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The Boy in the Locked Room

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Rating: T

Summary: "Where am I?" I wonder if this is some sort of punishment. Maybe I was kidnapped…? Maybe to be sold? I'm frozen… I can't move! "He's angry at me…" I whispered clutching my head.

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"Where am I?" I asked out loud. It was dark. I couldn't even see my hands...When I put them in front of my face.

How did I get here?

Why am I here?

Where is here?

I was sitting on something soft...I believe it was a bed. I moved around the bed and soon fell off onto the floor. Rubbing my sore head, I crawled in some direction until I hit a wall and felt around the room. It wasn't that big and besides the bed, there wasn't anything else in there. I couldn't locate a door or even a light switch and there weren't any windows for sure...

I found the bed again and lied down...

I'm scared...

How long had I been stuck in the windowless pitch black room...?

I dunno...

I don't feel hungry surprisingly...or maybe I haven't been in the room that long...

I wonder if this is some sort of punishment? Did I do something wrong?

Maybe I was kidnapped...?


Its not like my family is rich or anything, you'd kidnap Riku if you wanted money, his parents are filthy rich...

Maybe to be sold?

No...I'm not that appealing or cute enough for that, you'd take my twin brother Roxas for that or even Xion...


I don't have any great talents either. I'm not even that smart...Music is Roxas's thing...Sephie the genius. Tidus and Wakka are the sportsmen.



What's the reason then? Why am I here?

Maybe it's because I'm so useless...That's why I'm locked up...

Suddenly the room is filled with bright light. It hurts my eyes to look...

Fear washed over me...I decided to shut my eyes tight and lie perfectly still...

What will happen to me...?

"Is the kid awake?"

Kid? They must be talking about me, right?

"The kid seems to be sleeping still. Should we proceed anyway?"

What are they talking about? What are they going to do to me?

"Yes, proceed with the plan and treatment."

I wanna know what the plan is...But do I dare open my eyes? I wanna know the truth so bad but I'm also afraid to know...

Someone's arms are under you...!

A million alarms set off within my body...

'Run! Kick! Scream! Struggle! Do something god dammit!'

'But I'm frozen...I can't move!'

The person picked me up carefully and then started to walk where ever they were taking me.

"Sir, why is this kid here?"

"You'll see in just a moment. This child holds a very important key."


What do I hold? Am I that special? A bubble of happiness bursts within me. Maybe I can be useful... Maybe...maybe...I could help them?

'But they kidnapped you!'

I was placed on a metal table or something similar; my body shivered from the cold metal toughing my skin.

A hand stroked my face? It was quite warm compared to the table. It was nice, soothing really...

I opened my eyes and blinked a couple of times...

Bright lights blinded me. I went to life my hands to shield my eyes from the awful light...

I couldn't move it? I wasn't scared anymore so I should be able to...My feet! They were stuck too! I-I must be strapped to the metal table!


'And you were going to trust them!'


"He awake!"

My eyes adjusted to the sudden brightness to face a young looking man...he looked very nice...

"Hi, how are you feeling?" he asked.

'A trick! He's only being nice, so you'll cooperate! Do not...I repeat do not trust him!'

"I'm ok...kind of," I mumbled, you can only be kind of when you're strapped to a table.

"Well that's good," he replied, "We can untie the straps, now that you're awake. Didn't want you to fall off."

'Makes sense...'

'Don't listen!'

'I will!'

'You're just going to hurt yourself! Plan to escape!'



'I-I don't really want to go home...'

'Don't run away!'

'I didn't I was kidnapped!'

'So plan to escape!'

'Leave me alone!'

"Kid! Hello...Are you in there?" he asked.

'Don't reply!'

"I'm here," I replied.


"Ow..." I cried clutching my head. The voice was getting really angry...

"Are you ok?" The man asked kneeling in front of me.

"He's angry at me..." I whispered. Now this is what always gets me strange looks...But he didn't, he looked serious, he could be masking his emotions...

"Who?" he asked.

'Don't say anything! Remember what happened last time?'

Last time...The day everyone started to hate me... well except Riku…He was always there for me but even he had his limits…

That's it! That's why I'm locked up...They think... "I'm crazy..." I mumbled.

"Crazy? You're not crazy," assured the man stroking my hair, "Tell me who he is, I just want to help you."

'Don't tell him. He just wants a reason to lock us up! Do you want your life ruined anymore then what it is?'

Funny how the voice tries to protect me...But at the same time also wants me to do bad things...

'I have a name!'


I remember when I first started to hear Vanitis. It all started when I six… I was stuck up in my room. Grounded because I didn't clean my room or was it because I didn't eat all my supper that one night either way I was upstairs in my bedroom. My perfect twin, Roxas was being taken out for ice cream with his best friend Axel by my…our parents.

I was really upset, Roxas does everything right…never makes mommy-dearest or daddy angry, like me. I swear he always tried to do better than me. Even in kindergarten… I was so angry…why? It's not fair! Not fair!

My head exploded in pain…


What? A voice… Where did it come from..? I looked around my room but no one was there…

'You can't see me… You can only hear my voice and you're the only person who can hear my voice…'

"Why?" I asked.

'Because you're special… Now about your brother… Aren't you angry at him?'

"Yes," I admitted, "Mommy and Daddy like Roxy better than me…"

'You should get Roxas back…Do something…mean…to him…'

"No, that's not nice. I can't do that…" I argued softly.

'Why not? He does plenty of mean things to you…'

"No…he doesn't mean too… that's j-just the w-way he is…" I lied. If I hurt or do anything to Roxas, Mommy and Daddy would get mad at me…

'Who cares what they say! They don't stop Roxas from hurting you…'

"T-they…" I mumbled.

'Admit it…They don't do anything for you… Come on get some payback!'

"What do I do then?" I asked.

'Go to the kitchen…grab one of the big knives…'

"I-I'm not a-aloud…" I said.

'Get it!'

I followed Vanities' orders. I got the biggest knife from the kitchen. Vanitis told me to stab Roxas's bed and drag the knife down the middle, cutting the bed wide open.

'Rip open his stuffed animals that he loves so much… Cut holes in all his clothes…Why don't you do the same to your so called parents? Break her crystal figures! Rip up his paper work! Smash the computer! Cut up all the pictures!'

"Ok..." I said unemotionally. I followed his orders obediently. I-I had fun ripping the head off Roxas's favorite plushie…that his best friend Axel gave him…He adored that plushie, loved it more than me… I enjoyed breaking and ripping up all of their stuff…

'Good job! Do you feel better? Imagine the pain he's going to feel…The pain you've felt for so long!'

I nodded and continued to do what Vanitis said…In the end I basically destroyed the house… All with just a kitchen knife…

'I have a new idea, it's better than the last…Set the house on fire…'

"But where will I live?" I asked.

'Just do it and then watch their faces when they watch it burn down!'

I took my favorite teddy bear and lit a match as Vanitis instructed. I set the couches, beds and anything that could catch fire and then flushed the matches down the toilet as Vanitis told me too.

I left the house with my teddy bear, the only thing I held precious in that house… I walked to side walk and sat down and watched the flames consume the house…

'Feel better?'

"Yes," I replied.

I started to hear the sound of Daddy's truck coming up the road… and stop near our house…

"Oh my god!" I heard Mommy screech, "H-how…w-why…? M-my baby! Cloud! Our other baby!"

Sirens came hollering down our street. Firemen attempted to stop the angry flames…

Daddy tried to run back into our house, thinking that I was still in there, the firemen held him back…But they failed to notice me sitting on the other side of the street. Mommy kept trying to calm Roxas down who was crying…

'What a baby! You did well! Look at their faces! It's hilarious!'

I waited on the sidewalk, not really feeling any emotions…

"Aerith look, he's over there! He's ok!" yelled one of our neighbours.

Mommy looked across the street to lock eyes with me… She ran over to me, crying and saying my name over and over. She embraced me in a hug that melted all the emotional barriers I had built up. I cried.

I explained all the horrible things I did and how I set the house on fire…

But I failed to mention Vanitis, the voice who told me to do all those things.

'You cracked… You have so much to learn still…Sora…'

I was sent into therapy and Vanitis disappeared for awhile but he came back…

"I can't say," I finally replied.

"You can tell me. I promise not to tell anyone else...I'm only here to help you," he said.

'Ha! He just wants to lock us up forever. You can't trust him, you can only trust me.'

'I don't want to be locked away...'

"Y-you just w-want to l-lock me away!" I shouted pushing the man away.

The man shook his head, "That's not true. I want to help you get better," he said sincerely, "So you can go home."

Maybe, he's telling the truth, he doesn't seem to be bad, very nice in fact.

"He talks to me, I hear him like...he's in my head. His name is Vanitis," I finally admitted.

'You idiot!'

My head started to hurt again...

"Do you get headaches often when he talks to you?" the man asked scribbling notes on a clipboard.

"Only when he yells at me, he calls me an idiot a lot," I answered.

He asked me many questions about Vanitis...

"I see, I'll have your prescription for you tomorrow..." he said.

"" I asked confused.

"Yes your medicine," he replied, "I'll take your back to your room."

"Room? Medicine?" I said now even more confused, "What about home?"

"Yes, we want you to stay for six months and then see if you still hear voices," he answered calmly.

"B-but you s-said I-I could go home i-if I told you about Vanitis!" I exclaimed.

He kneeled down in front of me and placed a hand on my shoulder, "Vanitis, isn't real, he's just a figment in your mind."

'Bastard! I'm real!'

"Your wrong, you are a freaking liar! He's real! I hear him!" I yelled.

"No, he's not," replied the man seriously.

"You're wrong! You are wrong!" I repeated angrily.

I ran for the door, but was stopped by two big guys, security or something similar.

"Sedate him for now and take him back to his room," said the man.

"L-let m-me go!" I cried, hot angry tears running down my cheeks. I don't want to be locked up…

'I told you so. You can't trust anyone but me...Sora...'

'I know...'

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