Title: Stupidity

Disclaimer: Not mine.

A/N: Written for hawaii_5_0_100 on LJ. The prompt was shove. Since it's a drabble comm, this piece is exactly 500 words. Beta'ed by geminigrl11, though I tweaked it some since then.

Spoilers: Nothing too specific as I recall, but some general references 1.01.

Summary: Danny does something stupid, and Steve's not about to let it slide.


"That was stupid."

Danny snorts. "Like you're one to talk, Mr. Charge-In-Half-Cocked-Without-Backup."

Steve glowers, rolls his shoulders and winces, the bullet graze in his bicep still fresh. "You were the backup."

Danny laughs outright, and Steve wonders if maybe there's something besides saline in the IV hooked to Danny's hand.

"I'm one guy with a semi-automatic," Danny tells him wryly. "They were five guys with military grade machine guns."

Steve refuses to give. "We've handled worse."

The medic at Danny's side looks up from his paperwork.

Danny stares. "That's your defense? Really?"

Steve makes a helpless gesture. "I'm just saying the odds weren't that bad."

Danny gapes for a moment, then flings out his arms, almost hitting the medic. "You didn't even get to identify yourself before they started shooting!"

"Aggressive negotiations are compelling with these types of people," Steve explains, trying to be patient. "You're the one who shot the leader and really pissed them off."

The medic looks down again.

Danny's expression is incredulous. "So it's my fault?"

"We needed him."

"We also needed to be alive."

Steve juts his jaw a little. "I'm just saying it was stupid."

Danny shakes his head. "I thought we talked about this."

"We talked about your stupidity?"

"No, we talked about apologizing when you get someone shot," Danny says icily.

The scene is secure now, with HPD collecting evidence and Kono canvassing the area. Chin has an uninjured perp in the back of a car, waiting for questioning. Other ambulances are tending to the other bad guys, who are far worse off than either Steve or Danny.

Danny's face is pale, his forehead still creased with anxiety. The medic puts his clipboard away, handing something to the driver who is circling around to the front of the vehicle.

Steve chews his lip. "I'm sorry."

Danny shifts on the gurney as the medic unlocks the wheels. He doesn't look at Steve. "Thank you."

The gurney rolls toward the ambulance; Steve swallows. He remembers Danny's shout of warning, remembers the shove before hitting the ground. He remembers Danny's cry of pain and the blood and the second of not knowing...

Steve looks up at his partner again. Danny is almost in the ambulance now, and his face is a little pinched.

"It was still stupid," Steve says, steadier now, less angry.

Danny looks back at him. Then his expressions softens, just a little. "Yeah," he says, almost with a laugh. "I'll try not to make a career out of it like some people I know."

The medic pushes the gurney inside the ambulance, climbing up after it and securing it. Steve watches, but doesn't move. Doesn't have to. Danny's already inside, complaining about the hole in his favorite shirt and asking if they can salvage the tie.

Steve grins, and he turns to the scene to get back to work.