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The Most Dangerous Creature in the Universe

A dark ship slowly drifted over a small blue water planet, the third planet away from its sun. A planet called Earth. On the bridge of the undetected ship stood a tall figure barely visible in the dark shadows the reigned over the craft. She had long since allowed the cold and darkness to take over her life. It was the way she wanted things to reflect the darkness she felt in her soul. And the silence, beautiful silence. That was the best way to describe it. Beautiful, unrelenting silence. The type of silence that usually drove others insane was her soul and lover.

A dark sphere floated over to her. "My mistress." A sexless voice said. "We have found her home as you have asked."

"Good Meltis. Have you updated our information on her?" The woman asked.

"Yes you shall be quite please with what we have to present to you, Mistress." Said another sexless voice a second sphere the same as the first only bright floated towards the shadowed figure.

"Show me what you have, Bendis." The woman said. The two spheres created a screen on which pictures and details of a woman's life quickly flashed by.

"Ryoko." She said smiling at a wedding picture of the cyan hair space pirate to a golden haired man with thin rimmed glasses smiled lovingly at each other. "Ryoko now you will suffer as I have suffered." She smiled looking down on the Earth.


Ever since news had spread that Ryoko and her husband Hotsuma where acting as escorts for Jurais cargo ships. The number of attacks on Jurain ships had plummeted, much to Ryoko's great disappointment. The only reason Ryoko kept her job as 'security' to the royal cargo ships was because she was licensed to pirate certain ships for certain places.

It was another slow day as the Yubori, their new ship, drifted close to Jurai's territory. Ryoko and Hotsuma stood on the bridge with their favorite pirates in training.

"If Ayeka or your parents find out I'm doing this I'm in a lot of trouble." Ryoko said as she handed the controls over to Sasami.

Yugi and Hotsuma watched with interest and cared for Akira and Yosho at the same time. "I hope that you are watching Yugi. You're next you know." Hotsuma said as he held Yosho on his shoulders.

Yugi smiled. "Concentrate Sasami." She encouraged her friend.

Sasami blushed for a fraction of a second. "Okay Ryoko which controls do what again?" Sasami asked making sure she had everything straight.

"These controls are very much like Ryo-oki's." Ryoko said nodding her head towards the cabbit in Akira's arms. "Just this has ether accelerators and isn't as agile. Right Ryo-oki?" Ryoko asked.

"Mayi!" Said Ryo-oki proudly.

"Okay Space pirate Sasami let's see how you do on your first driving lesson." Ryoko said stepping back.

Sasami closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "Safety restraints on." Sasami said recalling Ryoko's safety first rule. "Check engines one through four." She said looking down on the console. The Yubori hummed as the engines purred with life. Engines: 1 green, 2 green, 3 green, 4 green

"Check accelerators." Sasami commanded. The Yubori roared as Sasami revved all four engines. Hyper accelerators ready.

"Are you forgetting something Sasami?" Ryoko asked her index finger tapping lightly on her earlobe.

"Oh! Right." Sasami quickly turned a dial on the control panel and pressed down on a glowing multicolored crystal. "Rule number one of driving music must be on at all times and played as loudly as possible!" Sasami shouted as the Yubori picked up a radio station from Earth.

"That's it Sasami!" Ryoko smiled as the Yubori lurched forward at full speed.

Yosho and Akira peeled with laughter as they along with Yugi and Hotsuma tumbled backwards from the force.

"Great they have their mothers since of amusement." Hotsuma sighed as he helped Yugi onto her feet.

"Why does Sasami always have to go so fast?" Yugi asked massaging the pain from her bottom.

"Alright Sasami ready for some target practice?" Ryoko asked from the co-pilot controls.

"Yugi's been helping me to practice. Do you think I'm good enough?" Sasami asked.

Ryoko's fang pressed down on her lip as she smiled mischievously with her eyes closed tightly.

"If Yugi's been helping you then I know you're up for the challenge. Now look at that meteor." Ryoko said pointing at a meteor quickly racing across the sky. "Turn it to dust." Ryoko said.

"Do what?" Sasami asked looking at Ryoko.

"Come on Sasami it's time you moved on to moving targets. Just aim the gun, set the power, and trust in your instincts." Ryoko said.

"Soon you'll be able to fly and shoot at the same time without the auto-lock, like Ryoko and me." Hotsuma said grateful Yubori was slowing down

Sasami sat at the controls waiting for the screen to announce that the target had been acquired. "Target locked. Fire!" Sasami said firing the guns on her own. The flying meteor exploded as Yubori weapons fired upon it reducing it to debris.

"Yea Sasami!" Ryoko shouted picking Sasami up and flying her into the air.

"You did it Sasami." Yugi cheered clapping along with Hotsuma and the twins.

"Okay now it's your turn Yugi." Hotsuma said sitting Akira and Yosho down into their power resistant playpen.

"Sorry fellas, today's lesson is over." Someone said.

"Grandma!" Yosho shouted pulling himself onto his feet.

Everyone turned to see the pink haired physically twelve-year-old scientist standing before a glowing pink doorway. "It's time four young space pirate trainees returned home." Washu said.

"It's 7 o'clock already?" Yugi asked in a whine.

"Nope it's 8 o'clock." Washu said helping Yosho to climb out and picking up Akira. "C'mon Sasami, you too Yugi." Washu said.

"You two can finish your driving lesson tomorrow afternoon once you finish lunch." Hotsuma said kissing Akira goodnight. He quickly grabbed the flying Yosho and tickled him until he was unable to hold himself in the air. "Behave for grandma." He said giving him a kiss on the forehead.

"Hey what about me?" Ryoko asked teleporting to her husband's side.

"Night momma." Yosho said wrapping his arms around Ryoko's neck as he kissed her.

"Night my little onna." She said kissing him on the cheek. "You too. G'night my sweet ona." Ryoko whispered giving Akira a kiss on the forehead and the tip of her nose.

"Ryoko remember your vacation starts in two days." Washu said as Sasami and Yugi waved goodnight and walked through the portal.

"I remember mom." Ryoko said just before the portal closed.


"Can you believe we're actually going to get a break?" Ryoko asked crawling into bed with Hotsuma.

"I know exactly what I want to do with it." Hotsuma said wrapping his arms around his wife.

"What's that?" Ryoko asked.

"I want to stay home with you and the twins. Then relax in the onsen and drank saki with you." Hotsuma said.

"Now I remember why I married you." Ryoko laughed kissing Hotsuma.

Hotsuma smiled fiendishly as he turned off the lights. "How about I remind you of other reasons."


"My mistress, everything is ready." Meltis said hovering above the woman's shoulder.

"Good." She turned around to look down at the fifty dark minions at her command. "Commence operation alpha." She said walking gracefully down a flight of stairs that one could have thought she was floating.


By Earth's time it was two in the morning. Ryoko realized this when she woke up with a sharp pain in the back of her head. She knew what this pain meant and feared each time it happened.

"Princess what's wrong?" Hotsuma groaned in his sleep.

Ryoko phased into her clothing as she ran for the portal door. "It's the twins." Ryoko said not waiting for Hotsuma.

Washu was awake and working on another invention that would either destroy half the world or would solve the problem with socks getting lost in the laundry. Her head shout up when she notice the portal door open and Ryoko run out. "Little Ryoko?" Washu asked watching as Ryoko ran out the lab door uncaring to greet her mother.

Ryoko was too worried about Akira and Yosho to remember that she could fly and teleport herself to the spare bedroom in the Misaki house that served as her children's room while she and her husband was away.

As Ryoko got to the top steps her noticed a beaten Ryo-oki struggling to get down the stairs. "Ryo-oki!" Ryoko shouted quickly picking up her companion. She quickly ran into the twin's room to find their cribs empty. "No Yosho! Akira!" Ryoko cried pulling the blankets away from the beds hoping against all hope that they were cuddled underneath.

A split second passed when Hotsuma was by his wife's side asking what was wrong and where their children.

By then everyone was awake standing in their doorways wondering why Ryoko and Hotsuma wasn't in space.

Ryoko's heartbeat was loud in her ears and she couldn't focus on the questions and everyone's suggestions to were they should look. They didn't matter. The twins, the twins' whereabouts were all that mattered to Ryoko. Without a word Ryoko ran from the room then teleported herself outside.

"Ryoko." Something whispered. Ryoko could have sworn it was the wind as she searched around the darkness for a possible answer.

"Whoever the hell you are show yourself." Ryoko said.

"Up here Ryoko." The wind whispered once again.

Ryoko spun and stared at an area of darkness for where she was sure the voice had come from. By then everyone had come to investigate and they too were searching for the body of the voice. Slowly a figure floated out of the shadows.

"Remember me Ryoko?" A young woman perhaps twenty-two said. Her skin was pale like the bright moon in spring, her deep blue hair long enough to gather at her feet had she been standing on the ground. Her ruby red eyes stared callously at Ryoko. Although there was no wind her robe like dressings rippled.

"I don't give a damn who you are! What have you done to my children?" Ryoko demanded.

"You want your children back unharmed come face me Ryoko. Come pay the price for the lives you have ruined." She said floating backwards merging once again into the shadows.

"No you will face me now!" Ryoko shouted flying towards the woman with her energy saber ready.

Two glowing balls that had been resting near the woman's temples flew towards Ryoko emitting a bright light. "You will not harm our mistress." The dark one said as they fired at Ryoko.

"AAaaahhh!!" Ryoko screamed as she fell down towards the ground.

"Ryoko!" Hotsuma shouted jumping up to catch his wife. Hotsuma quickly brought Ryoko down to a safe landing on the ground. "Ryoko are you okay?" He asked looking down into her face.

Ryoko looked up at Hotsuma with tears in her eyes. "She has them. She has the twins." She cried slowly losing consciousness. "Akira, Yosho."

End chapter 1

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