Summary: Dean Winchester never thought he'd meet the love of his life in a brothel and she turns him into a real soft touch, but how will she react when she finds out about his past? Post Apocalypse. Dean/OC. PLEASE REVIEW!

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What You Do To Me

Chapter Seven

Caitlyn awoke at around six-thirty, panicking when she found Dean missing. She climbed out of bed, reaching the bedroom door to hear a familiar voice singing (of all things).

"She's got eyes of the bluest skies
As if they thought of rain.
I'd hate to look into those eyes
And see an ounce of pain."

She bravely opened the bedroom door and stepped out to hear the radio playing and to see Dean stood at the stove. Dean turned and smiled at Caitlyn, pulling her into his arms and kissing her lips.

"Morning, baby." He whispered.

"Morning, honey." She replied, "You excited for the scan?"

Dean nodded and kissed Caitlyn's lips, the young woman sitting to enjoy her breakfast. There was nothing like a slice of toast and orange juice to wake you up.

"Miss Brookes?" Dr. Bellamy asked, her gentle smile encouraging as Dean and Caitlyn stood, heading for the room, "How are you, Caitlyn?"

"I'm good thanks," Caitlyn replied, Dr. Bellamy nodding in response, "I've started with the morning sickness."

The doctor nodded again and looked to Dean.

"Dean…everything okay with you?"

"Awesome." Dean answered, winding a protective arm around Caitlyn, "I just can't wait to be a dad."

Dr. Bellamy grinned at Dean before asking Caitlyn to lie down on the bed near the scanning equipment.

"Okay, this gel's gonna be cold." She warned, Caitlyn giggling and shuffling as the cold stuff hit her belly.

Dean slid their hands together and linked their fingers, both of them gaping in shock as they saw their baby appear on the screen. It was tiny, and it looked like a pebble rather than a baby, but then again, Caitlyn was only six weeks pregnant.

"Here's your baby." Dr. Bellamy said, a tear rolling down Caitlyn's face.

"Dean, look…"

"I know."

"Are we going to show Sam?" Caitlyn asked, Dean taking a deep breath and thinking about it as the couple entered their apartment.

"Maybe at an appropriate point, like, when he's got the guts to come and apologise." Dean replied, "I still can't get over the way he treated you."

"Let's not talk about that, huh?" Caitlyn said, the response concerning Dean a little.

He didn't want to get her upset though because stress like that wasn't good for the baby.

"I'm taking a bath." Caitlyn said with a familiar glint in her eye, "You coming with me?"

Dean bit his lip, feeling so much like the world's biggest girl right now.


He locked the apartment door and Caitlyn grabbed them some comfortable clothes, both of them heading into the bathroom.

When they got into the water, Dean held Caitlyn close, kissing her head and putting his hand on her belly.

"Hey, tiger," He said softly, rubbing her belly with his thumb, "I'm your dad…and I'm gonna do a good job with you, I swear."

Caitlyn placed her hand above Dean's.

"And I'm your momma…we're going to look after you, little one."

The young woman's eyes drifted shut as she felt Dean's lips on her shoulders and neck, breathing a soft sigh as she snuggled against him.

"Oh, I love you, Dean." She whispered, "I love you so much."

"I love you too, baby." Dean replied, holding her close and moving his head around as she did hers for their lips to meet in a deep, tender kiss.

There was a knock at the door later that day, and Caitlyn nervously went to answer it. She was met by Sam's strangely sad face and she went to close the door but Sam stopped her.

"DEAN!" She cried, Dean rushing out of the bedroom to see Sam in the doorway, Caitlyn backing away slowly.

"Don't you fucking touch her, Sam!" Dean warned, shocked when Sam looked up at him with tears in his eyes.

"I…I heard you had a scan…" He whispered, Dean pulling Caitlyn close as Sam shut the door, "And I wanted to say…I'm sorry…"

Caitlyn lifted her head from Dean's chest and looked up at Sam.

"I know I said some horrible things…and that I didn't give you guys a chance, and that's so unfair…" Sam began, "It's so great that you guys are having a kid…and I guess…I guess I just couldn't get past the fact that my brother had fallen in love…and you're having a kid…"

Dean sighed and pulled Sam into a hug, Caitlyn smiling at the reunion, but then Sam came to her and she was terrified he'd hit her on something but he just pulled her close, rubbing her back as they shared a hug. Caitlyn smiled through tears she was trying to hide and linked fingers with her future brother-in-laws.

"Come on, I'll show you the photo."

Dean wasn't too happy about his brother showing up and all being forgiven suddenly, but it made Caitlyn happy, and she was all he cared about.

Sam smiled at the photo and then Caitlyn showed him the DVD of her scan.

"Dean, you made a peanut!" Sam laughed, Dean chuckling in response.

In honesty, he couldn't wait for his brother to leave…but obviously, in front of Caitlyn, he couldn't say that.