Summary: Edward is one of the richest men in America. He is hiding a dark secret though. Young and innocent Isabella is finding out everything happens for a reason. Is there a reason though why she found out CEO Edward Cullen's secret. BDSM. OOC. AU

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Chapter One: Stop & Stare

"Thank you" I stutter out. I really don't know what to say. I look over and see that Victoria is in the front seat working on her laptop.

"Are we picking up anyone else?" Alice asks looking at Mr. Cullen. He takes his attention from me to acknowledge her.

"Nope no one, although I don't think anyone could get in here with all the fabric in here" He chuckles. It's a beautiful musical laugh. I stare at his jaw. He has stubble still. He looks good with stubble, better then without.

"So how about we get business figured out before we get the…pleasurable part of the evening started" His voice like silk wraps around me pulling me to him and I blink to keep myself from really going to him.

"Wonderful. So when would you like me to bring over the photograph?" I ask. Does he have a fetish for prostitutes? Why the hell does he want this picture?

"I believe that I can pick up the picture tonight if you will let me escort you home. Of course unless you have plans later on tonight" he says smoothly. I probably look stunned because I am stunned. Like I had plans tonight.

"None at all. That would be wonderful if you could come get it tonight" I smile. He's going to be in my home. I hope it's at least some what clean. Oh no I bet my clothes are all over? I see Mr. Cullen opening up a bottle of wine.

"How much would you like for the picture?" He asks. I am stunned. Usually they say how much they will pay for it.

"Um ill take one hundred bucks really. Its not one of my bests so I wont sell it for a higher price then I think it deserves" I see Alice give me the what the fuck look. I've never sold a photograph for that price.

"Not one hundred thousand? You really are a strange photographer. At least let me pay you five hundred that way you can even get some new equipment or anything" he says staring at me. I could use that money too. I won't take his money

"No I'm sure Sir" I tell him confidently. I see his jaw clench and his hand curl up in a ball when I call him sir. Did I do something wrong?

"Would anyone else like a glass?" he asks pouring himself a flute. I nod. He starts to get some color back and he loosens his jaw and fist a bit but still a bit tense.

"Sure" Jasper says grabbing two flutes for him and Alice. Alice takes a sip and wiggles her eyebrow at me with a flirty smile. I look over to see Mr. Cullen holding a glass out to me. I take it and swirl the alcohol slightly in its glass. It's a beautiful color wine. I take a sip. Oh my, that tastes wonderful. It slides down my throat. It tastes like strawberries with a hint of regular wine. I look at the bottle and smiles. Strawberry wine sounds delicious.

"Oh my god jazzy its strawberries" Jasper laughs at Alice and her happiness.

"Yes sweetheart its strawberries" I sometimes wonder when he's going to stop being so shy and ask her to marry him.

"Isn't Mrs. Cheney supposed to be doing some desert like lingerie tonight?" Mr. Cullen asks?

"Cupcake Lingerie to be more specific so it will be the only kind in her collection" Alice corrects him and he is in deep thought now.

"Alice you know you don't have to wear cupcakes to get my attention" jasper teases her. I grimace and groan.

"Listen its enough I had to hear you whenever I slept over and that I have to listen to you innuendos. Just like you don't want to know what I wear under my clothes I don't want to know what Alice wears" I tell jasper and I see Mr. Cullen laugh slightly. His smile is so cute.

"Are you ladies bidding on it or you Mr. Hale?" Mr. Cullen asks.

"Nope. It's my parent's whole thing so instead of us bidding we are going to get bid on. Bella and I are going to be up for a date" she says trying to make sure to emphasizing me.

"And you're alright with this?" He asks Jasper.

"She comes home to my bed every night so why not" Jasper says like its no big deal which it isn't. Jasper was never possessive of Alice. I know she wanted it though so hopefully this may spark something in him. She just loved when he used to claim her as his and give her hickies. She may have said she didn't like it but inside she did.

"See I don't know if I would like that. My mother said I always had a green eyed monster inside me" jealousy was a curse but a blessing between the right couple. Was he a jealous lover?

"I have one but its suppressed down. I know Alice wouldn't do anything" Jasper says.

"But what about the men? You and I both know what goes on in our heads. It has to be just as bad with other guys too" Mr. Cullen makes a good point. I can tell Alice likes him already. She's nodding at everything he says.

"Let's just hope you don't get Newton bidding on you" Alice says to me. I nod. I shiver at the thought. It is not a good shiver either. I feel completely creeped out.

"Mr. Cullen we are here" the driver says. He comes around and opens up the door. Jasper moves around Alice helping her out. I go to get up. A hand is on my shoulder and I freeze.

"Please I'll help you out" Mr. Cullen whispers. I move back to my seat. He gets out and I all I can do is stare at his ass when he does so. It's a cute ass. I get up and take his hand when he puts it in the limo. I lean my head down and step down onto the curb. He puts one hand on my waist and his other hand is holding mine. He helps me out of the limo and I quickly pull up my dress so I do not get it dirty.

"I should probably put my mask on" I tell him and lean back down to grab my mask out of the limo. I hear a groan from behind me and move a little then come out of the limo with my mask. I take the strap and put it around my head laying it nicely so that it doesn't hurt my hair. Mr. Cullen Has his half mask. Like the phantom of the opera.

"Miss" he holds out his arm for me. I slip my threw his. We start to walk into the building. I am amazed by everything. Its all in gold and black and it's so beautiful. It really looked like an old time masquerade. I look for Alice and jasper but they aren't anywhere I can see. They are probably helping her parents.

"So how long have you been attending these?" I ask him.

"First year. I have been in new York for most of the time" He tells me.

"Do you have property there?" I ask him and he looks like he is thinking for a moment before letting out a breath.

"I have places all over let's just say that. Almost one in every country in the best places except for America where I have a place in L.A, New York & Seattle however I also have an apartment in Miami" he says and I nod. That's a lot of places. But that is pretty cool.

"I better let you go find your table" I murmur. He is probably sitting with the Mallory sisters. They are the worst gold diggers ever.

"Isabella, if I may call you that. Alice has arranged for me to sit at your table with all of you" He says and I instantly perk up.

"Were to the right of the runway"


"Well for the whole auctioning thing everyone has to see the object and it was great for this year since were auctioning off dates" I tell him. I really don't want to be auctioned off to some old man.

"So you're okay with getting sold to the highest bidder" He asks raising an eyebrow.

"Of course not but it's for a good cause and it's not like I have a significant other so why not. I get a date don't I?" I tell him.

"Well I'm sure you can go out on a date without having to get auctioned off" he says as we start walking towards our table. I see the terrible twos waiting for us.

"No not really. I haven't been on a date since I was seventeen and I'm twenty one now" he tenses.

"You're barely legal" He raises an eyebrow.

"Oh and how old are you Mr. Billionaire" I ask

"Twenty seven" I say. Not much older then me. Although I already knew his age but I didn't want to come right out and say I was stalking the poor man. Okay not poor but the man.

"Only six year's difference. Not much if you ask me" I tell him and we finally get to our table but the terrible two are there.

"Oh Mr. Cullen you remember us don't you?" Lauren asks.

"I'm afraid I do not" Mr. Cullen says.

"You just must remember us. We miss you so much. How have you been in New York? Daddy says that he can't wait for that new project to start" Jessica says. I just roll my eyes.

"I don't remember you and New York was fine. If you would please now move, we would like to get to our table" he is curt. His voice demanding. They both flush and stand aside. He leads us over to our table.

"So you know them?" I ask him.

"Unfortunately I made a few mistakes" He says running his hand threw his hair.

"We all do so you're among friends" I laugh. He takes out my seat for me and helps me sit. I see the ballroom start to darken as Jasper and Alice come our way. Mr. Cullen takes the seat next to mine.

"They are doing the usual bidding on a tattoo by some famous girl then a kiss from the president's wife and then Angela's lingerie and then the dates. We are in the middle of the dates so you can either throw up when you have to go dance with the old man or swoon when a hunky guy sweeps you off your feet" Alice said all in one breath. I'm surprised she wasn't blue in the face.

"Ill probably get some old guy Alice. At least Jasper will bid on you for sure" I tell her seriously.

"Jasper will bid on you too" Alice says as if it is a fact.

"Jasper do not waste your money" I tell him.

"It's either him or Mike Newton who I see is counting up his money over there" She says and I turn to see he is in fact counting his money. I groan and look down.

"Ladies and Gentlemen if we can have your attention please" everyone falls silent at Mrs. Brandon's voice.

"Our first event of the night is the tattoo auction by our famous Kat Von D. Please raise your hand fully into the air so that we can see it. Let's start the bidding at 500 dollars" She says and everyone begins raising their hands. Some are here to buy others are here to make the bids go up. It was already up to 50,000 dollars.

"Alright thank you Mrs. Mallory for that donation" Mrs. Brandon says and everyone starts clapping. I grab the flute in front of me and drink some wine. It is not as good as the strawberry wine but it is alright. I look up to see Mr. Cullen smirking at me.

"Missing the limo's Bubbly?" he asks and I nod squinting my face slightly.

"It's very good. Home made. My father owns a winery and its one of the family's traditional wine for the holidays. We always have it on stock" He says calling someone over.

"Excuse me sir. Would you go to my limo and grab the unopened wine bottle inside" He asks pulling out a fifty and giving it to the boy.

"Right away sir" the boy rushes off towards the exit.

"Thank you" I murmur

"Your welcome" He replies back and I look up to see that Angela is on stage.

"Thank you everyone. Now I think we all know what business I am in. I have made a special line of lingerie with cupcakes. It is good enough to eat" she winks.

"It's a one of a kind collection and will never be made again. Unless of course I make it just for myself so lets start the bidding at five hundred for the three pieces" she says. Everyone starts bidding now. Even Mr. Cullen however everyone knows he can afford anything. Soon it will be our time to get up there and be bid on.

"Bella we should get going" Alice says and we both stand up.

"After well come back to dance" she declares then looks at Mr. Cullen "You should try to get those cupcake pieces. They really look delicious especially against smooth white skin" she winks at me however I quickly start to move away from our table. I am blushing hard. We walk hand in hand behind the stage.

"Alright girls line up" Mrs. Brandon commands us as she puts everyone in their rightful places so that we can go out and get bid on for the date.

"Wow one million dollars going once going twice? SOLD TO MR. CULLEN!" the crowd erupts into cheers. Alice turns around and stares at me.

"Those pieces are for you. I can't wait till you tell me that you wore them that way I can go told you so" She giggles. What would he need lingerie for? Hell no not me.

The girls start walking out onto the stage. We are all in our masks as is everyone in the crowd.

"Now ladies and gentlemen this is our dating portion. Please when we have the girl stand forward raise your hand if you want her and continue to raise your hand if the money is no object. Although watch out to anyone who goes up against Mr. Cullen here" Mrs. Brandon says coquettishly.

"First are Lauren & Jessica Mallory. They come as a pair and love to…they love to club and get seen in magazines. Our starting price is five hundred" she said and a few people raised their hands. Next was Angela who raised two thousand dollars. Kate Denali was up and she raised four thousand. Irina only managed to get three thousand.

"Next is my gorgeous daughter who is heir to the Brandon fashion industry. She has tiny quirks however a great date no less" of course jasper bid right away. A few more people including mike raised their hands. The old men at table five raised their hands too. She was up to ten thousand which is a lot.

"Twenty Thousand" Jasper stood up. He was red in the face and took out a check and silently asked if he could start writing. Mrs. Brandon nodded to him.

"Alice Brandon sold for a date for twenty thousand dollars and next is Isabella Swan. She is twenty one and is a great photographer. Most of her work is displayed her. Let's start the bidding at two thousand" She said. I step forward and see a whole bunch of hands come up. Mike Newton kept raising his hand.

"Five thousand! Six thousand! Seven no eight. Nine!" I was surprised I was getting this much attention. Unfortunately I kept an eye on Newton. I look over to jasper and Alice's table to see Edward also raising his hand. Jasper whispers something to him and his hands clench. He looks like he's growling. It's incredibly sexy. He takes out a check book.

"Who would like to challenge me in this? I will just write one more zero" Mr. Cullen says standing up. I'm a bit shocked.

"How much Cullen? I bet I can beat you. Why would you waste all your money on this?" Newton challenges him.

"Because I can now what is the last of your money your willing to spend?" Mr. Cullen growls out and everyone is silent.

"One million. You wouldn't do that so ill just say it now. One million for her!" A Newton call like Mr. Cullen really doesn't have that money.

"Ill match your one million and because I want to give more to the charity ill throw it three million more. Now that will be one million for the ladies undergarments and four million for Isabella? Is five million enough for the charity?" Mr. Cullen asks. I am so not worth four million! Ill go out on a date just not for that much.

"I'm sorry Mr. Newton but Mr. Cullen wins this one. Isabella Sold for a date for Four million" my eyes are wide at the realization of those words. I feel a hand on me. I look to see Alice leading me down the stairs towards our table.

"Wow bells Four million? Is there some sort of secret sign I can't see that says I give good blow jobs or something?" Alice asks laughing. I laugh to because that would be something that would get me to actually get these guys.

"Ya it's been taped to my boobs the whole time Alice" I tell her and we all sit down. I see the strawberry wine has been delivered.

"Thank you for that. It means a lot to the charity too" I tell him smiling widely.

"Ya well you complained about not getting bought by an old man and I really hate that guy" he looks in the direction of Newton. I look down. He didn't do it to date me… He just wanted to get back at Newton.

"Great" I say quietly. I take a glass of the wine and take a small sip. It still tastes really good so I guess I can't complain.

"So where would u like to do this date?" Mr. Cullen asks bringing his full attention to me.

"Are you sure you even want to do it?" I ask bitterly. I take another sip of my wine looking up at him finally.

"Yes I wouldn't have bought the date other wise Isabella. Where would you like to go" he softens at the end of the sentence.

"How about your place?"

"My place? I don't know about that" he says.

"I do make a mean home made pizza though. My sauce is to die for" I tell him.

"I bet" he smirks. Oh my god he is such a pervert.

"Alright my place but I will buy all the pizza supplies" he tells me. I smile widely in victory.

"Wonderful" I tell him.

"Dance with me?" he asks.

"I don't know if that's best. I hurt anyone I dance with" I tell him seriously but he shakes his head with laughter.

"You've never had a good lead then. It is all in the leading my dear" He stands up and I take his hand. I didn't even realize the music had started to play and people were dancing.

"You have to promise though to bring more of that delicious strawberry wine" I lick my lips and any residue of that wine.

"Of course" He says. He wraps one arm around my waist. He feels so warm and smells delicious. I move closer to him and he leads us all over the dance floor. Sometimes I'm twirling other times were just standing there swaying back and forth.

"See your not causing that much damage" He says and I giggle slightly. It sounds weird to hear myself giggling at something he says.

"I have to make an appearance at the old men table. Care to join me and then ill drive you home and ill pick up the painting?" I nod. He has an arm wrapped around me possessively. We walk threw the crowds towards the table filled with the old dirty men.

"Ah Edward how are you my boy?" Aro asks. He is the ring leader. They all have young wives who are around my age. However what they don't know is that their wives are all cheating on them.


"Is this the lovely lady you bought the cupcake underwear for" I blush. He better not of or that's five million.

"You know me all to well Aro. I just came to drop it for a moment. My father looks forward to having you all over for lunch this week. Apparently you all have business to attend to" He says smoothly. His name fits him too. Edward. So beautiful. I bite my lip unconsciously. Edward stops what he's doing and moves his thumb up to my lip pulling my lip gently from in between my teeth. He leans down.

"Don't ruin that pretty lip of yours" My skin is on fire from his whispers. I nod and whimper a bit when his skin leaves my lip. He turns back to the gentlemen.

"Will you be brining your wives? My father wants to know that way my mother will be there of course" Edward asks.

"Why not. The little ladies need their girl time with other women. Tell your mother we will be sure to bring them along" He nods.

"Well gentlemen I have to go claim a prize now" I turn my head and see Angela walking towards us with the big box of 'lingerie'.

"Hey my little sex kitten how are you? You haven't been in the shop lately!" Angela says when she reaches me. I blush.

"I've been busy working at hard boring jobs unlike your fun one" I tell her teasingly.

"Girl come work for me. Ill put you in the window to model them" she winks at me. I feel Edward tense. I just brush her off.

"Just give Mr. Cullen the lingerie that way he can go home and put it on" I tease him. He relaxes.

"Oh you want to see me in cupcakes. No thank you" he laughs. He takes the box from her.

"Please though Mrs. Cheney if you ever need help with the business I would be glad to help. Apparently I need more lingerie for all the women tabloids claim I'm with" he tells her with a straight face and she laughs.

"Sure thing but now ill let you guys get going. I need to go get a leather thong for tonight. Bens been such a bad boy" I burst out laughing.

"You go Mistress Angela. Spank him real good" I laugh. Angela has always had a thing for the kinky sex such as getting whipped and BDSM things.

"I see you're familiar with BDSM" I was. It was pretty interesting.

"We should probably talk about that in the car. I wouldn't want to give the guests a heart attack" he smiles but it doesn't touch his eyes.

"Let's go then" He escorts us through the crowd.

"John" Edward calls and his driver gets from the side of the car and opens up the door for us. I get in first and sit down where Edward sat on the way here. He sits next to me now. John shuts the car door.

"So you're familiar with it?" he asks. Time to come clean…

"Ya very familiar. My old boyfriend used to be into that. I tried it but he was too hard on me. Unfortunately he had to get an um submissive. When he got the submissive he was too kind to him and cold to me. He wouldn't give me just 'vanilla' sex. He one day was on drugs. He thought I was her apparently and he took the sex too far." He looked tense.

"He took me all over… and when I ran home my dad didn't believe me. He said Jacob would never do such a thing. So I moved her. My mom didn't care because she was to busy with her husband and my father was furious because I said anything bad about Jacob"

"So you would never do that ever?" Edward asked staring at me.

"I don't know…if I had the right guy I might like getting controlled like that but what Jacob did wasn't consensual" I tell him.

"It isn't all bad…He wasn't a very good Dom then" he tells me. Is he into that? He can't be. That would ruin his company and his record if anyone found out.

"Sir we are at the ladies house" John says. I see Edward already getting up and out of the limo. I guess my story was that long.

"Will you come up to get it or shall I bring it down?" I ask.

"If I come up I will not have the strength to come down so it is best if you bring it back down" I nod and run up to my apartment. I bring down the photograph to him as quickly as I can. It's something strange of course.

"May I ask why you wish to buy this?" I ask him.

"It's a competitor of mine. Just a little reassurance our deal goes through and black mail" he says smiling at me.

"Here is your hundred" he says handing me it.

"It was a pleasure doing business with you Mr. Cullen"

"And you Miss Swan" He smiles.

"Ill wait till you get upstairs that way I know you got up safely" he says and I bite my lip. I really want him so badly. I walk over to the stairs and start moving up when I feel an arm wrap around me.

"Think of me Isabella when you are touching yourself tonight" he whispers hoarsely in my ear. I moan when he starts to bring his arm from around me. When I turn around I see him already moving towards his limo. I quickly run upstairs and thankfully no one is in my way. When I get to my floor I quickly open my door and run to the balcony.

"I'm safe. Goodnight Mr. Cullen and goodnight John" I tell them both and they wave to me when I wave back. Touch myself? I bite my lip to keep out a moan. I walk into the bedroom and take off my dress as I go but leave my hair up. I grab a wife beater out of my dresser drawer and some boy shorts changing into them. It's a comfortable outfit.

"He wants you to do this Bella" I tell myself.

I climb into bed and snuggle up to my pillow. I lick my lips thinking of him. I wonder what he's doing right now.

I run my hand down from the pillow to my breast massaging my tit through the fabric. It feels good but it would feel better with his hands on me. I bring my other hand down my stomach trailing lightly. I rub myself through my panties and arch my back slightly when I brush my clit. I bend my knees slightly on the bed and lift up my panties taking my other hand rubbing over my smooth hairless pussy. I rub circles over my clit.

"Oh god" I moan.

I run my finger along my wet slit. My panties are slightly damp. I trace my pussy lips and put one finger into myself. I start pumping slowly. I rub my clit with my thumb while pumping my pointer finger inside myself. I move faster and faster and arch my back off the bed biting my lip to keep from crying out.

"Edward!" I scream and enter another finger into myself. I pump my fingers into my pussy faster rubbing my clit harder. It feels so good. I start to see stars behind my eyes. Something giant is building in my lower stomach. Like a spring. It's getting to tight.

"Oh Edward please…" I beg but he is not there to please me.

I cannot add a third finger so I bring my hand under my shirt and start to play with my tits. I pinch my nipple hard tugging on it. I cry out and feel the spring snap. I scream out Edwards name over and over again as I shove my fingers deep inside myself. I throw my head back orgasming hard. I cannot feel anything. It is like I am numb now.

I sigh of happiness.

I get up on shaky legs and go to the bathroom scrubbing my hands. I return to my bed and snuggle against the pillow again and fall into a beautiful sleep with a green eyed man keeping me company…

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Stop and Stare:


This town is colder now, I think it's sick of us
It's time to make our move, I'm shakin' off the rust
I've got my heart set on anywhere but here
I'm staring down myself, counting up the years
Steady hands, just take the wheel...
And every glance is killing me
Time to make one last appeal for the life I lead

Stop and stare
I think I'm moving but I go nowhere
Yeah I know that everyone gets scared
But I've become what I can't be, oh
Stop and stare
You start to wonder why you're here not there
And you'd give anything to get what's fair
But fair ain't what you really need
Oh, can you see what I see

They're tryin' to come back, all my senses push
Untie the weight bags, I never thought I could...
Steady feet, don't fail me now
Gonna run till you can't walk
But something pulls my focus out
And I'm standing down...

Stop and stare
I think I'm moving but I go nowhere
Yeah I know that everyone gets scared
But I've become what I can't be, oh
Stop and stare
You start to wonder why you're here not there
And you'd give anything to get what's fair
But fair ain't what you really need
Oh, can you see what I see

What you need, what you need...

Stop and stare
I think I'm moving but I go nowhere
And I know that everyone gets scared
But I've become what I can't be
Oh, do you see what I see...