52 pm Monday 12 September 2008

Dear Professor Snape,

I am sorry to bother you sir. But I have a small favor and I'm hoping that you will be able to assist me in it. I am in need of some… um… healing potions. For pain and bone repair if possible… I am unable to make them myself at the moment, but if you are unable to assist me that is okay. I thank you either way.


Harry J. Potter

With that written he sent Hedwig out on the mission. Oh I hope he will help. Harry thought as he watched Hedwig disappear from sight.

Snape POV

Lunch was just finished and everyone was leaving the great hall. I was just getting up from the table when a white owl flew in and landed on my shoulder, holding out her leg. Untying her letter I began to read. By the time I finished reading I was worried. 'why should Potter need healing potions?' Snape thought. With the owl still on his shoulder he headed towards his chambers to write back to Harry.

2:12 pm Monday 12 September 2008

Dear Potter,

Why the hell do you need healing potions? What is going on? Yes I will help you, but after you receive the potions you will send me a owl telling the reason for them. Understood? Good. I'm glad. And your welcome.


Professor Snape.

Getting the potions packed in a carry bag he attached both bag and letter to the white owl to return to Harry. Once the owl had its package it took off.

'what the hell is going on?' Severus thought to himself. He was worried about Lily's boy. He didn't truly hate the boy. He couldn't. Lily made him Harry's godfather, not that the boy knew about it, but still he was his godfather. Along with Black. The mutt. Having escaped from Azkaban he was hiding low. Not that Snape could blame the guy. With a sigh he sat down at his desk to start to grade his sixth years papers.

Harry POV

It had been almost two hours since he had sent Hedwig out and he had passed out from the pain after his uncle left him a second time. This time going farther than beating him. Harry blanched at the thought of his uncle forcing himself inside him. Tarring him from the inside out. The pain was unbearable. He didn't know when his uncle left him. His ass bloody, Vernon's nasty semen running out of him. Crying did nothing to help stop the pain. Yet at the same time he couldn't help it. But he wouldn't give his uncle that kind of satisfaction. Just before he came back to the living from passing out his scar starting burning. 'Uh oh… someone's pissed.' Harry thought to himself.

Hedwig few back in landing softly by him. Taking the potions first he practically drained all three healing potions before reading Snape's letter. Sighing once he started to relax and the pain ebbed away, he fell into a painless sleep for once. He was home alone. And he was going to enjoy it.

Voldemort POV

I was in a meeting with the death eaters when I felt Potter's mind connect with mine. Not intentionally I'm sure by connected nonetheless. What I saw made me sick.

A fat ugly whale type of a muggle was kicking Harry. Repeatedly. His shirt was off and many scars were visible to Voldemort's sight. His mind was disconnected after that tidbit of memory. Looking around the room he noticed his death eaters staring at him in concern. As he was about to get back to business he had another memory come to him that pissed him off to no end. That fat bastard was back. Only this time Harry was practically lifeless. Doing nothing to stop that fat lard the boy's pants were ripped off of him and he was… raped. He didn't even scream. Just silent tears running down his face. Voldemort was pissed. Beyond pissed. Standing up he made a split decision.


"Yes My Lord?"

"I'm going to need many healing potions. Didi!" Voldemort yelled. A second later an elf appeared with a 'pop'

"yes master Dark Lord sir?" the elf said

"Prepare a room across from my room. Have a warm bath ready. As well as the healing potions from Severus."

"Yes'm sir!" replied Didi popping back out to do as he ordered.

"my Lord? If I may ask why do you need healing potions and a room ready?" Lucius asked quietly in fear of angering the Dark Lord.

"because. We are going on a rescuing mission." I replied.

Shocked gasps could be heard throughout the room full of death eaters.

"Who are we rescuing my Lord?" Severus asked.

"Harry Potter." most of the death eaters looked at him like he had lost his mind. Others looked like their eyes would pop out of their head.

"Why are we rescuing that brat?" Bellatrix screamed. Sending a curse towards her she bent over in pain.

"because I said so! Do you dare question me?"

"n-no my L-lord" she replied. Stuttering.

"that's what I thought."

"My Lord, what exactly is wrong with the boy?" Severus asked but before I could answer he had continued talking. "I received a letter just before I came here and he asked for healing potions so I sent three of them… did I not send enough?" he mumbled the last part to himself quietly.

"those muggles he's staying with are beating and raping him. that's what I was preoccupied with just now. He unintentionally sent me what was happening to him the pain I felt… the pain he is in…" many of the death eaters had hard looks on their faces after hearing what the muggles were doing to the boy. Fenrir had to be held down by two others. He looked ready to kill.

With that in motion they apparated outside of 4 Privet Drive, Surry. A car was just pulling in the drive way and the fat bastard himself in the flesh stepped out of the car.

'Let the games begin' Voldemort thought to himself.

Okay so here is the first chapter of 'Do What?' I hoped ya'll enjoyed my first HP/LV fanfic… ((: if anyone has ideas or comments feel free to let me know! Review! please and thankie!