Inner Apocalypse Intro:

Name: Roxanna Hylkio

Looks: Long grey hair, that reaches her hips. Her eyes are a shade of cold, unemotional grey. She's about Yugi's height, and normal weight. She's the same age as Yugi and his friends.

Personality: Dislikes people, a lot. A superb duelist, but doesn't duel much anymore. Also hates hats, and anything cheerful. She may seem shy, and maybe nice, but get on her nerves she can be real violent, hot-tempered, and rude.

Millennium Item: Millenium Hourglass- Contains an ancient spirit almost identical to Roxanna, except that the spirit is about Yami (pharaoh)'s height, and her eyes are a bright aquamarine blue. The spirit's name is unknown, but she gave herself a name: R. The hourglass is also capable of letting the user see glimpses of the past, or future, but only pieces, never the whole picture. R is more happy, and outgoing than Roxanna.

Family: All died before in a freak accident. She was then adopted, but her adoptive father was murdered. Her adoptive father was an archeologist.

History: Went to the same orphanage as Kaiba and Mokuba.

Other Info: She owns a small bookshop, in Domino City, but doesn't attend Domino High yet, because she hasn't decided if she should go to school yet, so for now, she's learning all she needs to know on her own.

So yeah I'll update when I can, but tell me if the intro sounds ok. Bye!