Chapter Four

Month Two

Friday July 1st

"You're what?" I repeat back to Carly stunned making sure I heard correctly.

"I'm pregnant Freddie; I'm going to have a baby!" She says in an almost angry voice between hard sobs.

"Wha- Bu- How?" I say not able to get my words out of my mouth. I watch Carly crumpled on the floor in the corner of her bathroom. Her normally pale face, paler than usual- wet with tears. "Carly," I say in a sad breathy voice and walk into the bathroom and pick her up off the floor. I felt shivers run up and down my body as I picked her up. I walk out of the bathroom and lay her on the bed.

"I'm sorry, I am so sorry," she says repeatedly as I lay down beside her.

It was obvious, it all fit together, the sickness the mood swings everything. I missed it, I was so caught up in football and school, and I feel terrible. I began to comfort Carly by running my hands through her hair calmly. Our lives, changed we were left to face every single problem that was yet to come. Everything we put first or thought was important was now last on our worry list; bigger troubles were on their way.

"Freddie." Carly choked out still crying.

"Yea hun." I say gripping her chest from behind her.

"Please don't leave me-" Instantly tears take over her again ceasing her ability to speak. I stare into space scared, unexpectedly my eyes begin to feel wet and a tear rolls down my face, I wipe it just as fast as it came so Carly doesn't see me.

"Would the Freddie you know do that?" I ask as I try to keep from crying. She doesn't answer for a while; she just continues to sob quietly.

"I'm not sure." She says barely above a whisper. I hear her answer and see her reasoning, I sit up and she sits up with me. She looks over at me, scared that I might be angry, but I'm not, I'm just as scared as she is.

"When are we going to tell everyone?" I ask stretching my arms out. She wipes her face.

"Well Thanksgiving is the next holiday so I figured that we could you know, have a big dinner then break the news, I feel it will be better that way with my dad and grandparents being here." She says this without stopping to cry or getting angry.

"Won't it be showing by then?" I ask curiously.

"Of course, but I can handle that I guess." She says a bit unsure.

"Well should I invite my dad?" I ask, she looks over at me, her eyes are red and her face also but she has no tears.

"Freddie, you never talk about you're dad, are you sure you want to do that?" she says in an almost normal voice. I sigh deeply.

"Carly, my dad isn't abusive or a drunk, he has his own playboy mansion, or something like that, he lives about an hour away in a very rich downtown area of Seattle. I'd rather not talk to him but he's my father he deserves to know. Knowing him, he'll probably be proud, a son taking right after his footsteps." I say gritting my teeth angrily.

"I'm sorry," she says noticing my anger then rubbing my arm.

"It's not you're fault, it's my fault, after all the crap my mom put me through I still go and do what I want even though I knew it was wrong. I'm such an idiot!" I say banging my hands on my forehead, I get off her bed and start pacing around her room.

"It's okay." She says in the smallest voice ever. I change my tone instantly and start to talk seriously.

"So we have my mom, your dad, your grandparents, Spencer and my dad?" I ask clarifying the list of people.

"What about Sam." She says wiping her face.

"Oh! Sam of course! Well we'll invite her too." Oh great this'll be fun," I think to myself sarcastically.

"Hey kidos!" Spencer says flinging open Carly's door. "Oh!" he says as he sees Carly "What's the matter." She looks over at me so I can speak instead of her.

"She hasn't been feeling well all day, were not sure what it is."

"Should I stay home, I was going to go to Socko's birthday sleepover."

"No," she says in a voice we can barely hear. We both look at her.

"You sure?" he asks as he sits beside her on the bed and rubs her hair.

"I said that didn't I?" she snaps.

"Fine, fine okay, I'm sorry for asking, Freddie do you mind staying to keep watch on her." He says getting up and walking to the door.

"Sure, I don't mind," I say after a long hesitation.

"Awesome thanks! I'll see you two tomorrow." He says then the opens door and runs down the stairs, his shoes making a loud clomp noise as he runs.

I walk to her bathroom and straighten and clean it up, I sigh as I see a box of pregnancy tests I the garbage can, how could she have not told me? How did I not notice? I sweep the many Kleenex from her past crying into her garbage can. I walk into her room and put away all the things that are out of position and make the place look nice again.

"Hun," she says walking over to me holding her flat stomach. "I'm not feeling well; I haven't eaten since this morning."

"Carly you have to eat," I say I get up from picking up small things on the ground.

"I was scared; I didn't want to throw up again." She says her face in a look of pain.

"It's okay; you just have to eat the right foods, and that was only morning sickness, and I'm sure Spencer has some healthy food somewhere around here." I say in a comforting voice.

We walk downstairs, my arms around Carly to support her, at this stage, its easy to feel dizzy which could lead to falling, stumbling or worse. When get to the last stair we walk to the kitchen. She sits in the red chair in front of the computer.

"So far we have some bananas, oranges and kiwis." I say as I open the cupboard and pull out a cutting board, then grab a knife out of the stand from off the counter.

I start to cut the fruit, and put it into a nice glass dish; I grab a cup from the cabinet also and find some very healthy green tea juice Spencer had bought two weeks ago then didn't drink it because he didn't like it. I continue to cut the fruit; I glance over at Carly who is just gazing at me with googly eyes.

"Um is everything okay?" I ask as I stare at her while continuing to cut.

"Oh," she says then blushes and looks down.

"No, its okay," I say in a sift voice. She sighs then looks up at me again.

"You're just so mature and nice, I'm glad its you and not some jerk," she says as I walk over to the counter with the cup and the dish with the fruit in it. I stare at her from the opposite side of the counter slightly creeped.

"You're just really great for doing everything that you have done so fsr." She smiles then leans closer to my face.

"That's cause I love you." I say then kiss her. The kiss is longing and sweet. It doesn't feel the same, it feels different, in ways I cant even identify.

"Carly Freddie!" a loud voice booms breaking my train of thoughts.


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