Poor Unfortunate Souls

Chapter 2 What Happened to Makino

Makino slowly and carefully opened her eyes, staring at the plain ceiling above her head. It took her a second but Makino sat straight up and looked around her, staring at the room that surrounded her before letting out and unheard sigh. A dream, nothing but a crazy dream.

The green haired woman stood up and began to do what she did every morning; brush her hair, put on a light shade of lipstick and that was about it for her appearance. Makino looked at herself in the mirror and though back to that dream that she had had the night before.

Be Shanks's woman huh? What am I thinking; a man like Shanks could never love me.

Makino opened her mouth to say the prayer she said every morning but as soon as she did, a sticky feeling in her throat appeared, preventing her from speaking. Makino put her hand to her throat and thought back to what she had done in her dream.

This will permanently block your voice but we have the antidote. If you fail to get this man to love you, and cannot find your way back here, we will have your voice forever.

Makino smiled sadly at realization that it wasn't a dream but reality but the men had said that she was going to be able to be Shank's woman. They never told her how to though; didn't she need her voice to tell him her feelings? Why did she feel like she had just taken three steps back and five forward? This made no sense to her but Makino became determined more than she had ever had before.

"Makino-san, we are back." Sanji said as he and his friends rushed into the bar though they were met by a silent bartender.

"Is something wrong Makino?" Nami asked and Makino shook her head no.

The woman wrote on a piece of paper and the kids looked at the writing though they waited for Chopper to figure out what the words meant. "So you lost your voice?' the boy asked and Makino nodded. "Maybe doctrine can help."

Makino shook her head no and Chopper sighed but let it go for he really wanted to help his friend. The woman smiled like she did when she told them that everything was fine and went back to washing dishes. The woman handed the kids their food and looked up as Shanks entered the bar like he always did. The woman felt the heat form in her face as the man sat right in front of her.

"The usual please Makino-san." The man said and the woman nodded before getting Shanks what he wanted.

"She's not flustered like usual." Usopp noted and the kids noted.

"That's probably because she lost her voice." Nami said sipping her drink.

"Oh so that's what's wrong with her." Shanks said looking at the girl who placed his food in front of him with a shy smile. "Hope you get your voice back soon."

Makino was taken aback by the kind words and quickly bowed her head as a way of thanking the red haired man for his thoughtfulness. The man laughed as Makino hit her head on the bar's counter though the kids sighed at it. The man looked at them curiously as to why they sighed and Nami decided to be the breaker of news.

"Honestly Shanks-sensei even I can see it." the orange haired girl said and they all looked at her. "Makino has a big ass crush on you."

Makino's face lit up and Shanks looked at the young kid in front of them before turning to Makino who was flustered once more and trying her hardest not to look at Shanks. The man looked at her and smiled before paying his bill and leaving the bar. Nami frowned at the action and looked at her friends who shrugged for even though they were guys they had no clue why Shanks left. Makino closed the bar since no one was coming yet and gathered the five kids around a table and had a sketch book in her hand. The woman wrote down a few words and showed it to them.

Why did you tell Shanks-san that I liked him?

"It's obvious to anyone that you do, he just needed to figure it out on his own." Nami said and the woman sighed.

That ruins everything though.

"What do you mean Makino-san?" Sanji asked and the woman decided to tell them everything.

"YOU SOLD YOUR VOICE ON THAT!" Nami asked as if someone had paid a hundred dollars for a grain of rice. "That's so stupid of you."

"Is it really possible to stop your voice with that candy though?" Zoro asked and Chopper looked at him.

"There are certain kinds of medicines that can block the voice box but not the windpipe." The boy said and they believed because of who his mother was.

They said that it will be permanent in a week but they will give me the antidote if I can find the place again.

"Who is they?" Nami asked and Makino quickly wrote out their names.

"That new boy is one of the people who took your voice!" Sanji asked before clenching his fist and biting into his lollipop. "I'll force him to give you back your voice."

Please don't Sanji-chan; this might be the only way I can get Shanks-san to acknowledge my existence.

"Makino-san wake up to reality." Nami said but the woman smiled and stood up.

Go on home, I'm sure your parents are worried, this is something that I am going to do. They said that I can be with Shanks-san because of whatever they did and I plan on doing whatever I can to not let their efforts go to waste.

"I wish Makino would see that Shanks-sensei already knows she exists." Nami said sweat dropping.

"Let's give her a hand." Usopp said but Zoro stopped him.

"If you were in a major fight and you said that you could defeat the man by yourself but your friends said that they would help you," the boy said, "Would you like help?"

"Good luck Makino!" Usopp said immediately understanding what Zoro was getting at.

This was a fight that Makino was going to have to do by herself.

"It seems that she has started to move." Sabo said as he watched their first costumer walk around proud and determined.

"Yeah, but I wonder if she's going to figure out that she did nothing but block her voice." Ace asked and Sabo smiled.

"Guess we just have to watch and see, also who's making dinner tonight?" the blonde asked and Ace smiled.

"Do you want anything me or Luffy make?" the black haired man asked and Sabo sighed.

"Never mind, I'll make it, I don't want to lose this house as well." The man said and Ace laughed before the two brothers disappeared back into their forest.

"Hm, what do I think of Makino?" Shanks-sensei asked his students who had questioned him about it after class one day. "I think she's pretty funny."

"That's not what I mean." Nami asked and Shanks looked at her with a smile before messing up her hair.

"I know what you mean but it would be better if you didn't get involved in adult things." the man said and the kids frowned as their sensei walked out of the room.

"Nothing." Usopp said as they walked to the door only to notice that Luffy was standing there listening, to their conversation.

"Oops, got caught." The boy said laughing slightly before dashing off.

"That kid is really suspicious." Usopp said trying to be smart.

"No duh Pinocchio," Sanji said before walking through the halls. "Makino-san did say that he was one of the people who took away Makino's voice."

"I-I know that I'm just saying that he is acting even more suspicious now!" the long nosed boy said though he was ignore completely.

"Anyway, let's hope that Makino knows what she's doing." Nami said and the kids agreed.

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