Second story from me :) This time it's Skins based.
Inspired by a summer of watching films, which included The Breakfast Club, and spurred on by a 'Greatest Moment of My Life' meeting with Kathryn Prescott and Merv Lukeba, not so long ago!
Enjoy :)

Not Mine, blah blah blah - but I do have two copies of Kathryn signature!

The Breakfast Club

Chapter 1 - Taptaptaptaptap-tap

At 7.43am on a chilly Saturday morning, any normal college student would be curled up in bed, not necessarily their own, ignoring the new day that was threatening to start. But, not the nine ladies and gentlemen in this story, as these special few were in fact making their way to Roundview College. One was getting a lift from their mum, another, their dad. One was riding a bike, the other a skateboard. Two walked together, and one walked alone.

A red and blue vintage car pulled up opposite the entrance, a bit earlier than required. The awkward looking, curly haired boy leant into the car and hugged his mum. She sighed deeply into his hair before starting to talk.

"Make sure you do something today Jonah. Get in there and use the time to your advantage."

"Mum, we're not meant to study, we jus have to sit there and do nothing." He smiled weakly as they pulled apart, the braces on his teeth barely showing.

"Could you not have 'done nothing' on Tuesday?" His face fell, braces hidden, smile gone. Jonah nodded and went to open the car door. Before he was fully out, a cold hand touched his. "I love you JJ."

"I love you too mum."

The boy made his way towards the main doors, pulling the collar of his grey jacket up around his neck to protect against the morning breeze, and stuffing his hands into the pockets of his denim jeans. Catching sight of a blonde girl he vaguely remembered from History class, he throws out a greeting. "Morning!" But doesn't stick around to hear a reply.

"Fucking chirpy for this time of the morning." Her bike was not behaving and kept tipping into her body as she struggled to clasp the lock together. "Fucking finally!" She stood up to her full height and blew hair out of her icy blue eyes, never stopping her grumbling. "Bastarding car manufacturers making engines so fucking bad for the tossing environment, making me ride a shit bike. Wanking cliché of a mother. Bitch."

She straightened out her deep purple, floral jacket, then pulled her oversized bag back up, over her shoulder and angrily stomped into the building. She was so caught up in her own anger, that she didn't see two pairs of eyes watching her the whole time.

"Bonkers! Dya think she's really that grumpy Eff?" The blonde haired girl turned to look at the brunette who stood by her side.

"No, Panda." She deadpanned.

"Dya think she needs surf and turf? You're always talking about that and you're not angry. Well you are sometimes, but you just go a bit ga-ga not rar-rar."

"Maybe." They continued standing for a brief moment, relishing the calm and enjoying a comfortable silence, before Pandora grabbed Effy's hand and pulled her towards the doors.

"Come on Eff, it's blinking cold out here, I think my nunga nungas are gunna freeze up!"

They walked briskly over the road, heading towards the steps and had almost made it inside when they heard a loud crash and a string of expletives from across the street, back where they had just been. The girls turned to see a tanned boy laying flat out on the road, skateboard slowly rolling away from him. They waited a second to ensure he was alive, before retreating from the chill once more.

"Fuuuucking hell Freds, way to impress the hot girl. How lame are you!" The skater berated himself, wincing as he touched a finger to his now bleeding chin. He moved to sit upright, then pulled his beige sleeve down over his hand, using the material to slow the blood flow from his graze. When his ego had started to rebuild itself, he stood up and retrieved his board, dusting himself down once more, he rode his way inside.

"Do you think he's ok love?"

"Yeah dad, he seems fine."

"Guess so. Right, it's nearly 8am, you better get a move on."

"Yeah I'll see you later." As the redheaded girl started to leave, her dad tugged her arm back towards him and engulfed her in a tight hug.

"I love you, Fitch." He spoke to her. She pulled away, smiling, and opened the car door.

"Love you too." She gave a small wave, then let her heels click loudly against the concrete as she made her way to the doors. A loud wolf whistle echoed down the street, presumably from the swaggering guy in the red jacket. "Tosser." She whispered to herself as she adjusted the silk shirt and tugged down the leopard print skirt.

At 8am exactly, there were six young people sat in the college library, all spread across neatly lined wooden desks and relaxing into blue padded chairs. All six jumped when their headteacher suddenly announced his arrival through a megaphone.

"Here now, let's be having you!" An electrical noise sounded through the room, causing them all to grimace. "Time for registration, now, in order of offence-"

"Mate! There's a grand total of six of us in here, and we are all actually in the same room as you…could you maybe…ditch the um…boombox?" The skater requested, almost politely. The older man looked around sheepishly and then caved to the pressure, placing the device gently onto the floor.

"Well, as I was saying, in order of offence. Um, who was on Monday, ah yes, Effy Stonem?" The scantily clad, brunette raised her hand. "Can you please make your presence known vocally?"

"Eh-hem." She cleared her throat in response, and the man just nodded.

"I'm Pandora, everyone calls me Panda. I came with Effy, had nothing else to do on a Saturday morning. That ok?" Again, he just nodded, bewildered but clearly unsurprised by such antics.

"Right Tuesday, Jonah Jones?"

"JJ, here!" He said enthusiastically.

"Good, Wednesday. Ah, oh, Naomi…Naomi, Campbell?" There was the sound of suppressed giggles in the room. "Naomi Campbell?" He asked again.

"Fucks sake, here." The cyclist raised her hand, clearly annoyed by the amusement her name still brought to people.

"Good, good. Oh, two for Thursday! Freddie McClair?"

"Yo, that's me." The injured skater nodded.

"And Katie Fitch?"

Silence filled the room.

"Katie Fitch…are you here Miss Fitch?" Doug scanned the room once more, unsure of the face he was searching for. "Katie Fitch, will you please…"

"Shit, yeah, that's me, Katie." The only remaining girl in the room answered suddenly. Doug ticked his list and continued.

"Finally, Cook, James Cook?" The doors to the library swung open wide and in walked the wolf whistler, touching everything he passed and pocketing a particularly colourful ballpoint pen.

"Cook, James Cook at your service. Thought you'd know my face by now Douglas!" The boy answered smartly.

"Sit down James."



The boy sat down at a desk and immediately placed his worn boots on the surface. "Cook. That's my name. Call me – Cook." Realisation dawned on Doug's face then.

"In this institution my boy, you are called, James."

"I don't answer to it."

"James, you will do as I say, now get your feet down!" A staring contest ignited between the two stubborn males, but the older of the two caved first. "I said, get your feet down."

"Who me?" Cook looked around the room.

"Of course you! Does anyone else have their boots on my desk!"

"No, weird. I didn't hear you ask me too. Thought you were talking to another bloke." Doug released a strangled breath, his patience wearing thin already and it was only 8.10am.

"Cook, stop being such a prick." He turned to look to his left and met the steely gaze of Naomi, a cheeky smile played across his lips.

"For you Blondie, I, Cook, will stop being a prick."

"Thank you Naomi." Doug offered.

"Oh, so you call her by her proper name?" A chorus of groans and cries of 'Cook' were released into the room.

"Right, welcome to Saturday Detention. I know you all expected to be doing nothing today, but apparently that isn't productive enough, as most of you do nothing anyway" He moved to the desk behind him and shuffled some typed papers. "You will remain in this room for the entire day, completing the assignment" While handing a sheet to each, he continued to speak. "I want a 1,000 word essay, answering the question 'Who are you?'"

The group looked at him incredulously. "Are you serious?" Questioned Naomi.

"I'm pretty sure 'JJ' covers barely one word, let alone nine-hundred and ninety-nine more." The curly boy muttered.

"Who am I Eff?" Asked a confused Pandora.

"Quiet! You will complete the assignment. You will not talk. You will not sleep. You will not move! I will be outside that door, so no funny business!" With that, he walked out and left seven strangers alone.

There was silence for a few moments, before the group was brought out of their quiet by none other than Cook. "Thank fuck that dick has gone. It's time to Par-tay!" Cook raised his arms in the air and put his feet back on the desk, crushing his assignment paper.

"Mate, we're meant to be quiet."

"Actually Freddie, his words were in fact 'you will not talk'" JJ went quiet for a second, while his eyes widened in realisation "Shit. I'm talking, I'm not allowed to talk. Fuck! I'm still talking. Fuckity, fuck, fuck…"

"JONAH!" Freddie leaned over and slapped him on the shoulder – gripping it slightly. "Chill, he can't hear us."

JJ calmed considerably at this jolt and smiled gratefully at the rugged skater, before looking down at his paper and noting a few ideas - 'I am a nutter.' - was a far as he got.

"Babe…Babe…Babe…Babe…" Cook was leaning as far over towards the stoic blonde as gravity would allow "Babe…"

"Excuse me, but I'm not a babe." She replied hotly.

"Yeah, well, I'll be the judge of that." The entire room rolled their eyes, before allowing them to fall back on the exchange.

"What do you want?"

He edged closer again, and nodded to her bag. "Can I get one?"

She regarded her bag for a moment and then clocked the pack of Lambert and Butler she had recently bought.

"Had a helluva night see, could do with the hit, set me up for the day."

She reached into her bag and pulled out the packet, tossing it over to the boy, along with her favourite lighter, which was emblazoned with peace signs. "Knock yourself out."

"Please do!" Came the quik reply from the redhead, earning a small, very brief smile from the blonde, and a wink from Cook.

"Ah, Red, you'd miss me." He sparked his cigarette and inhaled deeply.

"Doubt it."

"Ahh but we haven't even been properly introduced."

Katie raised her eyes and looked incredulously at him through her full side fringe. "Properly?" She questioned.

"Yeah, properly, intimately, sexually – fancy it?" The room once again filled with groans, except from Panda.

"You could make monkey in the politics section! Got some whacker big books in there, go some huge words in them too…"She trailed off, finally noticing all eyes were turned to her. "What? I got lost in here last week."

The room giggled quietly while Pandora leant her head against Effy's shoulder and kept quiet. For a brief moment there was silence, but then Cook finished his fag and chucked it out of an open window. He returned to his seat and rested his head on his fist. His free hand began drumming a tune.

It was 8.30am.

Taptaptaptaptap - tap…taptaptaptap – tap…taptaptaptaptap – tap…

"Do you have to do that?" Asked Freddie.

"No." Cook shrugged and continued.

"Can you fucking stop it then?"

"Yes." He answered, not missing a beat, but raising his head to stare manically at the boy in front of him.

"Cook. Fucking stop it."

"Say please." He taunted.

"Please. Fucking. Stop it."

The hand ceased, and the room relaxed a little, grateful that the increasing tension was about to ease.

"No." taptapaptaptap-tap…

Freddie made to spin in his chair and confront his aggravator but was stopped by a small hand touching his wrist. It was Effy. She had turned in her desk just in time to stop the boy from over-reacting, her touch calmed him instantly.

"Ignore him." Were the only two words she needed to speak. Catching this exchange, Cook tilted sideways so he could see the brunette better. A devilish smirk covered his face.

"Babe, you couldn't ignore me if you tried" the pair spun back in the seats, the moment over. Cook saw his chance to cause chaos once more. "So. So! Are you two like boyfriend, girlfriend? Steady dates? Lo-veeers?" Annoyed by the lack of reaction he pressed further. "Come on Skate Face, have you slipped her the hot beef injection?"

"Go to hell!" The blonde shouted from the other set of desks.

"Aww, jealous Blondie? Want him or for yourself? Or is it the brunette with the nice tits you'd prefer?"

Freddie saw red. He stood up fast, causing his chair to crash backwards behind him and turned to face the fair haired boy. They met in the aisle, both breathing heavily, waiting for the other to swing the first punch. The testosterone oozing off them both was suffocating.

"What is going on in here! You boys! Talking, up from your desks and….do I smell smoke?" There was a nervous quiet over the room as Doug entered, the two boys forgetting their fight momentarily as they figured out a way of explaining the situation.

"That was me" Naomi stood up, "I smoked. Outside I mean, before I came in. All over my clothes. Stinks. Sorry." She sat back down quietly, catching the wink Cook threw her way.

"Yeah, and they are working on the assignment – finding out about themselves" Katie offered, "They wanted to know who was, um, taller, yeah."

"Right, well, it's an individual task, All internal, no need for comparisons or anything. So I would ask you to return to your desks and continue." The room breathed a sigh of relief as Doug made his way towards the exit.

"Oh," Doug spun around quickly, causing all heads to turn his way, "I do believe, Freddie, you are whisker taller than James."

Cook went to stand and argue his name once again, but was stopped in his tracks by a chorus of 'No's'.

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