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Yay, SWAT Kats!


It was a very hot day and Chance Furlong and Jake Clawson were sweating as they worked on fixing up a client's car. A little ways off, near the entrance to the junkyard, Jake's three year old twin daughters were playing happily, wrestling with each other, giggling and clearly not minding the heat.

Chance wiped his brow with his arm. "Ugh. Nearly finished." Jake nodded. "Yeah, then we can get out this heat!" The scrawny ginger kat grabbed a nearby water bottle and took a long drink. He set it down and picked up a wrench to continue when he heard a car approaching.

Chance peered out of the garage. "Great, its Bill and Murray, the dummy twins." Jake sniggered and both kats started walking out to meet them. A dump truck was slowly backing up, filled to the brim with scrap metal.

"Jade, Isabelle, get out of the way!" Jake called to the still wrestling kits, but they didn't hear. They didn't stop until the trucks shadow was directly over them.. the girls looked up in confusion. With a sigh Jake headed over to his kits, while Chance took care of the 'dummy twins.'

"Hey, Furlong! Special delivery! Bill grabbed a lever in his truck to dump the trucks condense. The back began lift, tilting everything downwards. Jake saw this and froze, then sprinted to where his kits were. "No, wait! STOP!" He was still a few yards away; he wouldn't make it before the twins were crushed!

Chance glance at Jake, then the emptying truck, and then the two dumbstruck kittens about to be buried in an avalanche of metal. He immediately took up Jake's cry. "Bill, Murray, STOP!" But they just sat and ginned mockingly at him.

The huge cream tabby looked helplessly at the kits, who still hadn't moved. Jake had almost reached the twins, but Chance saw he wouldn't make it. Crossing his fingers he hoped for the best. Suddenly, Jade reacted. She grabbed her sister and dove under a large piece of metal lying nearby. Just in time. The avalanche crashed to the ground, covering the surrounding aria and the twin's refuge with tins of heavy scraps. Jake got there too late.

"Jade, Isabelle!" He shouted and began frantically digging. "What are you yellin about?" Murray peered out the window. Jake looked at him, fury written across his face. Wow, Chance had never seen him look so mad. "You just BURIED my KITS you idiot! Now help!"

"What-" Murray started to say when Chance wrenched the truck door open and pulled the two toms out. "You hear 'em. Now DIG!" So they did. The four toms worked frantically besides the heat. Their hands were cut from jagged pieces of metal, but even the stinging pain didn't stop them. The four worked and prayed the kits were all right. Jake and Chance because the kits were family, and the other two because they did not want to be sued.

After about fifteen minutes of fruitless effort chance yanked away a large piece of metal, and underneath were two very dusty kittens. "Hey Jake, I struck gold!" Chance grinned and held the twins up.

Jake rushed over and gathered them in his arms. "Are you hurt?" He asked worriedly while hugging them. Both girls shook their heads. Jake smiled in relief, then turned his attention to Bill and Murray who had started to back away. He and Chance glared fiercely at them.

"Next time we say stop," Chance growled. "Stop." Bill glared back. "How were we supposed to know the stupid kits were their?" The twins looked at each other as the adults continued to argue. They weren't stupid!

Isabelle frowned and looked down. She didn't like these guys. They were mean. She noticed a small cut on her arm. An idea popped in her head. Maybe, if she got Daddy and Uncle Chance even more mad at the mean men, they'd make them leave! It didn't occur to her that Murray and Bill were already going to leave, but she was only three after all.

Isabelle began to cry and she buried her head into Jake's shoulder. "Belle? What's wrong?" He asked, concerned. She held up her cut arm, then pointed at Bill and Murray. "Bad men!" She squeaked, then resumed sobbing.

Jake soothed her. "Don't worry; it's just a small cut." He glared even harder (if it was possible) at the two sheepish toms. "Go." Murray and Bill exchanged glances, then hurried back to their truck and drove off. Isabelle instantly stopped crying.

"Faker." Jade said and laughed. The twins squirmed from their fathers arms and ran off into the house. Chance and Jake looked at each other and chuckled.

"Those are some smart kids." Chance stated. Jake nodded. "they take after me. Come on, let's go inside. We deserve a break."

"Ain't that the truth." Chance muttered.

"I'm home!" Callie entered the living room and found everyone but Jake watching Scaredy Kat. Jake was reading the news paper. He murmured a hello, absorbed in an interesting article. The cream colored she kat walked over and sat between Jade and Isabelle on the couch. "Do anything fun today girls?"

"Yeah!" the twins exclaimed at the same time. Jade continued. "We nearly got buried!" The two beamed and returned attention to the TV. Callie looked at Jake and chance and raised her eyebrows. "It's kinda a long story…


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