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Superintendent Crane was convicted of brutally murdering nine boys. Lestrade, Gregson, and Hopkins saw to that. They all also attended the hanging.

They stood in a silent, somber row, not exactly happy with the way things had turned out, but at least somewhat appeased.

I pronounced the man dead myself. It was almost a relief when it was all over.

I found myself walking next to Lestrade on my way out. I had not seen him since Crane's arrest. I opened my mouth to speak, but he beat me to it.

"My arm is fine." He answered before I could ask. "Lizzie actually carried through on her threat to tie it down when I got home. She wouldn't untie me for three days." Though still rather tense, he was more relaxed than I had seen him in a while.

"And the rest of you?" I asked.

Lestrade shrugged. "Better, I suppose." He shook his head. "One less piece of trash to worry about."

"Did you ever figure out why he did it?" I asked. Lestrade sighed.

"Money." Lestrade grunted. "He was blackmailing the parents, we know that." He considered his next words carefully. "Entertainment. He used to run with a group back when I was still new to the force, not that we could ever prove it, that would cut up the people that crossed them and leave them on the steps of their own homes. He shot a man, once, on a case. A thief, not much more than a boy, and when cornered he surrendered, threw his gun down. Crane shot him anyway."

"And nobody did anything about that?" I asked. Something like that would never have been simply ignored at the Scotland Yard I knew.

Lestrade shook his head. "It was a different world then. Use of unnecessary force was common, even expected from certain members of the Yard." Lestrade laughed, though it was not a happy sound. "They said I was too easygoing in my dealings with criminals." He fell silent, thinking about the past and a Scotland Yard that was completely foreign to me.

"What will you do now?" I asked cautiously. I did not want to remind him that he was no longer with the Yard, but I was concerned.

Another shrug. "Jones and Gregson are putting up a fight to get me reinstated." He admitted. "They've pulled up incidents from cases I can barely even remember to demonstrate how indispensable I am to the Yard." Here Lestrade rolled his eyes, but he was only slightly annoyed. Surprised, a little embarrassed, and grateful, but only a little annoyed.

"Hopkins and Bradstreet haven't taken up arms as well?" I teased. Lestrade snorted.

"Hopkins is once again holding down the fort while they find another replacement Superintendent." Lestrade explained.

"Marshall isn't coming back, then?" I asked. Lestrade shook his head.

"He says he's done his time." He said. "He's convinced them to look for someone already at the Yard, though. No more outsiders." He said with a slight shudder.

"Who do you think it will be, then?" I asked. "Gregson? Jones?"

"Maybe." Lestrade grunted noncommittally. "Anyone would be better than Crane. Even Evans would be an improvement." I couldn't help but laugh as Lestrade seemed to be giving the thought of Constable Evans as Superintendent serious consideration. Lestrade noticed, and smiled. "Are you coming over tomorrow night, then?" He asked.

"If I can convince Holmes to come." I told him. "Between the two of us, I'm terrified at the thought of showing up without him again, especially when Elisabeth specifically said to bring him along."

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