They took things slow. Baby steps. After all what had happened it wasn't as if either of them could just forget or ignore the events of the week after Penelope had gotten her full memory back.

Although they had gone the full ten yards before, Morgan insisted on taking things rather casual and slow in the beginning. Dates, afternoons spent together, kisses and more dates. It was like he tried to start this all from scratch, like he had to win her all over again. And he did it all by the book, set things up for perfection, right from the start. Penelope enjoyed each and every single one of their dates, and all the other things they did. She loved every moment she spent with Derek Morgan and he did seem to feel exactly the same.

The longer she went out with Derek, the more she needed to be with him. It was just insane. They could part for the night – and Derek never made a move beyond a kiss goodnight – and five minutes later she was already missing him like mad again. Knowing that he was still in the same city and she would see him at work the next morning again but still she missed him- the closeness to him, his scent, his touch, his kisses, his deep and soft voice. Basically everything about him.

Another month and they finally seemed to have moved away from the 'goodnight-kiss' stage and onto the staying overnight stage. The first night he made love to her Penelope was close to tears, which probably was rather clichéd, but she just felt so good, so relieved that the emptiness was filled after all. And as stupid as it sounded, but that night she felt like they connected on a whole new level, like something had changed.

Telling the team they were a couple now was easier than either of them had expected. Half of the team already suspected things a long time ago, before anything really had happened, and the others got used to the sight during Penelope's amnesia. It was nothing anyone really needed to get used to or was surprised with to begin with. Strauss wasn't too pleased about this certain development, but she wasn't also completely against it. According to her it was acceptable as long as their focus during the job wouldn't shift.

The team has just been out of town – or rather state – for three painful weeks. They had flown to Washington State with the idea of getting through this case rather quick, but due to unforeseen turns and twists were still no inch closer to their UnSub. A fact that frustrated Penelope more each day. Every day she wasn't waking up next to Morgan couldn't be a good day already. To make things worse Morgan hadn't been able to call for a few days now, being sent to the middle of nowhere – a place with no cell reception – to check on a few leads with David.

It was already bad that she actually couldn't see him, so their raunchy phone conversations got her more or less through the day, but now she also couldn't even speak to him? What would be next? They would be stuck in those God awful woods forever? Hopefully not.

She had left her office shortly after 6pm, after Hotch had assured her they wouldn't need anything for a few hours and more or less ordered her home, something Penelope didn't really like. What was home without Derek? She would only be curling up alone in his sheets, inhaling his scent deeply and just feeling miserable because she missed him so much. And maybe by now she should be worried about herself. They had been apart before after all. Okay, given they hadn't been a couple back then, but still.

Walking into the dark house, Penelope threw all her things on the couch, deciding that maybe it was the perfect night for an evening with Morgan's cable TV and a bucket of ice cream. And some take out. She felt like Chinese or Thai. Maybe even both.

Walking into the kitchen she stopped right in her tracks. There was a soft candle light and music, as well as a wonderful smell. Something was cooking. What the …?

A moment later Derek came into the kitchen.

"How? … Why? … I mean … you're back?" she asked, getting excited. Surprise and shock took over.

"Yeah," Morgan smiled softly at her, stepping closer and looping his arms lazily around her hips. "I made the whole team promise to not tell you anything," he admitted, before leaning in and kissing her. And how she had missed him.

Penelope pressed herself tightly against Morgan, couldn't get enough, needed to just feel him for a moment, making sure this wasn't some weird dream or her imagination working overtime.

Morgan nibbled on her skin, kissing a soft trail down her neck. "God, you taste as good as I remember," he mumbled against her skin, before moving all up again.

Penelope was in heaven, leaning back in his strong arms and throwing her head back slowly. This felt so good, she still didn't know how she managed to go so long without him. It was an achievement she should actually be rather proud of. "What's for dinner?" she asked absentmindedly, letting Morgan do with his lips whatever he wanted.

"Steaks for main and let's see how dessert develops. Right now, I'd say the prospects are rather … promising." He laughed, pinching her ass.

Holding his face between her hands and moving his head forward so he was looking at her, she smiled at him. "How about we forget about main for now and move straight to dessert?"

Morgan raised an eyebrow at her quizzically for a moment, before he smiled at her wickedly. "Someone's a bit desperate, huh?" he asked, smiling, at which she just leaned against him and pressed a kiss against his lips. She didn't lose anytime, deepened it, and let her hands roam over his body, finding the first few buttons to open.

Morgan caught on rather quick, understanding she had her mind set on something and there was no way on trying to convince her otherwise. His hands travelled under her shirt and pushed it up, urging her to break the kiss for a moment so he could get her out of it.

They moved rather slowly out of the kitchen, tangled up in each other, neither wanting to let go of the other's lips, moving awkwardly up the stairs to his bedroom. They left a trail of clothes from the kitchen to the bedroom and by the time they made it there, Penelope was only in her underwear and Morgan just in boxer shorts. Everything else they had already managed to get off of the other somehow.

"What would happen if I'm involved into another accident and wouldn't remember you any longer?" Penelope wondered between kisses. She had been thinking about this question for a while now, after all it had happened with Lynch.

"Do you really think you would forget me?" Morgan laughed.

"I guess not," she mused, smiling softly at him, letting him push her on the mattress of his king size bed.

He joined her a few minutes later, straddling her, and letting his hands wander up and down her body, stroking over every inch of skin, running up her arms.

For a moment he was gone, his hands off her body, and Penelope was about to ask what this was about but she was too lost in the feeling of his lips on her again. Three weeks had definitely been too long.

"I guess if it should happen, I'll simply do … this…" He smiled at her somehow wickedly and Penelope was about to ask what he meant when she felt his hands on her arms and a second later she felt cold metal around her wrists and twice a click. Looking up towards the headboard she had to realize shockingly she just had been cuffed to the headboard. With Morgan's FBI issued, for work-purpose intended, cuffs.

He said "At some point you would come to your senses and until then I would keep you in my bed. Definitely my most favorite place to keep you, I have to admit."

Penelope had to laugh at his comment, and struggled against the cuffs for a moment, wondering how things would go from here on.

A moment later she would get her answer when his hands started slowly pushing her panties down, his lips kissing every inch of newly exposed skin. When he had them off his lips kissed their way down her left leg first and then up her right one. And if he would be spending a lot more time with his lips down in that area Penelope would lose her mind.

With his lips dedicated to her lower regions, his hands unlocked her strapless bra and got her out of the last piece of garment. All that was between them now were his black boxer shorts, but knowing him they wouldn't be a barrier for long. And just a moment she saw them gone. Smiling to herself she had to admit she loved it when she was right. Especially about him.

His hands rummaged all over her body, feeling and touching every inch of skin and his lips followed suit. By now he had covered her entire body in kisses, paying particular attention to her breasts. But the area where she needed him most right now, between her legs, he completely ignored. With the ache between her legs growing with each passing second Penelope started writhing under him, she wanted some sort of relief so badly. And he was denying to to her. After three weeks of him not being around her, she now also needed to wait again for him to finally take things further?

Just when she started feeling really frustrated, she felt his hands travel down her body, over her upper thighs, stopping at her knees, before slowly travelling back up, stopping just inches away from the area she needed him right now most. If only these fingers could move a few inches higher. And slowly they moved again. For Penelope it felt like time stopped, or even ran backwards.


Falling onto the mattress next to her all that could be heard was their heavy breathing. And maybe this had been worth the three weeks apart. Not that she wanted it to be that long anytime soon again. If it was according to her he wouldn't be leaving the vicinity for a couple of months. But somehow she thought that Hotch and the rest of the team wouldn't appreciate that one much.

They lay next to each other, for a while, Morgan releasing her from her restraints shortly after he had come and now she had curled up against him, enjoying his warmth and listening tom his heart beat.

"I would just … love you until you'd remember me again. I would never let it happen that you don't remember me. You mean too much to me for that to happen," he whispered softly, making Penelope lift her head to look at him for a second.

After a moment she realized that he was answering her answer from earlier, about what he would do if she should ever forget about him. Not that she ever really worried about it. After all she would always remember him, what he did to her, what he made her feel.

Nothing would ever change about these feelings. About that weird high they felt every time when being around or just thinking about the other one. Every. Single. Day.