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Chapter 17

Max's POV

If you asked me how I was, I'd smile and say great, but on the inside I felt like a volcano ready to erupt. Yeah, I was happy about what happened with Fang and I, but did I really want it to be like that? I was now worried that our entire relationship would be about sex, and we all know that doesn't go well.

Once Fang and I got to school he looked into my eyes and said, "Max, we have to talk to someone."

"About what?" I said slowly. He looked at me, and I knew exactly what he meant. The scars covering my wrists. How was I supposed to explain them? "I won't do it anymore, I promise."

"We'll talk later."

"I should just go Fang. I'll see you after school."

Fang looked at me carefully and then I walked away without a second glance back. Why couldn't anything be easy with me?

School went by normal, except Fang would come and talk to me. It was weird. Even after all this time, the feelings for Fang were still there. After school he met me by my car and said, "Max, the counselor wants to talk to you."

"You didn't."

"I did."

"How could you Fang?"

"How could I? I love you, and I can't lose you like that."

I started bawling. "I won't anymore. As long as you're around I won't."

"Max, please. Do this for me?" Fang wrapped me in a hug and said, "Please, I can't lose you."

I agreed and we walked into the counselor's office. The room was quiet and as soon and the counselor saw Fang she jumped up and practically ran to us. "Max, Fang, hi! How are you?"

She looked directly at me and I just shrugged. "Come on, sit down." We followed her to her office and we sat down. Her office was pretty nice, the walls were a deep blue and the couch was a pale white. It was actually pretty relaxing.

I sat down and Fang sat next to me. He put his hand on my knee and started rubbing it. I sighed and Ms. Peterson smiled and said, "Okay, I'm not going to beat around the bush. We all know why we're here. Max, why are you doing this to yourself?"

"It made the pain go away," I said quietly.

"What pain?"

I glanced at Fang and whispered, "His pain."

Ms. Peterson looked at Fang and said, "Could we have a few minutes?"

Fang looked at me, got up, and slowly left the room.

"Max, you did this because of Fang?" I nodded. "Why?"

"He put himself in pain for me, he almost died for me. I owed it to him."

"Max, promise you're going to stop. I'm calling your parents to inform them, but please for everyone's sake stop this. It's not safe."

I nodded and dismissed myself. I didn't want to talk to her. I walked past Fang, who had gone to the doctor today and had the boot on. He limped after me but I didn't care. I got to my car and turned around to face him. "How could you?"

"How could I save you?"

"I'm not suicidal!"

"I never said you were," Fang said quietly.

"What was that about then?"

"Helping you."

"I don't need help," I said angrily. I did need it, and I knew it. I just didn't want Fang to realize that I needed it. I never needed anyone. Why should I change now?

Fang put his hands on my neck and said, "Yes, you do. We both know that. I should have helped you a long time ago. The second I found out about your dad I should have done something but I didn't."

I felt tears coming to my eyes. He really did love me. No matter what I did, he always seemed to be there. He always seemed to be the knight in shining armor. The guy that can look at me and just know, that's Fang, and finally he was mine.

Graduation was finally here, and life was good. Fang never left my side. He was too scared too. The ceremony was great, I mean it was long and boring, but hey, we all graduated. I was standing with my mother when Fang walked over. He could finally walk perfectly again. He wrapped me in a hug and spun me around. My mom laughed and I hit Fang until he set me down.

When he did his smile was bigger than any smile I'd ever seen. It took my breath away. Hell, Fang still took my breath away. I could look at him and not be able to breathe, he was that gorgeous. My mom hugged Fang and he then looked back at me.

His eyes were so passionate at that moment. He got down on one knee and said, "Max Martinez, after all the crap we've been through. I think we both know this needed to happen. Marry me?"

I smiled and hugged Fang. Of course I would marry him. I couldn't live without him, and if I had too, life wasn't worth living. I hugged my family and the whole time the beautiful diamond ring on my finger shined like a thousand suns.

It was perfect, just like the guy that gave it to me. Fang had backed away from my family, letting us have our moment, but when I was done hugging them I walked over to him and kissed him with everything I had, and at that moment, everything was pretty great.

When I pulled away from Fang, Ms. Campbell walked up to us. She smiled and said, "How did you two end up together again?"

Fang shrugged, and I said, "You're stupid project!"

"Well, I believe that project has a new name. Project Love," she said smiling.

"Did you plan it?"

"You two ending up partners? Yeah, Iggy said Fang was always staring at you, even if he wouldn't admit it. He just needed a shove in the right direction," Ms. Campbell said smiling.

I saw Fang's cheeks glow with color and all I could do was smile. Ms. Campbell hugged us and I turned towards Fang. He smirked and I said, "I guess we owe it all to her."

"No, Project Love," Fang said kissing me. Whatever it was, I was happy it happened. We heard the snap of a camera, and we turned to face the photographer, Iggy. All I could think of was the moment he had captured. The moment stuck in time forever, a moment of love, a moment of remembering. No matter what, my moment with Fang would be stuck in time forever, together forever in each other's arms. Yeah, life is good.

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