A Private Celebration

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This was meant for last year's FGB: Breaking Dawn. I had my daughter last November and

posting this got forgotten among the diapers and keeping my oldest happy.

I hope you enjoy this :) It is what was on the video that

William and the others find at Edward and Bella's house in Forks.

You know, the naughty one with the icing?

Bella's birthday wasn't usually an extravagant affair. It wasn't that she didn't like presents…because she did. She just didn't always feel like entertaining. I could understand this - I didn't really want to entertain anyone but her on her birthday, anyway.

This was how I had come to be in the kitchen, the night before her birthday, making cupcakes. I was starting the party early for us, so I wouldn't have to compete for the birthday girl's attention on the actual day.

The actual cupcakes turned out well, as best as I could tell. They looked fluffy and were the exact color as the picture on the website, so I assumed I'd managed it fine. I had used a recipe for the icing that was on the same webpage and added a little food coloring to make it a light pink. I did taste a little of it and it was sweet, just like I imagined icing should taste.

Icing was a funny thing. It dissolved right on my tongue, so I didn't have to throw it up later - and it really didn't taste bad. It was the only human food that I could honestly say I didn't mind putting in my mouth.

I was just starting to ice the cupcakes when I heard Bella coming down the stairs. She'd been in the bathtub, reading and relaxing for a bit while I had started on her surprise. I smiled slowly as she entered the kitchen, laughing softly.

"What are you doing?"

"Baking." I replied, swirling some icing on the top of one of the cooled cupcakes. I turned and noticed she had her new video camera trained on me with a smirk on her face.

"Why?" Bella asked coyly.

I smiled at the camera and held up a piping bag full of icing. "It's your birthday, sweet girl."

She rolled her eyes and said, "Tomorrow is my birthday."

I watched as she placed the camera on the counter and entered the kitchen all the way. Her dark hair was pulled up, and she was wearing sweatpants and a tank top. She looked like she was ready for bed, but the gleam in her eyes told me that she had something else in mind.

I cleared my throat; still my voice was a little rough as I said, "What kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn't give you a treat on your birthday?"

Bella continued walking toward me as she ran her tongue along her bottom lip. "I think you'd make a delicious treat."

When she was finally in front of me, she took the piping bag out of my hand and set it carefully on the counter. Her hand traced along the edge of the granite and then met my hip, her fingers teasing the edge of my sweatpants.

"What do you think?" she whispered. "Want to be my treat?"

"You don't really think you need to ask that, do you?"

She scooted closer to me until her chest was flush against my own. Her head was tilted up and her lips were brushing mine as she said, "I'd never want to take advantage."

"Oh, please do," I said right before her lips met mine fully.

My hands went to her hips, and I thrust against her as her tongue ran along my bottom lip, before sucking it in between hers. I let her lead the kiss. I was her treat, after all.

Soon her hand on my hip started to tug down the material of my pants. I briefly thought about helping her, but instead I moved my hands from her waist to her hair, pulling the tie out, and brought our lips together more roughly.

As the sweatpants hit the floor, Bella pulled back and smirked. "No boxers?"

I shrugged, pulling my shirt over my head. "I didn't see the point," I said as I pulled her tank top over her head.

Bella stood on her tip toes and brushed kisses along my jaw until she reached my ear and then nipped at my earlobe. "Neither did I."

A growl worked its way out of my throat as I thought about her being bare under her pants, and I wasted no time in finding out if she was being truthful. Her pants dropped to the tile and were kicked away in less than a second before my fingers traced over her wetness.

"Sweet girl, the things I want to do to you," I managed to say as I parted her lips with my forefinger and circled her clit.

Bella leaned forward and rested her chest against mine, while one hand reached behind my back and the other slowly made its way down my stomach. As soon as her hand closed around my cock, I shut my eyes and let my head fall to the side. The intensity of feeling her against me never changed. I could smell lust in the air around us - our own distinct scent. It was so easy to get wrapped up in a moment like this.

"I'm going to have a taste now," she said as she started to lower herself to the floor.

I watched with heavy lids as she licked her lips then brought her finger up and put a stripe of something on the head of my cock.

I choked on air and gripped the counter as she slid her tongue over the line. She brought her finger back and added more to what she'd just licked off, and I couldn't help but laugh a little.

She smiled up at me and closed her lips around the tip, sucking off the icing again.

My hands went to her hair. "I never thought I'd ever have icing on my cock." Instead of getting more icing, she took me all the way into her mouth and started to lick and suck on me. "I guess I never thought I'd see your lips wrapped around my cock, either, after I first met you."

That line of thought was cut off as she took her mouth off of my cock and stroked me with her right hand, while her left hand went to the icing bag on the floor beside my foot. I hadn't even noticed it was there.

Bella traced the line of my hips with the pink frosting and continued to move her hand at a steady pace while she licked and sucked the sugary mess from my body. I tried to slow my reaction down, but I could feel my orgasm approaching much more rapidly than I wanted.

"Bella, I'm almost there," I stuttered out quickly. She went from the skin below my belly button back to my cock, taking me back into her mouth. I gripped her hair a little tighter and tried not to thrust too hard into her mouth. "That's it, sweet girl. So fucking close."

She hummed in acknowledgment right before I hit the back of her throat. The combination caused me to release and tremble as she continued to move along my length.

I sagged back against the counter and tried to stop my labored breathing. Bella kissed her way up my stomach and chest until she pecked my lips softly.

Before she realized it, I had her pinned against the counter. I brought my lips to her neck and started to kiss and nip. My hands were on her breasts, squeezing lightly. I kissed down and over the tops of each, all the while listening to the moans and gasps she was making. I was purposely missing her favorite spots and continuing down her stomach until I was on my knees.

I reached for the bag of icing and stood back up, pressing my eager cock against her stomach.

"My turn," I said as I took the icing and made a small spiral over her nipple. I did the same to the other one and then set the bag on the counter behind her.

"Can you eat this?" she asked, confused and breathless.

"Dissolves right on my tongue. Nothing but sweetness," I answered and bent down, tracing my tongue around her nipple, not taking it into my mouth just yet. Teasing her.

Her fingers twined in my hair and I could feel her try and move me, but I kept the same pace as my hand slipped further down her stomach and over her hip. Finally, when I was right where I wanted to be, I sucked her pink frosted nipple into my mouth and thrust two fingers into her pussy.

Her back arched and she cried out my name as I continued to pump and curl my fingers inside of her. When all the icing was gone from one side, I moved the other side, taking extra care to make sure that all the sweetness was gone when I pulled back.

When I released her peak from my mouth, she grabbed my chin and pulled me up to kiss her. Our tongues tangled, and I felt her start to clench around my fingers. Quickly, I took my hand away from her softness and brought it up to my mouth, licking my fingers clean of her. My own groan of pleasure overshadowed her groan of frustration.

My instincts were taking over, and with a growl, I spun her around and bent her over the counter, scattering the cupcake supplies. "You taste so good, sweet girl." I could still taste her on my lips, sucking the bottom one into my mouth as I thrust hard into her.

Bella gasped at the quickness of it and started pressing her hips back against mine. It was going to be fast and hard - there was no way around it giving how I was feeling. What had started out as playful was turning into one of the most intense sexual experiences we'd ever shard.

I stared in awe as her hair bounced with each thrust and tangled down her back. I couldn't resist - I took one of my hands off her hip and grabbed her hair, twisting it around my wrist and pulling her head back. If possible, I hardened further, seeing her arched back like that.

She turned her head to the side and looked at me briefly before her eyelids fluttered and she moaned low. She was at my mercy, and she trusted me with everything she had to give. Her hands were gripping the counter and her inner muscles were clenching softly, gearing up for a big release. I moved the hand that was holding her hip to wrap around her waist and pulled her close to me before dropping her hair. Bella's face was still turned to the side, so I leaned closer and took her lips with mine, still going as hard as before. When I knew she needed a breath, I leaned my forehead against her temple and listened as her moans and breaths grew louder.

I could tell that she was about to fall over the edge and used my words to give her that final push. "Give it to me, Bella. Come on my cock, sweet girl." She gasped my name and pushed back with more force. "I want to feel it." She started to tremble around me and I groaned out her name as I felt the first wave of her orgasm shudder through her. "Gah, that's it!"

My lips fell to her shoulder, and I sucked the skin there as hard as I dared; ignoring the desire to bite into her soft, pale skin. Soon, I felt the tingling sensation work its way up my body and when Bella threw her head back and called out my name, I gave in to my own release.

By the time we had settled our breathing again, the growl that had been present throughout our lovemaking had toned down into a purr. Bella turned in my arms and my cock slipped out of her body and lay spent against my thigh.

"That was a wonderful birthday present." She kissed my jaw and laid her head on my chest.

My brilliant response came in the form of a grunt.

"Wanna go take another bath with me?" Bella's fingers curled around the hair at the nape of my neck, and I sighed.

"Anything that keeps you naked for a while longer is a good idea to me."

She laughed and started to walk out of the kitchen. I bent down to pick up our clothes and heard her gasp. When I looked up, I saw her turning off the video camera and blushing hard.

I smirked and walked over to her, brushing her hair off her shoulder and kissing the mark I'd left there. "Want to watch this later?"

Bella looked at me with wide eyes. "You'd want to watch that?"

"Fuck yes," I could already picture it. "I bet it's really hot."

"Ummm, okay. We need to make sure we hide this so no one will ever find it after we watch it."

"Bella, I can assure you that no one will ever get their hands on this. I wouldn't want to kill anyone for seeing you like only I get to see you."

She got quiet for a moment and then said, "So, should we take a bath right now or watch this? I mean, what's the point in getting clean, if we're just going to get messy all over again?" The hint of lust was back in her eyes, and I felt myself start to respond again.

"I completely agree. Let's get this set up and see what it looks like."

I took the camera and went into the living room, smiling as I heard her following.

This might be the best birthday ever.

Thank you to Jen328 for beta'ing and ladysharkey1 and jadsmama for pre-reading and providing me the inspiration to write it.