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Eh he he... Well, this is a story of both my OC's, Sora and Vance, embarking on their journeys together. Eventually they're going to go their separate ways, and I'll be writing Vance's POV and then Sora's. Which is why I'm accepting OC's.

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Chapter one: The Begining!

Third person POV

"Wake up, Sora!" a girl heard, awakening from the deep sleep that over took her only moments before. With her eyes still closed, she sighed.

What time is it? She thought, her eyes opening halfway, staring at her sister infront of her.

She raised her gaze from her little sister to the alarm clock next to her bed.

"Ally, what in your right mind persuaded you to wake me up at this ungodly hour?"

"'Cause tha' saila' from tha' ship said 'ta hurry up~"

"Oh... Yeah... Ah, I totally forgot!" she said, jumping out of bed and franticly throwing on some clothes.

"Tell him I'll be right there.." she said, pulling on some black jean short shorts, a white baggy tank top, black suspenders, net stockings, black flats, and legwarmers. She pulled her pokebelt on, and pulled her long, light brown hair with dark brown streaks into a messy pony. She picked up her black bag and slung it around her shoulder. Everything of hers was in her bag; her foldable bike, some peacha, leepa, and oran berries, and some extra pokeballs.

She looked around her home, sighing in depression.

"I won't be seeing this place for a while..." she said sadly.

Well, at least I'll be on an adventure... and with that happy thought, she walked out of the little room, silently down the hall and then the stairs.

"Mom, I'm going!" she yelled, hoping to get her mothers attention, since her mother was up stairs looking out the window(as usual).

Mom instantly looked away from the window, and woke up her husband, trudging down the stairs. In her hands were a roll of plastic paper, a watch, and a... POKENAV?

Sora's eyes were huge as she stared at the items in her mothers hand.

"Wait! Before you go, take these with you!"

"Really? Truely?" Sora asked, staring at her half sad mother.

"Yes, now go on! You should hurry up, the captain is waiting for you."

"Remember to stop by often, or else I'm going to have to start looking for you, and you don't want that, do you?" her father said, in a joking voice.

"Yeah, I'll visit when I can!" she exclaimed, and hugged them both as her little sister tugged on her dress. "Sis... You will come back, right?"

"Yup! No matter what it takes!"

Sora smiled, picking up the little girl into her arms, hugging her and then pulling them all into a back breaking hug.

"Here, put these on sis~" her little sister gasped, trying to get her to stop squeazing her so hard. When she finally left go, her little sister took in a deep breath, and handed her running shoes. She grinned. "Thank you Ally!" she squealed, hugging her once more, but more softer, and then put on the shoes.

After a mess of goodbyes and tears, Sora left her house on one island, blinking back the tears and rubbing her tears away from her face with her shirt.

Looking around at the small island around her, she sighed. She was going to miss seeing these sights, most of all her parents.


A voice exclaimed, something bumping into her and jumping back. "Ah, sorr— oh, wait, hi Sora. I was looking for you." Sora blinked.

It was a guy, commonly known as Vance, her childhood best friend. Dressed in grey capris and a white tee shirt, with a hat and goggles in his jet black hair, he seemed prepared for the worst. Occasionally, he would pull the goggles over his sharp, amber eyes for no reason, but most of the time, it meant he was either in trouble, or walking towards it.

On his head was his trusted Aipom, dubbed Tairo, sitting on his hat, trying to steady himself from the impact of Vance bumping into Sora.

"Hi Vance, what brings you up at this hour?" she asked, and looking at him with wide eyes.

Although she liked getting in trouble(It was a thrill), she didn't like making a racket at this hour, when she was grumpy, and others would bring their pokemon on her.

"Oh, I decided to take up on your offer and join ya... I mean... Tairo and Explo... totally agree." he said, breaks in between his sentence while Tairo looked at her with eager eyes and chattering.

"Uh, ok? And why were you running?" Sora asked, realizing then and there that he was more tired than usual.

"The Captain said he was departing soon, with or without you."

"Oh. So, uh, WHY DIDN'T YOU MENTION THAT EARLIER?" she yelled, and grabbed his arm, hauling the goggle boy from the spot and running. He laughed and pulled his goggles over his eyes.

Sora grinned, letting go of his arm and expecting for him to catch up with her agility while she hurried to the ship that would take them to their next destination: Pallet town.

Arriving at the minute the ship was going to sail, she instantly went to buy the tickets.

"Two tickets to pallet town please, two bedrooms."

"I'm sorry, we have two tickets, but there is only one bedroom left."

"Oh, well, we'll take it." she muttered, glancing at the pervert next to her. Knowing him, he'd try to hit on her, even if she was a childhood friend.

He grinned back, his goggles pulled over his ever-changing gold eyes, and Taro snorted, crawling from his head to his shoulder.

She glared daggers at him, and her head snapped up at the woman selling the tickets. "Thank you!" she said, taking the tickets and grabbing Vance by his ear, pulling it quickly towards the almost moving boat.

They jumped on board lightly. "Finally." Sora said, staring around the boat and inhaling a deep breath.

She'd never liked boats, not in her 15 years of life. The rocking felt like someone was under her bed and moving it.

"What's our room number?" Vance asked.

"Two zero four."

"So, basicly, Two hundred four?"

Sora narrowed her eyes at him. "It's the same thing! Now shut up."

He just grinned. He knew that the slightest thing he said would get her mad. "Our room is right over there." he said, pointing at the door with "204" in bold.

Sora huffed and felt the ship lurch backward—meaning that the ship was departing— and she fell onto Vance.

"Ha, you can't do anything without me, hm?" he said, chucking to himself.

"As if. You just wait, I'll be much better than you are right now; in fact, I'll be better than anyone!" she said, blushing and pushing away from him.

"And then I'll prove that I don't need you or anyone else for my problems!" she glared at him, then left him on the spot, stomping to the room like a little kid.

He just grinned like a maniac. She'd always said that; so Vance never belived her. She couldn't beat him even if she tried.

Her only pokemon were her Hoppip and her Jigglypuff who both liked contests more than battling, while his were his Aipom that he hatched, and Cyndaquil that he got from Elm before he moved to Kanto.

Vance chuckled, looking around the boat. If he went into the room now that she was in it, she'd probably slap mhnshim senseless. He sighed, deciding that he'd go later, and started walking forward.

Not knowing where he was going, he arrived at the captain's room.

"Hello there young man, what brings you up at this hour?" the captain asked, and looked up from examining something. It looked like a plate.

"Oh, I got lost."

"Most people do."

"What's that you have there?"

"Oh, it's something I found in the Sinnoh reigon. We're heading over there after we land in Pallet Town."

"Oh, it looks cool..." he mumbled, looking at the red plate with interest.

"Do you want it? I keep finding these types of plates when I go there, so I have many. I think it's some kind of a held item of some sort. "

"Really?" Vance asked, taking the plate and examining it. "It looks really old..."

There was something odd about this plate, something... Elemental. It radiated heat, and was warm to the touch.

"Yes, it does. I have another one, and they both have some type of inscription in the back, but I simply cannot read it."

"Huh?" Vance muttered, and looked at the back of the plate, trying to read the letters on it. "I can't read it either." he said, and the old man took out another plate, this time green.

"Can you test them out on your pokemon?" the captain asked.

"Uh, ok." he said, releasing Explosion, his Cyndaquil. "Explo use ember on...?" he stared saying, and then stopped, confused.

"The dummy in the corner."

"Uh, yeah, that."

"Cyn!" Explo's attack was average. Normal, since he wasn't trying.

"Now make him hold the plate."

"Uh.. Ok..." he said, and handed the fire plate to his pokemon.

"Now, Explo, use ember again, on the dummy."

This time, it came out like an explosion suited for the cyndaquil's name. The Cyndaquil snorted, staring at the burnt dummy in the corner.

"Amazing! Simply amazing!" the captain gasped, also staring at the dummy.

Vance really didn't see the difference. "Um, well, thanks for the plate." Vance mumbled, taking the plate and stuffing it in his bag.

The captain outstreached his arm towards Vance, giving him the green one. "I assume since the red one works on a fire type, the green one will work on a grass."

"I don't have a grass type." Vance said, "But my friend does."

"Where is your friend?"

"On the ship. Which reminds m—"

"Give it to your friend then." the captain interupted, nudging it on his arm. He grunted, and took it.

"Thanks again. Bye." Vance said bluntly, waving and walking out of the now bright room.

Vance grunted, his Cyndaquil following behind him. "I'm bored." he said, yawning, the green plate in hand. He decided it was time to go to the bedroom. Maybe she was asleep.

AANND the black haired boy was correct. When he walked in the room, the 15 year old was sleeping peacefully in the bed, taking up only one side, wearing her pajamas.

He grinned, taking out his boxers and a tee shirt, throwing his bag to the chair on the right, and walking into the bathroom and shutting the door softly.

Sora mummbled something uncomprehendable that had to do with her dream, and moved a little to the right. After a few moments, the door to the bathroom opened, and Vance came out, wearing his jammies. On the table he noticed, was a note.

Dear Vance,

Don't you dare crawl next to me,
otherwise I'd smack you so hard you
won't be able to feel your face for the
rest of your life.

From your childhood friend who wants to rip you to pieces,
Sora Emma Whitewing.
PS: Go to hell.

These were typical letters from Sora. He read them just for reading them and to get a laugh out of them, he never actually payed attention to them.

Sitting on the bed she was sleeping on, Vance looked boredly from one side to the other, and removed the goggles from his jet black hair.

Laying down on the bed, the guy covered himself with the covers and closed his eyes, thinking about their adventure ahead of them, slowly fading off to sleep.

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