Post-ep for "The Damage You've Done." Odd pairing I know, but its been in my mind for quite some time. First Cougar Town fic, so please review!

"Cause I'm everybodies doormat! And I take it! Wether its you, keeping secrets from me. Or you, Grayson, having sex with all my friends. Why don't you just go ahead, do Ellie!" Jules said dramatically.

"No thank you." Ellie replied, non-cholantly sipping at her wine.

"Yea right." Grayson mumbled under his breath.

Ellie's heart pounded in her chest as she tried to watch the scene unfold, wide eyed and innocently. Grayson tried to move the subject along, keep Jules ranting and happy so she wouldn't notice the sudden tension and awkwardness. He did feel a sense of relief though, at Ellies quick response, she always had a quick witty comment prepared, while he was left to mumble unintelligibly.

As Jules consoled Laurie in the backyard, Grayson slipped quickly and quitely into the bathroom. He locked the door and turned to find Ellie sitting on the edge of the tub.

"That was to close!" She whisper harshly, standing up, pointing a finger at him.

"It wasn't that bad! She has no idea."

"No thanks to you, Quick Draw Mcgraw! I mean, "Yea right." good response!"

"Well what did you want me to do? Make a big scene? "Why would you say such a ridiculous thing Jules! I would never do Ellie!" Yea because that wouldn't arise suspicions either!"

Ellie leaned her head down, sighing, running her fingers through her hair. This thing had gone to far. She was at the point now where she was scared. Nervous just being in the same room with Grayson if Jules or Andy were around.

"Your right. I just.. no one can ever find out! Jules would never speak to me again, not to mention my marriage would be over."

"Relax. It was one time a month ago and we promised never to let it happen again."

"And it can't. It can never happen again! Understood?" She asked poking him in the chest.

"Understood. But sometimes... its hard to be around you." he admitted weakly.

And it was true. Her pouting lips and tousled hair. The way she carried herself and the way she spoke. She was hard and sassy but intelligent. When they were in the same room and she insulted him, just her fiery gaze alone was enough to drive him mad.

"I- I dont feel the same way, I'm sorry," she lied. She felt the exact same way. "I know I don't act like it but I do love my husband and my son means the world to me. I can't stand to lose that over some hot piece of ass." this much was true.

"Okay. Your understood. Loud and clear."

"Good. I'll go out first. I've been in here the longest." She said pushing past him to the door.

Grayson and Ellie could never be together again. Not that they truly wanted to be. Sure they had chemistry but it was purely sexual. He loved Jules, genuienly loved and cared for her. Ellie loved Andy, it didn't always seem like it, but those two were married for a reason. Though he hated to see her go, he felt a sense of relief. They'd barely talked it over and now that it was truly over and had no chance of ever happening again, he felt relieved and perhaps a little sad. His sadness was replaced though, with a quick surge of male happiness as he watched her walk away, hips swaying in her tight fitting jeans.