Bella was sitting by the usual table in the cantina at school, daydreaming about nothing and everything. It was a sunny day in Forks, and none of the Cullens had showed up... She wondered what they all might be doing on a day like this. Probably hunting in the deep forests. Except of course for Alice, who had gone on vacation on Fiji.
With a sigh Bella sucked a bit on her straw and looked out the window dreamily. She missed Edward, even though she saw him just last night. Deep in thoughts she spun her cell phone around in circles on the table plate next to her lunch trey.

"And then it was like so awesome, when the zombie tore off his arm!" Jessica burst out and Bella seemed to pop back to reality, realizing that she hadn't heard anything of the conversation going on between her friends right in front of her. Apparently they had seen some zombie flick last night at the movies...

"Yeah, the blood spatters were pretty lame though," Mike answered back and sent Bella a brilliant white smile. She managed to return the smile even though she had no idea what the movie and even the conversation was about... except zombies.

"Was not!" Jessica pouted and stuck out her tongue with a small grin. Mike just shoot his head:

"Didn't look like real blood at all," he snapped back, also sticking out his tongue. Bella shook her head lightly, but was fairly amused about their childish bickering.

"Hey, you guys wanna get some jello?" Bella asked to try and stop the little arguement. This seemed to make Jessica's and Mike's heads turn and they both looked a little surprised at first. Jessica shrugged:

"I dunno..." she just said, but Mike immediately nodded and bumped his shoulder lightly into hers:

"Come on, it's green and gooey!" he said and looked at Bella, who had already got up from her chair, looking at them inquiringly. The cantina had just got a new jello not too long ago, and it was actually good... plus, Bella was extraordinarily hungry today. Maybe because she had skipped breakfast. Smiling at Jessica, Mike pulled her up and she muttered:

"Alright, alright..."

They walked up to the lunchline and glanced through the glass... mm, green, red and yellow jello. Which one to choose? To be honest Bella could probably eat one of each. She wondered if she would miss stuff like this once Edward turned her on the 13th...?

"I would like a green zombie jello, please!" Mike said to the lunch lady, who just shook her head with a slight smile and then handed him one. Jessica chose a yellow and Bella a red one. As they reached their table they had already started eating the dessert and Jessica smiled:

"This is actually good...!" she mumbled with jello still in her mouth.

"Eww, that's gross, Jess!" Mike retorted as they sat back down on their chairs. Bella smiled at her two friends who basically had jello all over their faces, then glanced down at her cell phone. Mm, had she really placed it to the left of her lunch trey? Usually it was on the right, but she didn't even feel like she was awake yet. She woke up this morning when Charlie knocked on her door – for some reason her alarm hadn't gone off and she barely made it to school in time. Oh god, she missed Edward. It was always so weird when he wasn't around. She just felt empty somehow. Now the bell rang and they had to get back to class... Chemistry this time. Bella sighed a bit and got up from the chair, pushing it back into place.

"Come on, you guys, we're gonna be late," she said and the two of them quickly swallowed the rest of the jello, grabbed their bags and started to walk down the hallway.

As Bella killed the engine in her old, red truck in front of her house, it was already 8pm. She had been doing part of an English project at Jessica's house... It was due in three days, and they were a little behind. She had told Edward about it yesterday, but still she was surprised how much she missed him already. She hadn't seen him since last night, yet still it felt like forever. As she stepped out of the car it was dark and foggy and careful not to slip on the wet pavement, she opened the front door:

"Dad?" she called, and a subtle 'yeah' came from the livingroom. Bella dropped her bag in the hallway and walked into the livingroom, spotting her dad flipping through the channels on the TV.

"Have you had anything to eat?" she asked and he nodded, still pushing down the switch button on the remote. The blue light from the TV was illuminating the dark livingroom in glimpses.

"What are you watching?" she asked and Charlie merely turned off the TV and looked at her:

"Why did you get a D in maths?" he asked and looked at her with a serious look on his face. Bella froze for a second... Then looked perplexed:

"What? I didn't..." she started, but her father immediately cut her off:

"Don't lie to me, Bella. Are you having problems at school?" he asked and tilted his head a bit as he studied her. Bella lifted up her hands in confusion:

"I don't know what you're talking about... I'm fine at school..." she said and bit her lower lip. Charlie let out a sigh:

"Your grades say otherwise" he just said and got up from the couch, placing a hand on each of her shoulders:

"Look... Either you explain why you got a D or you're grounded for two weeks" he said and looked at her in the dark with a both angry and concerned look in his brown eyes. Bella shook her head:

"I.. I don't know... It must be a mistake... I..." she stuttered perplexed, but Charlie then let go of her shoulders:

"Grounded it is then... The next two weeks it is school and only school. You will be home at four. And no hanging out with any friends unless it's homework. Looks like you need it," he said and walked out in the kitchen:

"I'm going to bed. Goodnight," he said in a kind of sad voice and closed the door to the hallway. Bella just stood there in the darkness, blinking a few times as if she didn't believe what had just happened.

"Goodnight..." she said softly and crossed her arms. How could she get a D?

"Great..." she mumbled as she grabbed her bag on the floor and headed up the stairs to her bedroom. The math assignments were to be returned in two days... she usually only got B's or A's in math. It had to be a mistake... but then again, she really wasn't good at equations, which had been the theme of this round of assignments. With a sigh she entered her bedroom and fumbled for her phone in the bag – she had to call Edward and tell him that she was grounded. She had to tell Jacob too, they were supposed to ride the bikes tomorrow after school.

"This sucks..." she said as she let herself fall down on the bed with the phone in her hand.

At the edge of Forks it was totally dark by the meadow and the little lake behind the concert house. Edward was looking at the sky, but the stars didn't show through the heavy cover of black clouds. The weather had definitely turned this afternoon. Straight from sunny to cloudy and rainy. At least there was almost no wind. With a small smile he picked up a little rock and threw it high into the air – with a little 'plop' it penetrated the calm surface of the lake, spreading hundreds of smooth rings. Suddenly Edward's head snapped to the side... That smell...

"What are you doing here?" he asked as his eyes almost seemed to glow in the dark.

"I was going to ask you the same thing," Jacob said as he stopped a few feet away from Edward.

"I really hate the smell of wet dog," Edward mumbled angrily and sighed as he looked at the starless sky, completely ignoring the other man standing only a few feet away.

"Back off, cold one," Jacob said in a low tone of voice as he took a step towards the vampire. Edward immediately turned his head back and stared directly at him:

"Don't you come any closer! And YOU back off!" he hissed and continued:

"Bella asked me to meet her here, so beat it," Edward said in a monotone voice. Jacob pierced him with his stare:

"What... Well, she asked me to do the same thing," he said, this time confused. Edward narrowed his eyes a bit:

"And I think you're lying. You're all about sabotage and..." Edward began, but was cut off:

"And you're jealous that she loves me too!" Jacob yelled and took another step towards him. This caused Edward's eyes to sparkle with rage:

"Leave us alone or I AM going to...!" Edward said, but again he was cut off:

"Do what? Huh? Kill me? I bet you'd hurt Bella like that, it's in your nature!" Jacob snarled and both of them lowered their heads a little just staring at each other, readying themselves for a fight.

"I'd never hurt Bella!" Edward said under his breath.

"Well, I was the one who got the date, so it sure looks like it!" Jacob said hoarsely, breathing unevenly from anger. Edward's eyes narrowed again:

"I got the date, she texted me!" he growled and raised his fist. Jacob could feel the transformation was about to begin and Edward was just about to lunge forwards as a flash of light and a loud, shattering sound exploded on the lawn in the darkness behind them. Edward ducked instinctively, shielding his sensitive eyes to the sudden, sharp light. Jacob spun around and was quickly on the ground on all fours, ready to attack. But no one was there... Smoke completely engulfed the lawn and the two of them, floating in a thick fog out on the black water. Jacob immediately started coughing while Edward was sniffing the air. Nothing toxic. Just a smell of roses... and smoke.

"Bella, is this your idea of romance?" Jacob coughed, but Edward immediately stared at him:

"It wasn't Bella... There was a scent of a human... But... Now I get nothing" he said and added:

"How did you get the invitation? I think we might have been tricked..."

In the same moment Edward's phone rang... The display showed Bella's number.