I tried so hard,

to live, to love, to be free-

And I've failed.

All I have is gone-

Taken like blood-


I am not who I was.

You are not who you were

When we first met.

We were friends-

We are brothers-

And now, all is lost.

You condemn me for all I've done,

But I am helpless.

I am not my own master.

Did you even listen to me,

Last time we met?

I heard you,

But I wonder if you really care.

You go off and arrange weddings, court an elf,

Living a life of luxury,

While I scream in chains

For what I've done-

For what you haven't-

And you don't hear me.

You don't even try.

I swear, 'brother',

I will have my revenge.

I will!

And there will be blood

For all that has happened to me.

Red like Thorn's scales,

Red like the sword we shared,

Red like the blood we've spilled,


That blood may not be yours,

But it will influence you

All the same.

And you will know

That I did it.

I will leave my mark.

I will have my revenge.

Those screams may not be yours,

That blood may not be yours,

That life may not be yours,

But you will know of it all the same.

But just know-

If your idea ever works-

If I am ever free-

If you ever forgive me-

If I ever forgive you-

You are my family.

I am your family.

You are my last human companion.

You are my friend,

Even though

I am not who I was


You are not who you were.


When this damn war is over,

When the King is nothing but a pile of ash,

When I am free,

When you have fulfilled your vows,

When I've forgiven you,

When you've forgiven me-


If I dare to hope-

If I dare to dream-

If I dare to think this thought-

We can be friends,

Like we once were.