Melanie and Stephanie pulled up in from of the building and parked their car next to one of the many 1967 Chevy Impalas and sighed, "I will have a car like that one day." Mel said. She got out of her 67 mustang and closed the door.

Stephanie got out of the passenger side and smiled at her friend was drooling over all the other cars. "Give it up Mel. You have been looking for years. Chances of you finding one are slim to none right now."

"I know but why do all these people get to have one and I don't." she pouted. "Its just not fare."

"Just be glad you have a car." Steph said.

"True I guess. Ok let's just get in before I do something really stupid like hot wire one of these bad boys."

Stephanie put her arms around her friend and smiled, "You truly are a Dean girl aren't you?"

"And you are my own personal Sam. Always keeping me out of trouble." Mel said. The two walked toward the building and went inside. This was the day they have been waiting for almost four years. It was the day of the first annual Supernatural Book Convention.

Sam and Dean walked around looking at all the people around them. This had to be the craziest thing they had ever seen. "I am going to kill Chuck for this." Dean said as he saw several people that were dressed like him, Sam, and everything they have hunted in the past.

"Yeah well get in line. Listen to this, they are even having a realistic ghost hunt later on." Sam said reading over the paper of activities.

"What the hell? How in the hell can these people find that our lives are interesting? I mean we hunt monsters from crying out loud. what happened to the days where people did nothing but dress up like darth vader or something like that?'"

"Dean remember, they all think this is fake." Sam reminded his brother.

"Yeah well I say we find Chuck and stop this craziness and get the hell out of…." Before Dean could finish his sentence he saw Mel and Steph walk through the door, "Good God.."he said under his breath, "On second thought maybe we should stay for a little while. You know just to make sure Chuck keeps his mouth shut."

"Yeah ok." Sam said and was still reading when Dean decided to walk over to the girl.

When Mel looked up she let go of Stephanie and saw him walking over to them, "Looks like I have my own personal Dean walking this way." She whispered to her friend. "If only Dean was really that hot I would be in heaven." she smiled.

"Ladies" Dean said as winked at Mel.

"Ok well I am going to go walk around and try to find the conference hall. Have fun Mel." Steph said and walked away.

Mel winked at her and turned her attention back to Dean, "Let me guess, you are suppose to be Dean right?"

Dean chuckled slightly, "What gave me away?"

"Well I would say the leather jacket but you also have the cocky grin going on for ya there." She said.

Dean smiled, "Oh yeah? Do you like it?"

"I don't hate it." Mel said.

"What's your name sweetheart?" Dean asked as he leaned against the wall.

"Melanie but you can call me Mel."

"Well you can just call me….. Dean I guess." Dean though this was a little weird but he figured they were here so maybe they should just play along.

"Something told me you were going to say that but what the hell. Nice to meet you Dean." She said

"The pleasure is all mine." He winked "So who are you suppose to be?" Dean asked.

"What are you talking about?" she asked

"I mean everyone here is dressed up so who are you? Jo, Bella, Madison, Sarah…..Ellen?"

"God No. I am no one but Mel today."

"Well I think I am liking the Mel look. She has that whole sexy vibe going on." He said and Mel laughed. This guy was handsome and funny. He would be the picture perfect Dean.

"Well I am glad you like it. So do you want to go find the conference hall and get a seat?"

"Uh…sure. I would love to." Dean said and Mel smiled at him before they walked toward the hall. "So let me ask you Mel, who do you like better, Sam or Dean?" Dean just couldn't help himself, he had to ask.

"Dean all the way. I mean don't get me wrong, Sam is a great character but Dean is just so…"


"That's one way of putting it." Mel laughed, "I don't know I just love how he does anything for his family and he don't take shit from no one. I can relate to him in a weird way."

"Oh really? And how is that?"

"Well he was raised by a single dad and he had a little brother, well I was raised by my mom who was never around and I had to take care of my baby sister. My dad died when I was four. So you can kind of see where this is going. Well I don't hunt demons but personality wise I relate to Dean."

"I can see that." Dean smiled. God she was hot and she was all about him, she just didn't know yet, "So the girl you were with, is that your sister?"

"No she is my best friend. My sister passed away a few years ago but I don't really like to talk about it." Mel said and they walked up to the door, "I think this is it, shall we go in."

"After you sweetheart." Dean said and pushed the door open for her. This was turning out to be an interesting day so far. Killing Chuck was still on him list but it could wait.

Steph had her paper in hand with the list of event and for the life of her she couldn't find where to find the souvenirs were. She was determined to get a Sam Winchester watch.

Sam was still looking around and trying to find Chuck. He grabbed a map and was looking down when he felt someone walk right into him. He looked up from the map and saw a beautiful girl in front of him picking up papers off the floor, "I am so sorry." He said and got down to help her.

"No I wasn't watching where I was going." She said and looked up. When she saw the man in front t of her, the first name that came to mind was... "Sam" she whispered.

"Excuse me?" Sam said. How did she know him?

"I said Sam. You must be dressed up as Sam." Steph said and stood up, "I would know that look anywhere and I have to say you fir the description very well. Not like some of these other guys.

"Oh….I guess you are right." He said and handed her the rest of her paper, "Are you a fan of the books?" he asked

"Yeah. Not for the whole demon thing so much. I just really like the story. It was just well written an so detailed. When I read the book I feel like I am right there with them." Steph said and went on and on about the books and how they made her feel. Sam just listened to her the best he could but she just couldn't stop looking at her. She was beautiful and they way she spoke he knew she was educated, "Are you still with me there?" Steph asked when she noticed Sam in a daze.


"It's ok. So do you have a name?"

"Yeah…well its…uh….just call me Sam."

Steph laughed, "Ok Sam. I am Stephanie, you can call me Steph."

"Nice to meet you." he said and shook her hand. 'Conference in 5 minutes' they heard someone yell and Steph looked up at Sam, "Would you like to sit with me?"

"I would like that." Sam said and they both followed the ground into the hall. When they got in there, they looked over and Dean and Mel sitting next to each other. Dean had his arm around her and it was clear they were flirting. Dean looked up and winked at Sam who just shook his head. "I found us two seats. Come on." Steph said and grabbed Sam by the hand. Sam looked once more at Dean who gave him thumbs up. Sam sighed and figured what the hell. They deserve a little fun before all hell broke loose.

*So I got this idea from the always awesome Gumby Girl and went with it. This story will not follow what really went on in the Episode the Real Ghostbusters. There will be changes. Anyways I hope you like and please review!