Edward immediately grabbed his phone as he was running towards the hospital from Bella's house. His breath was uneven and fast – something he hadn't experienced in so many years, but he didn't have the time to reflect on it. The note he had found by the staircase was overshadowing everything else on his mind. Bella was in great danger – Jacob too – and he had to act fast. As he glared down on the phone's display while running, he found out that it was dead... The display was just dark. No more battery. Edward cursed under his breath... Both Carlisle's house and the police station were in complete opposite directions of the hospital – he couldn't afford to spend time getting proper help and assistance... By then Bella would be dead. Just the thought of it made his heart hurt and beat twice as fast. It would take him about ten minutes to reach the hospital – and he was sprinting like mad. Houses and woods and ditches went by him – but his speed was pathetically slow compared to his usual one... And he pushed himself as hard as he could.

The searing cold was starting to take its toll on Jacob as he was only wearing his thin T-shirt and a pair of jeans. He had already started to pace around in circles just to keep warm... Just about twelve hours ago this wouldn't have been necessary at all, he would be warm and cosy – and would have been able to just kick the stupid steel door down. Instead – here he was, cold and utterly helpless. He had been slamming his fists into the door for what seemed like hours and his knuckles were now cracked and slightly bruised. How on earth had he just walked straight into that trap? And who was this Doctor Jamison really? And more importantly, what was he doing to Bella? A roar of frustration escaped Jacob's throat and again he started to hammer his hands into the cold steel door. For each punch a sharp pain exploded in his fists, but he kept going... He had to get out of here or Bella's death would be his fault... and he would lose her forever... Almost feeling like throwing up from worry and desperation, Jacob kicked on the door with his boot and leaned his cold forehead against the steel. Catching his breath he thought he heard something... Immediately he turned around, looking at the metal hatches hiding the corpses. Was someone alive? A chill ran down his spine, but then he discovered that the sounds were coming from the outside... For a split second his eyes grew wide – then he started yelling from the top of his lungs and hammered his fists into the door again. The sounds seemed to stop. Had he imagined it? With a yell and tears starting to rise in his eyes, he kicked the door with all of his might... Still the same old silence. With something that sounded like a sob he slid to the floor into a sitting position, just staring at the massive metal door. Why had he been so incredibly stupid? Burying his head in his hands, Jacob let out a deep sigh trying to get his focus back. But his concentration was abruptly broken, when he heard the metallic clicks of a key in a lock. Almost stumbling backwards, he jumped up and listened carefully – yes, it was a key in the lock! Starting to yell, Jacob hit the door again and he thought he heard a voice outside.

"HELP!" he yelled and placed his hand on the handle. Finally a big 'click' sounded and someone from the outside started to press the handle downwards. Immediately Jacob tore at the handle and the door swung open – in front of him was a rather scared-looking brunette in a white coat.

"Goodness, what are you doing in here?" she burst out with big eyes and her jaws seemed to drop as she looked Jacob up and down, studying his bruised fists and pale, semi-frozen skin. Jacob almost fell forwards as he hurried to get out of the cold room, nearly bumping into the nurse.

"Dr Jamison! Where is he?" Jacob yelled and grabbed a hold of the nurse's arm pleadingly – however she tried to tear away her arm and her eyes were all big and scared. Jacob kept his grasp and shook her lightly:

"Where IS he?" Jacob yelled, and the nurse seemed to pale:

"Security!" she suddenly yelled as she once again tried to yank her arm away from him. Jacob seemed to freeze for a moment:

"What? Why? Where is Jamison?" he yelled as he could he approaching, running footsteps. He looked down and noticed that the nurse had pushed her pager with her free hand.

"Look, just take it easy... You're hypothermic and..." she began, looking at him with caring, yet scared eyes. Jacob shook his head as if this was all a bad dream – what was she doing? The sound of the running footsteps came closer and closer...

"He locked me in there! Where is he, he's about to kill Bella!" Jacob yelled, and the nurse looked at him incredulously, but she was no longer resisting his grasp around her arm:

"Of course, well, if you just relax we can get you something to calm you down and it will all be fine, I guarantee that w..." the nurse began, but this time Jacob let go of her arm:

"And I guarantee that I am not insane! Where is he?" Jacob demanded, but in the same second three big men in white T-shirts came rumbling around the corner in the basement about seven doors further down the hallway.

"Damn it!" Jacob yelled and turned around on his heels, starting to run in the opposite direction. He had to find the elevator and fast, he had to get back to where he saw Bella last. He didn't have the time to ask in the reception, he had to find her on his own. But this was a big hospital and with three muscular porters on his tail it wouldn't be easy. But he was out and he was free, and now he had to save Bella. He ran as fast as he could around a corner, bumping into a nurse, who dropped her papers and journals – he managed to almost cough an apology as he stormed past her. His stamina and muscle strength was NOT what it had been twelve hours ago either. As he directed his glance back at the hallway he noticed a small personnel elevator a few doors ahead... and he sprinted for it – the hallway here was pretty much empty and he finally reached the sliding doors, but they were closed. Frantically he pushed the button, looking to the left where he knew the porters soon would round the corner.

"Come on, come on...!" he gasped out of breath, pushing the button repeatedly – it lit up with white light, and he could hear the rumbling of the cables and cylinders. The door would open any second now, but he wasn't sure how many seconds he had left. The footsteps came closer and in the same moment the doors slid open and Jacob leaped inside, pushing the button to the floor where he presumed Bella had to be. He almost chanted the word 'close' inside his mind and he could feel his heart racing like crazy... the button was lit up and the doors slowly began to close. But the running footsteps outside seemed to almost deafen him – just as the doors closed he could hear the sound of flat hands hitting them from the outside. The elevator started moving and Jacob leaned against the wall, trying to catch his breath. He just had to get there in time! He had to!

Bella was almost blindly staring at Doctor Jamison's face, which was focusing on filling the syringe with the unknown liquid from the small bottle. Her vocal chords and physique wouldn't obey her mind, and she felt lightheaded and completely unable to move. Her heart however was racing wildly as she was trying to force her lips to form the word 'help'. It wasn't happening. Instead she was here, caught in this bright hospital room behind a closed door with an insane doctor who wanted to kill her. But why? She didn't even know him! Where was Edward? And what had happened to Jacob?

"You know, it won't hurt a bit," Jamison chuckled as he put the bottle down on a trey and stood up. Studying the shiny needle, he smiled and looked at Bella:

"It's kind of like being on a fluffy cloud, dear," he said and grabbed a chair, which he placed next to Bella's bed. With his other hand he wiped Bella's sweaty forehead and chuckled again. Bella's heart seemed to double-beat. Her teary eyes blinked several times to try to clear up the blurry vision, but it didn't help. Then she thought she heard some noise from the hallway, but in the same moment Jamison patted her cheek:

"Are you ready to die?" he asked in a paternal tone of voice and moved the syringe down towards her arm, not waiting for an answer. She couldn't even shake her head. In a amoment she would feel the metal pierce her skin and she would be... dead. A tear rolled down her cheek. Just in that second a loud, shattering noise exploded in the room and through the haze Bella saw a figure storm into the room. Jamison shot up from his seat, and directed the syringe at the intruder. Bella's throat seemed to clench and she swallowed hard as she watched the blurry scene unfold – the figure and the white coat were standing opposite each other for a few seconds, before a familiar voice uttered a furious roar. And the figure, which had to be Jacob, slammed into Jamison and they both fell down, out of view.

Running through the hallways of the hospital Edward stormed towards room 354, where the receptionist had told him Isabella Swan was hospitalized. Luckily it was visiting hours, so he hadn't been forced to argue or get physical to gain access. The doors on each side passed him so surrealistically slow and he thought he could hear some commotion up ahead. He turned a corner and noticed a half-broken wooden door – the sign next to the doorframe said 354 and his heart thumped so hard he thought he was going to pass out. Not wasting a second he burst through the ajar door, smacking it open and making it almost fall off the broken hinges. On the floor there was a doctor in a white coat... he was limp and seemed lifeless. Quickly Edward looked up and by the window there was a bed with Bella in it. She was okay, it seemed! She was looking at Jacob, who was standing by the window. He quickly noticed him and rolled down the white Venetian blinds, blocking the sunlight. Slowly Bella turned her head and looked at Edward, but she seemed like she didn't recognize him...

"Bella, thank god, are you alright?" Edward burst out and hurried to her side, stopping himself from grabbing her hand. She would quickly notice that he was warm and not cold... Jacob wasn't touching her either, but looked at Edward:

"She's drugged, he was going to..." Jacob started, but in the same second the rest of the door was broken down and a team of hospital porters stood there, seemingly frozen for a second from the sight of Jamison on the floor. Quickly one of them knelt down and checked his pulse...

"He's dead...?" the man burst out and got back up, staring at Jacob:

"Okay, kid... Just take it easy... We're going to help you, okay?" he said in a way too calm voice and started to approach the bed. Edward frowned and looked at Jacob, who was staring the the porter:

"Look at his shoulder!" Jacob burst out and all of the porters looked down shortly – in Jamison's shoulder the synringe was buried to the handle, empty.

"You'll find my prints AND his on it... but strangely enough only HIS on the bottle of Sevoflurane, which I injected him with in self-defence. He was going to kill her, and once she's out of the haze he put her in, she will confirm it. He also locked me in the morgue to prevent me from interfering," Jacob said and surprise and disbelief spread on the faces of the porters.

"Call the police..." the man said as he looked at the dark, messy room. Jacob and Edward looked down on Bella:

"I'm so happy you're alright...!" they both burst out at the same time. Bella managed to smile skewly, an appreciative and grateful smile. She wondered why Edward wasn't kissing or hugging her, but right now she was just happy to be alive. This had been too close... But... It was sunny outside, how did he even get here with exposing himself in public? The blinds were down, but... Her mind didn't have the strength to think further and she almost drifted asleep.

"She needs rest," a man in a white coat suddenly said, who was standing in the doorway.

"The police will be here shortly... I have been informed that until they arrive you are not allowed to talk to each other. Please – come with me," the doctor named Marsters said to the two young men. They looked at each other shortly:

"I don't want to leave her," Edward said, feeling awfully guilty that he hadn't been here to protect the love of his life. Luckily Jacob had done the job for him, but still... it was his love, his responsibility. But it seemed like Jacob had moved from her side as well... Sending the longhaired native American an investigative stare, he gently patted Bella's sheets. She seemed to be asleep.

"Please, follow me. The hospital security will guard her along with a doctor," Marsters said and Jacob scowled:

"Look what happened with the last doctor..." he said and felt uneasy. He had actually killed someone... a human. But he had had no choice.

Marsters looked at both of them seriously:

"If you don't follow me right away, you will be forced to - and charged with obstruction of police work," he said and Edward looked at the floor. They had no choice. And reluctantly they followed Marsters, who put the two of them in seperate rooms, placing a big porter outside each one.

A doctor immediately checked up on Bella... she was sleeping heavily, but seemed to be fine. A nurse walked into the new room, which Bella had been tranbsferred to, handing her journal to the doctor. He curiously opened it and pulled out the x-rays – the cast needed to be put on as soon as possible, so the bone wouldn't heal wrong. But as he looked at the pictures, he frowned. There was absolutely no sign of any bone damage. Maybe the kid had been right after all...