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Chapter 1

Life is funny. We're handed things we don't want to deal with, but we have to anyways. We get moved around and broken, and we wait for the ones we love to pick up the pieces, but what if we're alone. What if there's nothing that anyone can do to fix you. What if you have to do it all alone? What if you're broken beyond repair and nothing can fix you? That's my life. I'm alone, and I'm broken beyond repair. Nothing can change the past and nothing anyone says can change it. My life changed, and with it, so did I.

I stand behind a lens, and I see things most ignore. Cameras capture moments that are often overlooked because they happen so fast. A picture freezes a moment forever, and once that moment is captured I can analyze it. I guess in a way I'm lucky, I get to see the looks on people's faces when they look at the one they love. I can capture a moment that happens in the blink of eye. I stand in the shadows so I can capture the true moments of life. People act differently in front of a camera. I enjoy standing and watching. People leave me alone, which is really all I ever wanted.

I guess you're wondering just who I am, well my name is Max, and no, I'm not a guy. My life wasn't something to be proud of, and very few people knew the truth of where I came from and why I came here. I wish I could say I'm a normal girl, but I'm not. My life is one giant mess that continues to complicate itself.

I guess today started out as any other. I woke up, got dressed and came to school, and everything was normal until 6th hour English. I loved English, but not because of English. My teacher was amazing. She knew the truth about everything, and I went to her when life became too overwhelming. I walked in and Ms. Campbell smiled at me. She was young, and beautiful. She had wonderful long brown hair that was always straitened and she wore the most amazing clothes and shoes, and I hate fashion, but Ms. Campbell was absolutely gorgeous. Her personality was bubbly and she laughed at her own jokes. Since Ms. Campbell was so young, and she wasn't married, she told us about all her awkward dates. Basically, Ms. Campbell was a high school girl. English was always an entertaining class.

I sat down in my desk in the back of the room and waited for the late bell to ring. I waited as the hottest guy in school walked in, Fang. He had long black hair, olive toned skin, and beautiful dark eyes. You'd think since Fang is the most popular (and hottest) guy in school he would be loud and obnoxious, but Fang was quiet. When he walked in a room he didn't demand attention. He acquired it by being himself. He waited for someone to talk to him, and someone always did. Once one person knew Fang was in the room, everyone did. Fang didn't have to try to be popular, he just was.

Finally the late bell rang and Ms. Campbell opened class with her "inspirational moments" and then said, "All right everyone, we've got a project." She was smiling. Ms. Campbell loved group projects. She said it improved our social skills, and she always put us with someone we weren't friends with so we had to befriend them. "So, this is a new project I came up with the other day and you guys will be the guinea pigs." She laughed at herself. "This project is weird, I know, but what you'll do is I'll pair you up with someone and you two will write a paper about your partner. Now, I don't want you to focus on the simple stuff, get personal. Everything said in this class about this project will be kept in this class so everyone can be completely honest with each other."

There was some murmuring around the room, but I just sat there. This was going to be a terrible project. "So, I'm not sure how I'm going to grade this or how many points it'll be worth and I'll let you know more when I figure this out. The point is to be open, and trust people. As seniors, you need to do that. Now, partners," Ms. Campbell searched around for her partner list and when she found it she clapped and said, "All right, here we go." She went on pairing people and finally she said, "Max, you'll be working with Fang."

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