A/N: I guess no one really expected to see something new this quickly. But - well, I aim to please. And also I'm hit by major writing muses and inspiration. SInce the next block could be just around the corner you have to take what you can get, right? Have to admit, this was supposed to be humor, but it didn't quite work out as such and is now more angsty, but not too much. Rating's for later chapters.

Morgan hated Mondays. With a passion. If there wasn't a new case, that would make him travel to someplace else in the country, then he was stuck with paperwork, like now. And like the last couple of weeks. The psychos of this world seemed to take a break right now since the BAU altogether had been more or less busy with nothing else other than paperwork for the last couple of days. It had its advantages to be stuck in town for a while, Morgan had to admit. Like spending more time with Penelope, taking her out, hanging out more often, just doing stuff they usually couldn't do often or regularly due to his job. Like last night, when the whole team went out to celebrate Reid's birthday with drinks and dinner. It got rather late but no one really minded. He had brought Penelope home afterwards, making sure she got home safe and then made his way back to his own place as well, finding it rather difficult to get up this morning.

Morgan had his head stuck in paperwork when he noticed Hotch coming over at a rather rapid pace, seeming stressed.

"Are you okay?" Morgan asked, not being used to see his boss like that. Hotch was the core of this team, holding them together with his calmness and rational approach, even in the most chaotic situations.

"Morgan … it's Penelope," the other man started.

"What about her? She's just running late. And can you blame her? I mean look outside, it is raining buckets," Morgan remarked.

"Morgan, Penelope isn't running late, " Hotch started once again, moving closer to his agent's desk. "She was involved in an accident on her way in. Some … collision with oncoming traffic and…"

"Is she alright?" Morgan jumped up from his chair, having his jacket already in his hand and being halfway through the door before Hotch could even give him details about her whereabouts.

"She… seems to be okay as far as I know," Aaron Hotchner tried to calm his agent down, with not much luck. He was able to catch up with him by the elevators and just got in when the doors where closing again.

"You shouldn't be driving in your state. Let me give you a ride to the hospital," he offered, knowing that if Morgan would be driving in the state of mind he was in currently there was a fair chance of two team members ending up in hospital by the end of the day.

Morgan just nodded, not really caring how he would get to the hospital, as long as he would get there and make sure his Baby Girl was alright.

They made it to the hospital in less than ten minutes and Hotch filled Morgan in on all the details he got so far, which wasn't much.

The police man in the hospital was able to explain the details as far as he was aware of them. Due to the masses of water pouring down during the last couple of days traffic had been moving rather slow, and someone, who was already late ignored all warnings, speeding down the freeway, somehow lost control of the car and crashed into the oncoming traffic which happened to be Penelope on her way into work.

"She got actually quite lucky. Just a bump in the head. The other guy, who collided into her, was not so lucky and is still in surgery," the doctor later said. "She should be fine and there shouldn't be any problems with her. She probably can be released later today if everything turns out okay."

The doctor's prognosis made Morgan let out a sigh of relief. For a moment he thought this could be it. Just like he had a couple of years ago when she was shot by Battle.

"You can see her if you want," the doctor advised moving already on to something else. By now the rest of the team had managed to make their way down to the hospital, looking all worried and concerned. Finding her room and seeing her sitting in her bed made all of them let out a breath of relief at the same time. It was hard by now to imagine a day without their quirky and colorful co-worker and friend.

"Has anyone called Lynch so far?" JJ asked in the round when all of them made their way to their friend's room.

"Yeah, I left a message with him, telling him where to find Penelope. I figured that someone should tell him about his girlfriend being involved in an accident," was Hotch's answer.

They walked down the long and white corridors of the hospital until they found the number the doctor had told them. For a moment all six of them stopped in front of the door, not sure who should go in first. Not that it really mattered.

"Hey, Hot Stuff," they heard Penelope happily chime at Derek once seeing him and the rest of the team standing in her doorway.

"You gave us quite some shock there, Baby Girl. How are you feeling?" Morgan asked concerned, but glad to see her up and smiling. It was a start.

"Other than that my head hurts like hell I'm fine. God, what did we drink last night?" she asked, making all of them smile and laugh. She seemed okay.

Morgan took her hand, smiling softly at her. "Clearly you drank too much. How are you feeling other than that, gorgeous?"

"Fine. No complaints whatsoever. Hopefully that means that I will be out of here soon. You know how I hate hospitals. They are just …" Penelope started, but was interrupted with the arrival of Kevin Lynch.

"Are you okay, Penelope? Are you hurt? Do you need anything?" he asked, hurrying towards her side, pushing nearly Rossi and Morgan over. He grabbed her hand out of Morgan's soft touch and let his thumb stroke over her fingers. "How are you feeling?"

He nearly drowned her in a million questions, and the expression on her face changed with each and every one of them. Morgan noticed how she leaned slowly back, trying to pull her hand out of Kevin's grasp.

She looked at him for a moment questioningly, then at the rest of the team and lastly at Kevin, before asking "Who are you?" biting her bottom lip softly.

"Who I am?" Kevin asked shocked, looking around the room and at JJ and the rest of the others, who all looked rather lost at her question as well. "Penny, it's me, Kevin. Your boyfriend," Lynch answered, and expression as if he was trying to figure out whether she was kidding.

For a moment Penelope laughed, before replying. "I don't … um … think so. Because…." she started, looking around the room for a moment, before her eyes fell on what she was looking for "… because he is," she finished her sentence, pointing at Morgan.