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"Do you think they killed each other in there?" Carlos longed to listen in on the much needed conversation between James and Logan but Kendall wouldn't allow it. Instead, they both kept a safe distance from Logan's bedroom and continued to watch TV. Actually, they had been staring the screen without really watching it. Carlos didn't even know what was on. Either an episode of Cake Boss or Gossip Girl. The drama was all the same.

Kendall chuckled but he sounded a little nervous. "No, Carlos. I know for a fact that James wouldn't even think of touching Logan and Logan. . ." He trailed off, searching for the words. "I don't think Logan could ever be angry enough at James to actually kill him."

Carlos switched the TV off and turned to face Kendall. "Well, then what's going to happen?"

"I don't know." Kendall admitted with a sigh. "You came up with Logan, did he say anything?"

"I ran into him on my way downstairs. He was headed up and he asked me if I knew where James was. He looked upset but I couldn't tell why." Carlos shrugged helplessly. "Kendall, what's going to happen to us if Logan and James never make up? We can't keep going like we have been this week. We don't work that way."

Kendall had no idea what to say to Carlos but before he could even open his mouth and say anything at all, Logan's door opened. Both boys jumped and turned to look down the hallway in nervous anticipation.

They saw James first. He looked completely wrung dry of every emotion possible. His eyes were red and swollen with tears that he had shed and he even looked a little unsteady on his feet. But when he saw Kendall and Carlos watching him, his face lit up and he smiled at them. "Hey." He greeted casually.

Before Kendall could even ask how James could just say "hey" to them and leave it at that, Logan appeared at James' shoulder. He looked tired but happy for the first time in days. "Hey, guys."

"Hey?" Carlos questioned. "Is that all either of you are going to say?" He leaned forward and stared at Logan and James with an unconvincing glare. "What happened? I've been on pins and needles all day waiting for you two to come out and-"

"Pins and needles?" Logan questioned. "Who says that anymore?"

"Me!" Carlos exclaimed. "Anyway-"

"We're good." Logan interrupted him again, his face solemn. He cleared his throat, looking a little nervous. "I'm sorry about the way I acted this past week. You two were caught in the middle of this whole mess and it wasn't fair of me to get all withdrawn the way I did. I know I worried you and I'm sorry."

Kendall wavered in between giving both James and Logan a light scolding, and hugging them. Carlos decided for him when the smaller boy bounded to his feet and wrapped Logan in a suffocating hug. He embraced James quickly and then they both had to work to separate Carlos from Logan.

"Carlos, I love you too man, but it's really hard to breath right now." Logan tried to laugh but it came out in a pathetic gasp for air. "Carlos-"

"Sorry." Carlos finally let him go and grinned sheepishly. "But dude, I'm glad you're back with us."

"Me too." Logan nodded. "I told James if I ever tried to do that again then you guys need to just lock me in a closet until I come to my senses."

James rolled his eyes. "And I told Logan to punch me if I ever did anything to hurt him again and to leave the wall alone."

Carlos nodded in wide-eyed agreement. "Did you see the dent?"

James stiffened. "What dent?"

"Carlos," Logan stepped forward and gave his friend a small shove. "It's nothing." He told James, his face turning red. "I just put a little dent in my wall when I punched it. Don't start feeling all guilty again, okay?"

Kendall looked impressed. "That must have been some punch, Logan."

"Anyway!" Logan stopped Kendall and Carlos before they could say anything else that made James feel worse. "I did break my hand, remember? But that's all over. I thought of an idea a little while ago."

"An idea?" Kendall and Carlos looked equally lost by the sudden change of subject.

Logan nodded. "See, the Jennifers are currently spreading a rumor all over Palm Woods that James broke my hand" He looked uncharacteristically angry. "Besides, I'm just sick and tired of the Jennifers in general and the way they walk all over everyone else. I thought we could pull a prank."

"Sweet!" Carlos cheered at the prospect. "Gosh, Logan I didn't know you had it in you." He returned Logan's earlier shove and smiled when James automatically reached out and steadied him. "So, what's the plan?"

Logan grinned. "We'll have to split up at first. Kendall, you and Carlos go sneak into Bitters' office and figure out which air ducts leads to the Jennifers' rooms. James and I are going to the grocery store."

"The. . . grocery store?" James repeated in confusion. "I'm not following you, Logan." A quick glance at Carlos and Kendall showed him that he wasn't the only one.

"You don't have to follow me yet." Logan replied. "Just listen to me." He grinned and pulled out his car keys, handing them to James. "You can drive. And trust me."

"Logan, can I ask why we're buying cheese?" James looked at the package, suspiciously.

"It's not just any cheese, James." Logan said patiently. "It's Limburger cheese."

"Okay." James said, unimpressed. "Then can I ask why we're buying Limburger cheese?"

Logan smirked. "Smell it."

Without even questioning his best friend's order, James lifted the package of cheese and inhaled deeply. Almost instantly, the powerful odor reached him and practically burned his nostrils. His eyes stung and he dropped the cheese into Logan's hands so he could recover. "Logan," He choked out. "I think that cheese is stale."

Logan laughed. "James, it's supposed to smell bad."

"That doesn't smell bad." James held both hands over his nose. "That smells. . ." He shook his head. "I don't even know."

"I know." Logan frowned slightly as he tried to hold the cheese with one hand and pay the cashier at the same time.

"Here." James reluctantly took the cheese back and waited until Logan was done. "Is this all we need?"

"Well, as long as Kendall and Carlos come through, which they usually do, we'll be all set." Logan wiped his forehead as they walked out into the bright sun. "Even the weather is on our side."

"You're kidding." James complained. "It's like 100 degrees outside."

"I know. That's what makes it so perfect. The Jennifers will probably want to stay indoors." Logan glanced at James as they climbed in the Big Time Rush mobile. "You still haven't figured this out, have you?"

James shook his head. "No, I'm still lost." He admitted. He smiled when Logan rolled his eyes and then fell silent for a short time to concentrate more on his driving. "Logan, can I ask you a serious question?" He asked once they came to a red light.

"Sure, James." Logan looked surprised at his hesitance.

"Don't get upset, okay?" James drummed his fingers on the steering wheel as he waited for the light to change.

"Does this mean you think I will get upset?" Logan raised his eyebrows, questioningly.

"Knowing you? Yeah."

"Well, I'll try my best but I can't make any promises. What's up?"

James was relieved when the light turned green and he had a couple more seconds before he spoke again. "Why did you forgive me so easily?"

Logan burst out laughing. "You're kidding, right? What was easy about that?"

"Nothing." James admitted. He was quiet as he tried to come up with a better way to explain himself. "I mean, in the end. It was just. . . I don't know."

"Because you're my friend and you always will be." Logan rubbed the back of his neck. "You need to let this go so I can stop being such a girl." He pleaded.

James laughed. "Okay. Thanks again, Logan."

"Anytime." Logan muttered, still embarrassed.

The Palm Woods pool was crowded when the boys got back and Logan led James through the lobby to their room. They stopped at the elevator and James cringed when Camille walked out.

"Oh," She looked surprised to see them together. "Hi."

"Hey, Camille." Logan replied coolly. "How are you?"

Camille, to James' complete shock, actually smiled. "Great! I'm really busy with that movie that James helped me audition for and-"

The rest of her words were cut off though when Logan suddenly stepped forward and pressed his lips to hers. His good hand gently brushed a dark lock of hair off of her forehead and he let his fingers trailed down the side of her face. She started in surprise but didn't pull away and had just started to kiss Logan back when he stepped back. They were both a little breathless and James could only stand there, unable to process anything that had happened. Then Logan lifted his hand in a wave. "See you around, Camille." James was still in a state of shock so Logan grabbed his wrist and tugged him into the elevator.

The doors closed and James turned to Logan. "What was that?" He asked in disbelief.

Logan grinned. "I was just giving Camille a taste of her own medicine." He said, innocently. The grin faded and he looked a little sad. "She wasn't even sorry. At all. You saw her, James. She was perfectly happy with her little TV show role. She didn't care about either of us."

James couldn't argue. It hurt him to see how easily she talked about that disastrous role and never seemed a bit sorry for her actions. He tentatively dropped an arm over Logan's shoulders, relaxing when Logan didn't pull away.

"Are you okay?" Logan asked softly as the elevator doors opened. "I mean, you loved her too."

"I don't think I know what love is anymore. Not the romantic kind anyway. I can't figure out what I saw in her to begin with. She had a part in almost permanently destroying an eleven year friendship and she didn't care. I thought she did at first but the more time that went by, the less sorry she seemed."

Logan groaned. "I think we should just stay single for a while." He looked up at James. "But seriously, are you okay?"

James grinned. "I have my best friends back and we're about to prank the Jennifers. Who needs a girl to mess things up? I couldn't be better right now."

"You do know if we get caught, the Jennifers will have our heads on a silver platter." Kendall pointed out with a grin.

"Casualties of war." Carlos remarked, patting his helmet.

"Besides," Logan insisted. "We won't get caught."

Kendall looked skeptical. "How do you know that? We almost always get caught."

"Yeah, well this time I'm in charge." Logan replied, cheerfully. "Just watch." He nodded to James. "Come on. Let's head down to the pool before the Jennifers leave." He looked at Carlos and Kendall. "We can only distract them for about ten minutes at the most. You'd better hurry."

Carlos saluted him. "You can count on us!"

Logan and James exchanged a look. "We'll see." They said together.

Just as Logan had predicted, the Jennifers were already on their way up when they reached the lobby. The instant they saw the two boys together however, they stopped, frowning is disapproval. "Hi, girls!" Logan greeted them.

"Logan. James." The brunette Jennifer was still in charge. "You two look like you patched things up."

"Yup." Logan nodded. "It took a little while but we finally got everything sorted out."

"How nice." Jennifer replied, sarcasm lacing her every word.

"Yeah I mean, it was weird." Logan went on. "We've been friends for eleven years that it didn't seem worth it to end it because of a girl."

"A girl. Meaning Camille." Jennifer was obviously wracking her brain for something to say that would upset Logan or James.

Logan flinched slightly at the name but he held steady. "Camille." He confirmed with a nod. "I've known James practically my whole life and we've only known Camille for. . . less than a year. We've been through a lot together along with Carlos and Kendall. And me being mad at James as messing all of that up."

"I see." Jennifer was clearly done. "Well, I'm happy for you two. You four." She corrected herself. "Friendship prevails."

"As it should." Logan tugged a mute James along with him as he followed the escaping Jennifers. "I'm sure you know that. How long have you been friends?"

"Friends?" The three girls laughed. "We're not friends." Jennifer told him like she was talking to a child. "We convenience each other so we're not all alone."

"That's a shame." Logan remarked as he and James continued following them to the elevator. "Friends make the world go 'round."

The elevator doors closed on the Jennifers watching him like he had come from outer space and Logan grinned when he saw James gawking.

"What did you say?" The older boy finally choked out.

Logan lifted his shoulders in a shrug. "You heard me. Come on. The stairs are faster. We need to make sure Kendall and Carlos are in the clear." He glanced at his friend as they hurried down the hallway. "So are you good now?"

"I am." James nodded, knowing that Logan's "friendship speech" hadn't just been for the Jennifers' benefit. He shook his head. "How are you so smart, Logan? You took care of everything in one afternoon. It'd take me at least two weeks."

"But eventually you'd get it all fixed." Logan pointed out. "That's all the matters in the end." He sighed in relief when he saw Kendall and Carlos waiting for them in front of 2J. "Did you get everything done?"

Carlos nodded eagerly. "That fungus you call Limburger cheese is in the Jennifers' air ducts right now. And as soon as they turn on the air conditioner they're going to smell every piece."

"Awesome." Logan high-fived them both. "Let's go play the role of the innocents now."

"What are we going to do?" James asked.

Logan shoved open the apartment door. "It's almost dinner and Mrs. Knight was making lasagna earlier this afternoon so I don't want to go too far. How about we watch a movie? I'm kind of in the mood to watch Miracle."

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