Chapter 17- "Second Plan"

Fierceheart didn't know what to look for when she reached the sunning rocks. When she arrived she was startled to find that the river had begun to thaw and that the water was rushing down the stream of slush. So violently that she was frightened to approach it too closely. In the morning, when the sun's heat will thaw it even more she knew that it will be even worse and hectic.

Fierceheart was just glad that she ran passed the falls and slid over the still frozen piece of the river, by Owl Tree. But now that she made it the moon was lowering. She felt hyper aware of everything as she padded over the sunning rocks, looking for any cat in sight. Not only was she worried her father may try to attack her, she also knew she was on the border of Riverclan and inside of Thunderclan's own territory.

There was a chance that three different groups of lines might harm her. Though she trusted Brokenstar needed her she didn't know if this could still be counted as evening. He demanded she meet him there before the next day. Was it too late?

"Ahh.. so you have joined us."

Fierceheart chilled at the sound of his voice. She was rethinking her new plan now. Maybe running to her father and trying to sabotage him was worse then running headlong into Thunderclan camp. The problem with the first plan was that Bluestar had no idea who she was, Tigerclaw obviously has a grudge against her, and Fierceheart had no idea where Thunderclan camp was.

Father does, she thinks forcefully while her gut tremors, I just need to play along.

"Yes," she mews, turning around towards the approaching shadows of her father from the underbrush. He emerged from Thunderclan territory and she tried to keep the fear out of her eyes as three other cats followed him out. "I've chosen what the obvious thing to do is."

Clawface laughs throatily. "It is about time."

"I was beginning to think she was as mouse-brained as the others," Wetfoot added, smirking over at Blackfoot.

Fierceheart's fur bristled taking in the all too familiar faces. Wetfoot was as huge as she remembered, his front paw was still big enough to crush her. Hesitantly she stepped from the rock and met her father face to face. The three warriors settled behind him their eyes glowing menacingly.

"Where are the others?" I asked.

Brokenstar purred. "Off in the other Clan territories, causing trouble. I saw you at the Gathering, I was standing back. It seems my plans have been working out. They are all turning against each other, or more like, Thunderclan. Riverclan and Shadowclan have banded against them, after they have lost so much prey. My rogues leave scents all around their borders, just to raise paranoia."

For a minute Fierceheart remembered the words of Spottedleaf, at Highstones, "Cats, bad cats, will continue to tear apart the structure of our clans," and she couldn't help but think it was her father.

"What is your plan?" Fierceheart forces out. She is having trouble keeping the hate and disgust from her voice. She knows she has no chance in fighting them and there is no way she could change her mind anymore. She must go through with this.

For Thunderclan. For Yellowfang and Silverstream's lover, Graystripe. Deep down, another voice whispered, for the kind orange tom, Fireheart.

She shook that off mentally as Clawface answered her. "We were just at Thunderclan camp. Bluestar is stressed, she called a meeting just as they entered camp. She's changed patrol numbers..."

"And the first one leaves at dawn," Brokenstar finished, his orange eyes delighted. "We will find their camp with less and less cats as the day goes on, we'll have them at their weakest."

The three warriors at his back emanate with pleasure. Timidly Fierceheart drew closer to her father, nearly touching nose to nose. "What do you plan to gain by taking over Thunderclan camp?"

What does it have to do with his revenge on Shadowclan?

"You'll see.. in time."

With that they got to their paws and led her along the border of the river. She had to follow and as she did she got even tenser as the night went on. Clawface slowed down to walk along her side and it took all her strength not to leap from his side. His fur brushed against hers constantly.

"Where are we going?" she breathes to Clawface and the tom looks over at her.

He seemed to hesitate, his eyes looked slightly icy, but she watched them warm a little. "We are going to find somewhere to nest for the night, in the morning we will check back in with the others. Brokenstar will organize us and we will strike at the right moment." He nods to the three warriors ahead of himself and then the path before that. "This leads to a place Thunderclan calls Treecut place It's too far from their borders to check tonight, we'll be fine for the night."

It actually sounded like he genuinely wanted to comfort her. Fierceheart nodded to him and watched Blackfoot shoot a look over his bulking shoulder. It seemed like there was some warning in his eyes for Clawface, but Fierceheart couldn't analyze it right.

As they neared a tall fence, they slowed pace. Fierceheart froze at the edge of the forest, where it abruptly ended and led to a graveled path. She stared at it, then gazed wondrously up at the ten fox-tails high wood gate. She'd never seen such a thing and Brokenstar had to hiss to get her attention back.

He led them all into a thick underbrush next to the gravel path, teetering from the edge of Thunderclan's borders. There was enough room for ten cats in there, but Brokenstar curled up next to Blackfoot and Wetfoot. Hesitantly Fierceheart took nest a few mouse-tails away.

She knew she had to go through with this. Even listening to the sound of their breath a few paces away gave her waves of regret and guilt at being here. Riverclan would hate her for being here. Her mother and Nightstar would only be right about her. She couldn't even imagine what Yellowfang might think.

Burying her face against the cold grass she drew in a long breath and screwed her eyes shut. She thought if she could just fall asleep her raging thoughts would stop nagging her, but as soon as the thought came it was shattered. Clawface moved towards her, curling up against the length of her back, the heat of his skin reaching through his fur and hers to give her stomach a violent jerk.

With his bitter, foul tasting scent suffocating her, Fierceheart knew now that sleeping, would be impossible.

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