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It has been six years since the incident where Vulgrim had to save the heirs of three of the Horsemen the demonic ghost like thing that had went to find the heirs Vulgrim took had turned out to be the Watcher and after hearing how Naruto the new War Horsemen had been treated he almost went and nuked the place with his death magic.

Now during these six years Konoha has looked for the last Uchiha and the Yamanaka heir not really caring if they found the demon brat Naruto unless it was to kill him themselves.

Another thing that had happened is that Naruto and the reincarnation of Uriel named Tenten had fallen in love as well as Ino and Sasuke Haku was in love with Naruto and Tenten had agreed to share but she got to go on the dates he went on with Haku.

Naruto looked a little different then his father war he was not as bulky but he was still pretty fucking huge he had a body that rippled when he moved and Tenten and Haku both got nose bleeds sometimes when he went topless during training and even got wet.

Naruto wore ripped up black jeans and a shirt that said War brings strife strife brings famine and famine brings death and death brings more war Now Naruto being War was the leader of the horsemen and so his word was law but that is for a later date Naruto had also grown to be six foot five he had Chaos eater his real fathers sword and he had the Hollow Lord the schythe death made war a long time ago He also had the Armageddon blade and he sealed his armor away for when he nedded it Naruto had learned to summon Umbra his fathers horse and tamed him to be used by him Naruto had a tattoo that was a number of one hundred thousand ninety nine which was his death count it went up on his tattoo when he killed someone or demon and sent it to the creator.

Now Sasuke Uchiha or the new Death had grown just about a foot shorter than Naruto he was now purple skinned with a metal bone scythe like usual he wore a loin cloth and had bone jewelry on his eyes were red but not because of the Sharingan no this was something far more sinister it was the eyes of death that shinigami bestowed upon the horesmen of death and now his son. Sasukes death count tattoo was up to ten thousand five hundred thirty two.

Ino or the New Famine was a very beautiful young woman she had grown to about five three and her breasts had gone up to a double D cup her hair grew longer and gained a green like sheen to it and she wore clothes that are even more seductive than what she wore in canon shipuden she wore a green tube top with rips near the cleavage and made it almost expose her nipples she had ripped green jeans and a thong was high above her pants line with a tattoo of her death count being at seven thousand six hundred and thirty four she had the same whip as before and she had a sexy smirk that drove Sasuke wild.

Haku had changed the most she grew to be about five foot nine and she got rid of her kimono she now wore very revealing clothing like ino she wore a blue tube top only it showed her nipples and she only wore a thong and short shorts that barely covered anything she had DD cup breasts and had a gun like her father strife and a sword like her human father Zabuza her death count tattoo was up to nine thousand even and she was in love with Naruto just like Uriel's reincarnation Tenten.

Tenten had also changed she no longer wore Chinese style shirts she was now outfitted in a Bra and jeans since she and the others learned of runes the more powerful art of sealing she had invisible runes to act as armor and she did not have a death count tattoo since she was not a horsemen but she had something similar she had a death count rune it would add a new number on it every time she killed right now it had over ten thousand five hundred and nineteen numbers on it.

Now they had all learned the ways of their ancestors or real fathers or mother in Ino's case and had gained a few new allies in some of their families old enemies and friends Tiamat the queen of dragons had come back to life and pledged her and her kinds services should they be needed as well as Vulgrim of course and the watcher but what surprised them was that a long thought dead race of demons had pledged loyalty to them these demons were known as Dream walkers who's leader was Freddy Kruegar the oldest and most deadly of them all.

They had decided to go by their ancestors names when not alone but when they were alone go by their given names right now when they were on their way to konoha they used the code names.

"War do you think that going back to the village that had your mom killed so you would grow up alone a good idea I mean don't you want to kill them all."

"Well its what Vulgrim said to do so I don't like it but it is necessary to do this and I stand by what Vulgrim says he is the one who trained us after all and he never has lied to us except the one time he peeked on me Uriel and Strife fucking in the Shower last night since I could sense his presence."

"War don't talk about that it just reminds me that I want to fuck Death-kun." said Famine

death was blushing up a storm since Famine was a real nympho she loved sex in all positions except one and that was anal and he didn't much like it either but they did love sex.

Alright we are almost there when we are close to the gates use the teleport technique to get to the kage office as planned and we will go from there understood". they all nodded and used the horsemen teleport or angel teleport in Tentens case.

Sarutobi Hiruzen was a very sad man he had lost his adopted grandson Naruto because the damn villagers could not look underneath the underneath they thought that Naruto was the Kyubbi and that he corrupted the Uchiha and Yamanaka heirs.

Sarutobi had been absolutely livid after what happened he immediately called a town meeting not a council meeting but a town meeting meaning some people were fucked six ways to monday.

And fucked they were the people who had tortured Naruto before had been taken to Ibiki and Anko and told that everything was allowed Anko and Ibiki both had grins that would scare Abaddon or even the old charred council which is dead now with a new Charred council on its way to being made.

While thinking of what had happened to those Fucktards a black Shadow and golden light started to enter the room the Anbu hidden in the room and Sarutobi himself tensed and got ready for whatever came from these strange yet terrifying shadows and lights.

when the shadows and lights cleared it showed five people and two ex kiri nin one thought dead the other thought to be missing in action or mia.

"Hey old man did you miss us"

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