The Boy in the Locked Room

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WARNINGS: Slight violence. Sora jumbled way of thinking. Overall usual craziness.

~Chapter Twenty-Five~

It was quiet.

In my mind there were no voices or whispers of death and mutilation, just a peaceful quiet. The space where 'anti' usually resided was empty, it was gone, but where? The space was still dark and had a lingering negative vibe. It was still his space but he wasn't around.

It was strange to be only subjected to my own personal thoughts and opinions without any input from 'anti' I didn't know if I liked it.

I was used to his presence; he was there with me during the tests.

It was comforting having him; the others didn't understand the need of Vargas's death or Ansem's.

At first I didn't know what to make of having Roxas around. I mean he left me years ago, the old Roxas, my older twin. He started fading as soon as he took the tests proving he was above and beyond average. When Cloud's friend Zack starting training Roxas, he slipped away even faster and then that school out on the islands. Roxy was gone. I was alone to be tormenting by my 'mother' Aerith.

I hate them, those stupid biological parents of mine. Other than the creating me, my parents have done nothing to deserve being called Mum and Dad from me.

But I won't dwell on them.

Roxy is back! He's caring for me, supporting (well almost entirely supporting me) me! It's been so long! So long since we shared a room! (AN: Remember readers Sora doesn't have his memories of the institution other than the tests with Ansem so he doesn't remember rooming with Roxas.) He promised to stay with me, it's unreal and I won't let him go away again. I won't let Aerith or Cloud take him away. I would kill them before they would.

These other characters, Vanitas, Namine and Zexion are familiar. Apparently I knew them, that we were friends. Vanitas especially is familiar, I feel comfortable for some reason with him. He's up there with Roxas is the supporting role. It's nice.

I want to be hugged and curled up with them. (AN: Cue the 'awww')

Namine is nice but quiet.

I don't know what to think of Zexion, he's guarded and holds up a mean front. I scare him. I giggled at the thought. He better be careful, if he starts spewing rude comments towards Vanitas and Roxy I won't hold back.

Part of me hates thoughts like those, like I'm conflicted on some of my own thoughts and actions. It's annoying.

But without 'anti' the gruesome and death filled thoughts aren't as strong and I can think clearer. It's nice as well.

I really am conflicted. I want 'anti' but I think I could be ok without 'anti' with Roxas and the others here.

I don't even know if 'anti' will come back.


I woke up before Roxas. I stayed curled up beside him but let my thoughts wander for a couple of hours before waking him up. I was happy having him back. He's my big brother by a mere ten minutes but I liked being pampered by him.

I think he would do almost anything for me and I would do the same within reason. I have a few things I wouldn't do. I will not rekindle my relationship with Cloud and Aerith and I will kill Ansem.

It was peaceful sitting in the living room with Namine and Roxas and warmth filled me when Vanitas entered the room.

I want to have a bath filled with bubbles!

Namine went to get Zexion because we were all starving especially Vanitas. She was only gone a few minutes before she screamed.

Roxas and Vanitas practically flew from their seats and run up the stairs. I followed after them. At the top of the hallway Zexion's bedroom door was wide open; his room was at the end of the hall. The light was on in the hallway but no lights were on in his room.

Vanitas took the lead and marched to the doorway, Roxas trailing behind him and he had pushed me behind him. I wasn't scared though. If it was Ansem, I had an extra blade stashed just for him.

In Zexion's room, Zexion looked terrified. He was standing shakily arms stretched out in front of himself, pleading for this other boy to let Namine go. She was trapped with this other boy holding a scalpel to her throat.

"Demy..." Zexion pleaded.

So this was Demyx.

"This is Demyx, he was taken over by the 'anti'," Roxas whispered to Vanitas. "He killed his own parents and hurt Zexion."

He has the 'anti' too? My eyes widened, the 'anti' left me for him?

"Shit," Vanitas said. "Sora go downstairs."

"Why?" I asked. "I want to see what happens." I want to talk with 'anti,' why'd it leave for that boy? Why it leave me?

Zexion finally noticed us as well as Demyx. "Who are they? More friends?" Demyx spat. "You don't need them!"

"I-I know," Zexion said immediately, moving closer to Demyx and Namine. "Just let her go. I-I'll go with you!"


Zexion nodded. "You're my best friend."

"NO!" Namine yelled clutching Demyx hand struggling to keep it from piercing her neck deeper. "Zex don't! He'll hurt you worse!"

"B-but..." started Zexion.

"You bitch!" Demyx twisted her arm back further back. Namine hollered out, the tears were coating her cheeks in wet salty trails.

"Demyx stop it!"

"Enough!" shouted Vanitas walking into the room and standing beside Zexion. He placed an arm in front of Zexion. "You do you think you are threatening Zexion with Namine? You think this is the way to get Zexion back? My god you are fucking stupid! Do you really think Zexion here is going to go with you if you hurt or killed Namine?"

"He stole the 'anti' Roxy," I whispered.

"What?" he asked.

"The 'anti' left me for him!"

"No," Roxas said suddenly. "The 'anti' was in him first."

Then Demyx is like me. My eyes widened I want to talk with him or… kill him.

"Stay out of this, it's between me and Zexy!"

"Then why Namine?" Vanitas asked.

"She interrupted us!"

"So you put a blade to her neck? Are you crazy?"

"Yes I am so back off and get out!"

"Fuck that!"

Vanitas and Demyx continued to throw insults back and forth. Zexion looked ready to pass out and Namine was a dangerous shade of white.

I want to interrupt them.

Roxas shook his head and entered the room, arms up. "Ok ENOUGH!" he yelled standing in front of Zexion and Vanitas but still had a bit of distance from Demyx and Namine. "This is getting us no where!"

Or Roxy could.

To be continued…

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