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7:00 am.

"Jade, honey, wake up." Callie gently shook her daughters sleeping form. No response. Callie shook her a bit harder. "Jade, wake up. It's time for school!" Still no response. Callie sighed and left the room. She'd wake her up in a few minutes.

7:20 am

"Jade, get up! You need to eat before school." Callie tried again to wake her daughter. This time her efforts gained a small grunt. Isabelle came up beside her mother and poked her twin. "C'mon, wake up wake up!" She was already dressed. Had been for the last half hour. Jade shifted a little beneath her flower printed blankets. "Doe… wanna…" Callie sighed. "Jade, if you're not up and out in ten minutes I'll send in your father." No response.

7:35 am

Jake poked and prodded, but nothing he did arose Jade from her slumber. He sighed. How could it be this hard to get a kid out of bed? Wasn't it teens that were supposed to be difficult? Jade was only five.

"Jade, please get up. It's your first day." The kit shifted, trying to block out the noise. Her father tried once more. "If you don't get up right now, you won't have time for breakfast, and then you'll be hungry till lunch." Jade moved a little and peeped one half closed eye out. "Don… wanna… go… schoo…" Jake pulled the blankets off her. Well, you don't have a choice. Now get dressed." He left.

8:00 am

Jade shuffle into the kitchen, fully dressed and looking half asleep. She sat on a kitchen chair and sat still, waiting for her food. "Jade, grab your book bag and let's go!" Her mother shouted from the hall. "Hurry or you'll be late!" Jade blinked. "But my breakfast!"

Jake smiled. "Sorry, its to late. Now go." Jade glared at him and eyed his food hungrily. She mumbled something incoherent and sullenly walked away. Chance walked in and sat beside his friend. "Man, I see troubles ahead with that one."

Isabelle stared nervously at the door in front of her, her tail swishing nervously. It read K 2. She had been so exited to start school, but now that she was actually here… she clutched her mother's leg more securely.

Jade was pouting, still grumpy about not having breakfast, and it didn't help that Belle had teased her about it. She certainly wasn't very happy about going to school. Everyone, her parents and Uncle Chance and Aunt Felina, had promised school would be fun, that she'd make lots of new friends and learn new things.

"What's the point?" She had asked. To learn, they responded. Well, Jade wasn't likening it so far. Why was it so early? Why couldn't she just stay home?

Callie smiled at her daughters. "Ready girls?" Jade said nothing and Isabelle nodded. Their mother opened the door and Belle peered in curiously. The school room was bright and open, the walls covered with brightly colored posters with letters and numbers. Other children were either clinging desperately to their parent or playing with toys. Jade eyed the building blocks, while Belle took everything else in. She was fascinated. Was this school? It looked fun! She hesitantly let go of Callie's leg.

"Ah, hello!" A smiling tortishell she kat came over to the three. "I'm Mrs. Indermule, the teacher here." Callie shook hands. "Calico Clawson. There are my daughters, Isabelle and Jade." Mrs. Indermule smiled even broader. "Ah, the deputy mayor! A pleasure." She bent down to the twins' level. "And these are the twins. Thank goodness their not identical! I'm horrible at things like that. Now, which is which, hmm?"

Callie placed a hand on each twins head. "The ginger one with cream tipped paws and tail is Jade, and the cream one with ginger tipped paws and tail is Isabelle." Mrs. Indermule nodded. "Hello girls. You can put your stuff in one of the cubbies over there and then go play with some of the other children if you want." Isabelle nodded and slowly stepped away from her mother. Callie gave a reassuring nod, and Belle ran off, followed by Jade, who had been eyeing Mrs. Indermule suspiciously.

While the grown ups talked a bit more, the twins grabbed some toys (the building blocks) and played. Together they began building an intricate (for a five year old) castle, complete with towers and moat.

"Girls!" They looked up from the building at their mother. "I'm leaving now! Have fun! And Jade, behave your self." With that Callie turned and left. Jade folded her arms. "I am per- perf… goodly behaved." Belle giggled. "Yeah, sure."

The twins jumped up from the bench at the same time as a dark blue car pulled up. They ran and opened the back doors.

"Hi Aunty Felina!" Isabelle said as she hopped in the back. She smiled at Tommy, Felina and Chance's son and sat down. He cooed happily and waved his hands about. Jade piled in beside her. "Where's Daddy?" She asked.

"Out fighting some monster. When we get back to the junkyard I'll turn on the news." Felina sounded wistful. Since Tommy was just a baby and the other adults worked (crime fighting and business alike) she had taken time off from the Enforcers. It had been a long while since she had been in any fights. She was probably really rusty by now. "So, how was the first day?"

"Awesome!" Belle answered, at the same time Jade said "Stupid." Felina peered in the review mirror. "Why was it stupid?"

"Because the teacher hates me!" Jade shrunk down on her seat, arms folded.

"Why, Wadja do this time?"

Jade mumbled, so Belle answered. "She didn't do any singing with the class, and didn't want to practice writing. Plus, at lunch she cut in line and at recess broke some rules." The other twin sat up. "I did not break rules! The teacher was just being mean. She made me sit in a corner lotsa times. And writing is stupid."

Felina gave a half smile. "Your parents will certainly be glad to hear that." Jade frowned. "You can't tell. They'll… they'll do something awful!" Her amber eyes were wide. "They'll not give me no ice cream for ever!" Felina chuckled at the expression on the kits face. "Is that such a bad thing?" Jade nodded seriously. "To a kid it's like loosing a part of you. Without ice cream, the world is a sad place."

Can you tell which ones the good twin and which ones the bad twin?

Cuz Ice Cream is a kids best friend... yeah...

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