Ugh, I've been wanting to hear of this story but it seems everyone is too wimpy to try it, so here I go! The challenge rules went like this:

Category: Lost Boys

Summary: Sam and his Family moves to Santa Carla to start a new life. Sam's brother and mother are normal people, but Sam is a Seer who can't distinguish between present and future without his soul-mate and people thinks he is crazy. They meet David and his boys, and the Frogs brothers, and all Hell breaks loose.

Pairings: DavidxSam, DwaynexMichael, MarkoxPaul

Themes'/warnings: Slash, Action, Romance, Violence, Horror, Lemons, Star Bashing, Frogs' Bashings, Max as he always is, Seer Sam (like Luna/Alice (twillight) compined, just a bit more crazy), Submissive Sam, Dominant David, VERY Protective Michael (towards Sam), Very protective David and Possessive David (towards Sam), Gentle David (only towards Sam, other way he is just like he always is), Protective vampire gang (towards Sam, he is special, and Michael, but not right away), Protective Lucy (towards both her sons, a bit more towards Sam), Understanding Lucy (Toward the way the pairings will be), MPreg (maybe, you choose), etc.

Ratings: M

Time-line: Begins at the very beginning of the movie or a bit past that, depends on how you want to make it.

Other things: Star is changed like in the Movie, but neither David and his gang or Michael are interested in her, She is more of an mistake from Davids part, with him "turning" her partly. Max will still be after Lucy (Sam and Micaels mother), for those who don't like Slash can make Sam and Michael females.

So the first chapter will just be this, and the next will be on their way. Please give feedback because I've never done anything like this.