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Ianto heard Jack's footsteps echoing across the metal gangway and looked up from his work; the usual modifying news reports and altering existences which followed the near catastrophes of his job. Snatching a glance over his shoulder, he could see that Jack was drained from his ordeal, even at a distance. Apparently slow or frequent deaths made the most drawn out recoveries. Ianto called out.

'Did you deal with Hart?'

Jack's reply was nonchalant. 'Yeah. Retconned into oblivion and dumped on a cargo ship to Tahiti.'

'Are you sure that's enough?' To Ianto it sounded like a stag night, which was far too pleasant for a murderer of any kind.

'Well the backfire from the explosion shorted his Manipulator, so the teleport is out for now. I gave him enough Retcon though; he shouldn't bother us for at least a year and will have a very intrusive hangover. Mind you, he's had worse when we were posted on Orion 4. Hypervodka drinking match – that was fun and I won of course. You'd like Orion 4; beautiful boys, girls, in betweens, and I'm told that I do an amazing pole dance when I've had a few hypervodkas….' As Jack grew nearer, he tailed off in deep thought, dropping the bravado and letting his guard down.

'And Bilis?' Ianto was cautious; he felt that the subject should be tabooed, yet he had to ask.

'Completely gone.'

'Ah.' Ianto wouldn't wish death upon anyone, but their universe was a damn sight safer in Bilis Manger's absence. He sighed deeply.

'I've missed you.' Jack sidled up behind Ianto, snaking his arms around his lover's waist; pulling Ianto close and craving his touch. After all that had happened, they had managed to stay together and stay strong; a fairytale ending only muted by Jack's sex drive. Ianto was Jack's hero for tonight, and Jack had every intention of showing his gratitude.

'Really?' Ianto smirked. 'Or have you missed this?' He wriggled round in Jack's pheromone enhanced prison, gazing into the eyes of his captor, ghosting the perfectly formed lips before pulling Jack into an intense kiss. Jack's response surpassed enthusiasm; a culmination of lust and love entwined.

'Mmm!' Jack moaned, feeling himself harden, not breaking away. Not ever wanting to break away. The Hub was quiet. He'd sent Gwen home to rest with Rhys, so there was no risk of being discovered. He ached all over from AN, but Jack didn't care. He and Ianto were alone. They could lose themselves in each other. Jack's hands crept down to below Ianto's hips, pinching the Welshman's arse before sinking to his knees, eying Ianto's fly with greedy passion.

'I've missed this too.' Jack whispered softly. To Jack's surprise, Ianto stepped out of the ring of Jack's arms and moved away. When Ianto spoke, his voice was agonisingly too seductive for a man who had gone without sex for almost three days. Especially if that man was Jack Harkness.

'Oh, I bet you have. And you will for a bit longer.' Ianto was deadpan.

'What?' Jack looked up and gasped in horror. It was almost a whimper.

'I meant what I said in the car.' Ianto continued. 'I keep my promises. You've got an SUV to mend and clean.'

'Ianto!' Ok, now Jack really was begging; he couldn't believe what he was hearing. Ianto had to be joking.

'Also, you wrecked the Archives, so you're tiding those up to, and properly – yes that is a lot of filing, Jack, and no I will not help you. Then you can deal with that dump you made of your office before the rest of the Hub, the weevil, and the body that's been in the morgue for the past month. Oh, and the dinosaur needs feeding as well. Then we'll see.' Ianto walked away, leaving Jack hanging open mouthed on the floor. Ianto allowed himself a smile; it was fun to have Jack wrapped around his little finger. It meant that things really were back to normal. Well, as normal as Ianto Jones' life would allow. And that was all that mattered.


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