MSN, Facebook and Parties!

Sherlock Holmes has just signed in.

Sherlock Holmes has been added to the conversation with: Tony Stark, Irene Adler, John Watson, Gregory Lestrade, Pepper Potts, Mary Morstan James Rhodes and Charlie Clarke.

Holmes – hello

Starky – hey, we were just talking about you

Holmes – why?

Irene – we were just saying how great you are sweety :D

Holmes – thanks

Why were you really talking about me?

Watson – I was just telling them about our last case

Rhodey – yeah, you know, you could do real good in the army

Lestrade – don't even think about it! He works with us

Rhodey – yeah well maybe he wants to work with people who know what they're doing

Holmes – ladies, ladies, calm down!

Irene – you're so big headed!

Holmes – and…?

Irene – sigh

Starky – you cant just type sigh lol. You gotta do it atleast in brackets, jeeze :)

Pepper – Tony, leave her alone

Clarkie – Mr Holmes?

Holmes – yes Clarkie?

Clarkie – a lady was just here at the station about her dead brother, she is on her way over to you

Sherlock Holmes has changed his status to: saving London's Women, BRB :)

Irene – that is so childish!

Holmes – someone jealous about the lovely lady coming over?

Starky – probably :D

Irene – am not :

Sherlock Holmes has changed his status to: don't worry Irene, I'll keep my hands to myself :)

Irene – Sherlock!

Holmes – yes dear?

Irene – you wait till I come over, you're in trouble!

Starky – get in there Holmes :)

Watson – lol

Mary – hey leave Irene alone!

Pepper – Tony, you have a meeting in 10 minutes

Tony Stark has changed his status to: is about to be bored to death :/

Pepper – pay attention this time

Starky – I always do (cough)

Irene Adler has changed her status to: is thinking about going over to Sherlock's to kill him!

Holmes – lets not be hasty woman!

Starky – haha Holmes is in trouble

Hey why is Pepper walking over to me?


Watson – did she hit you?

Starky – yeah she smacked me round the head with a newspaper coz I wouldn't stop staring at her legs :P

Lestrade - :)

Starky – hey Peps?

Pepper – what?

Starky – I do love it when you walk away :) it's a beautiful view!

Pepper - :

Holmes – BRB people, that lovely young lady is here :P lol

Irene – don't you dare!

Sherlock Holmes has signed out

I'm going over

Irene Adler has signed out

Rhodey – so are those to an item?

Pepper – well they obviously have something

Starky – yeah but poor Holmes is in BIG trouble hahaha

Lestrade – I wonder if we'll be investigating his murder soon…?

Watson – hopefully not

Irene Adler has signed in on a mobile device

Mary – you there yet Irene?

Irene – almost, I'm in a cab

Clarkie – what are you going to do to him?

Irene – I'll put his web cam on so you can watch

Starky – wahay!

Irene – not like that :L

Watson – don't damage him too badly, we're all going out on Friday

Sherlock Holmes has signed in

Holmes – well that was easy

Lestrade – what happened?

Holmes – she killed her brother

Clarkie - :O

Watson – you didn't let her leave did you?

Holmes – yep

Lestrade – what? Are you mad?

Holmes – my dear boy, I was joking. Hopkins picked her up.

Hey why is Irene in my room?

Starky – good luck mate

Sherlock Holmes has just switched on his web cam

Holmes (speaking) – Irene, what are you doing?

Irene (speaking) – I'm going to tie you to this chair

Holmes (speaking) – sorry, what?

Starky – mate RUN!

Sherlock Holmes is offline

Irene Adler is offline

Watson - …so, where are we going Friday?

Starky – come over mine for a party

Just us lot, I'll bring a friend for Clarkie :)

Clarkie – I've got a gf!

Watson - …

Mary - …

Rhodey - …

Pepper - …

Starky - …

Clarkie – okay no I haven't

Starky – cool, I'll bring one 4 ya

Hey peps?

Pepper – yes Tony?

Starky – can you drop your pencil again?

Pepper – you were watching?

Starky – that's why I out a glass door there :P

Pepper Potts has changed her status to: never dropping anything in her office again!

Will you drop stuff in mine?

Pepper - :

Starky – you're not doing that, I can see your face, you're smiling

Watson – ha busted :)

Sherlock Holmes is online

Rhodey – are you ok?

Holmes – I think. I might have concussion though

Watson – why would you have concussion?

Holmes – because she threw me onto the bed and I whacked my head!

Starky – Sherlock Holmes! :P

Irene Adler has signed in on a mobile device

Lestrade - …

Clarkie - …

Watson - …

Mary - …

Starky - …

Rhodey - …

Pepper - …

Holmes – hello darling :D

Irene – what did you tell them Sherlock?

Holmes – that I think I may have concussion, you were very forceful

Irene Adler changed her status to: going back to Sherlock's to give him real concussion

Sherlock Holmes has changed his status to: is locking all the doors and windows

Holmes – so what are we doing Friday?

Starky – party at mine, just us lot

Holmes – excellent

Oh god she's here

Watson – just don't let her in

Holmes – easier said than done old boy

She is picking the lock

Starky – shit dude! You're screwed haha

Sherlock Holmes has changed his status to: goodbye cruel world!

Holmes – she has nearly unlocked the front door!

Lestrade – hide!

Holmes – um ok…

Ha found a place hang on

Sherlock Holmes has signed out

Sherlock Holmes has signed in on a mobile device

Mary – where are you?

Holmes – hiding

Rhodey – where?

Holmes – in a place she'll never look for me

Clarkie – where's that?

Holmes – behind the door in the kitchen. Mrs Hudson is protecting me

Pepper – what is she going to do?

Holmes – tell her I went out

Lestrade – like she's gonna believe that

Starky – I'll call you Holmes and I'll add everyone to the call so that we can all hear what's going on

Holmes – ok my phone is silent call now

Tony Stark is calling

Call answered

Lestrade, Pepper, Watson, Mary, Clarkie and Rhodey have been added to call

Holmes (whispering) – she has unlocked the door!

Irene (in the background) – Sherlock! I'll show you forceful!

Watson – shall I bring my medical kit round in an hour?

Holmes – depends if my plan works… she has gone upstairs…

Starky – what is she doing now?

Holmes - coming back down… Mrs Hudson is telling her I'm out… shit! She saw me looking!

Rhodey – RUN!

Holmes – oh Irene, how nice to see you again… ARGH!

(hear a bang as Holmes falls to the floor)

Mary – what happened?

Holmes – she… kicked… ARGH… me in… my groin – ow!

Starky – ouch! That was harsh!

Holmes – why are you leaning down?

Irene – enjoying yourselves guys?


Call disconnected

(back on the computers)

Lestrade – I really think we should go see if he is ok

(30 minutes later)

Irene Adler has signed in

Starky – what did you do?

Irene – nothing :)

Sherlock Holmes has just signed in

Rhodey – you ok?

Holmes – no

Bloody woman nearly ripped my ear off when she dragged me upstairs!

Starky – why upstairs?

Holmes – she practically raped me!

Irene – did not! :P

Starky – how could she rape you?

Holmes – well, she shoved some liquid down my throat and then I felt dizzy. She then dragged me upstairs and well you know :)

Really Irene, you only had to ask :D

Irene – don't make me come back there!

Holmes – oh no! please don't :P

Starky – hey Peps?

Pepper – yes?

Starky – can you redo your hair again? Like you just did?

Pepper – why?

Starky – coz when you flicked your hair back… WOAH!

I nearly leapt through the glass :)

Pepper – very funny

Holmes – hey, guess who just tried to add me on fb?

Clarkie – who?

Holmes – Moriarty! And when I declined him, he sent me a message saying "I will poke you on facebook until you go insane! Mwahahaha!"

Irene – strange man

Holmes – indeed, considering it doesn't bother me if he does, I just wont pole back lol

Well, I'm going to find a new anaesthetic and since Watson took Gladstone, I wont see you till Friday. See you

All – bye

Watson – I'm going over to stop him bye

All – bye

Everyone has signed out

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