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Wishes does not in any way own pokemon, otherwise it would've lost it's popularity after the first game.

Chap. 5: Why the heck is it taking so long?

After pedaling for a few minutes, the three trainers finally stopped to take a quick breather.

"I'm bored." Sora muttered as Emma jumped off the handles of her bike.

"Wait... didn't we pass that already?" Emma whispered, and looked around at the place. "We passed by here already..." she said in a soft yet firm voice.

"You may be bored, but I'm tired." Vance said, obviously not having heard her, and huffing as he got off his bike. "I'm taking a short nap." Vance said, plopping himself down on the floor and closing his eyes.

"B-but wait..."

"This time, Sora, don't thump me on the head to wake me up."

"Um... Hello?"

"Don't worry, me and Emma are moving on ahead!"

"Sora..." Emma sweat dropped, looking at the two rivals fighting.

"Guys, I think we're lost."

"Huh?" Sora looked towards Emma in confusion. "How could we be lost? It's not even a forest, it's a road! What do you think, Va—" she was stopped short because he was sleeping.

"WAKE UP YOU!" and was so close to thumping him on the head, but remembered he didn't like it when she thumped him in the head.

"WAAAAAKKKEEEE UPPPPPPP!" Sora bellowed into his ear, and some pidgeys in the nearby trees flew away because they were startled.

He still didn't wake up.

"Emma, can you please tell your pichu to electrify Vance? If so, that'd be a big help." Sora said, facing the girl with the brown hair with anger.

Emma on the other hand, was still deaf from her scream.

"What did you say?"

"I said, can you please tell your Pichu to electrify Vance?" she said, this time a little louder.


"Your Pichu, electrify, Vance!"

"Ah! Okay, Chip, shockwave on Vance please!"

The electric type gladly did it, obviously still mad at the trainer who beat him with the stupid quilava.

"AGH!" Vance yelled and instantly woke up from the shock, kicking the nearest thing.

Which was Sora's leg.


After everything was settled out and the two rivals were calm, the two childhood friends and the newcomer had finally set out again.

"I still think we're lost though..." Emma said quietly, and Sora sighed.

"What makes you think we're lost, anyways?" she said, facing Emma.

"Well, that tree I've seen around five times..." she said.

"Well, let's see something." Sora said, and went up to the tree, calling out Charmander. "Charmander, scratch the tree, please and thank ya!" she said, and pointed at the tree. Charmander was confused though, and approached the tree catiously, thinking a pokemon would be in there.

"What's wrong?"

"Char, charmander!"

The female starter poked the tree nervously, then lightly scratched it. "Char?"

"What's wrong charmander?" Sora asked, eyes knit in confusion.

"Ch-charrrrmanderrrrr..." it answered with a stutter, pointing at the tree again. It scratched the tree in rapid succession until the bark was entirely white. It trembled, and she huffed. "Well that, my friends, was a waste of time. What were we doing again?" Sora asked Vance and Emma.

Vance facepalmed.

"You idiot."

After a lot of fighting between two certain childhood friends and some screaming, the small group of three set off on their adventure towards Viridian City.

"I still say we're lost..." Emma said, and Sora exhaled. "Fine! Think that way. I completely doubt it tho—" she suddenly stopped when she saw the bare tree Charmander scratched a few minutes ago slowly appear. She blinked.

"What the hell? We never took so long in getting to Viridian when me and mom last came here!" Sora exclaimed.

"Yeah, and it's all beacause of your great sense of direction." Vance said sarcastically, rolling his eyes with a laugh. "I'm pretty sure you can't lead us to Viridian without our help!" he laughed again, this time sitting down on a log close by to rest his legs.

Sora fumed in anger. "W-well, I'm sure you can't do any better!" she said, scrunching up her nose and and sticking out her tounge at him.

"Oh yeah? I bet I can."

"Wanna bet on it?"

"Hell yeah!"

Both of them turned to Emma, who was watching them silently. "Can you be our witness about what we said and how we said it?" Sora asked, grinning mischievously.

Emma didn't like the look on her face.

"Uhm, sure." she said, and they looked back at each other, shaking on it.

"I get to have charmander back if I win."

"I get to dine with both of you, you paying with your money for everything both of us want."

Vance winced. Sora knew Vance hated talking about his money. Well, the money he owned, not the money his parents or cousins owned. See, his uncle owns the S., meaning he got automatic ship tickets on it(not on the ship coming to Pallet, the captain was someone he did not know).

So basically, he was rich.

"U-uh... I pick the restaurant." Vance said unsurely.

"Fine." Sora said, not noticing what he said and just going along with what he said. Emma sweat dropped. They shook on it, and Vance motioned for them to follow him.

"Let's just go through here..." he said, going through the trees instead of the path. "See! I'm pretty sure I've never seen this road before!" Vance said, pointing in-front of them.

"How bout, the first one to step in the city wins?" Sora said, and he nodded. "It's better that way. That way, I'll win easier." Vance said with a smirk.

Sora puffed her cheeks. "As if! I'm faster then you!"

"Uh guys? What if I get there first?" Emma asked.

"Then it's a tie." Sora stated.

"Okay. Oh yeah, you can't have pokemon help you!" Emma said, and walked in front of them. She put two arms in front, impersonating a referee.

"Okay, ready, set,"

They both started running at that moment, not even noticing when she said 'go' five seconds after they passed her. She sighed, and started walking on the road.

"You wouldn't dare!" Sora exclaimed, and felt a light push on her back. "Egh, cheater!" she exclaimed, kicking his side leg. He took a sharp intake of breath, and started jogging instead of running, Sora following the suit.

"That was a pointless fight."

Sora laughed.

"Yeah, totally was... Should we... Ya know, stop fighting for the rest of the day?"

"Yeah, it'll be better for both of us."

"Can we leave it at a tie?" she looked at him, and stopped running entirely, taking out the charmander's pokeball, offering it to him. Usually, he would've grabbed it with no hesitation, but at the moment, he stopped himself. "Okay..." he said, and she grinned. He took the red and white sphere from her hands, and she giggled.

"Time to eat all what I like~!"

Oh crap. He'd almost forgotten about his part of the bet. He needed to remind himself to go to the pokemart and withdraw some poke for later...

After an hour of silence, they finally reached Viridian.

"You guys are finally here! You know what that means, right?" Emma said when they finally arrived. "Yeah, we already did it." Sora said, smiling brightly at Emma. "He owes us now, so be ready to eat to your hearts content!" she said, and he sweat dropped. "Don't go ordering something that's not on the menu, okay? And remember, I'm picking the place to eat." he said, and she huffed. "It can't be the pokemon center though, otherwise you wouldn't be doing your side of the bet!"

"Yeah, yeah, don't worry. Wait a sec, I gotta drop by the pokemart. Can you guys go heal my pokemon for me?" he asked, and both the girls nodded. "Thanks. I'll meet you both there when I'm done." he said, and walked away. Sora sighed, and looked to Emma. "So, Emma, what so your parents do for a living?"

"I... I don't know." Emma said quietly, holding her necklace protectively in her hand.

"Where did you get the necklace?"

"I still don't know."

"What happened to you? Did you get hit in the head or something to make you get amnesia?" Sora asked, entering the pokemon center.

"I—" she stopped suddenly, and accidently bumped into a guy with black hair and striking blue eyes. A ying-yang necklace was hanging from his neck. "Ah, I'm sorry." Emma said, and he looked away, silent. He slightly nodded his head in her direction, and left. A squirtle was on his shoulder.

"Uh... Oh-kay, what was that all about?"

"I don't know." She said, and walked up to the counter, looking behind her to see if the guy was there. Nope, no sight of him.

"You don't know most things, do you?"

Vance on the other hand, was quick with withdrawing money from his parents account. They wouldn't notice. They'd just see that he took out 1000 poke. No surprise there.

"I would like to buy these items." Vance heard, and looked to where he heard the masculine voice. For some reason, when he heard a voice above the crowd, he knew that the person would be someone important or something similar.

A guy with bright, baby blue eyes was standing in front of the cashier, purchasing five potions, a water, and a soda. Vance finished what he was taking out of the mini bank, and went up to the counter where the guy was.

"Why so many things?" he asked the guy, who shrugged. "I might need 'em. A pidgey might come outta no where and attack my Mudkip."

"Mud, mudkip!"

Ah. He hadn't seen the water type till the guy pointed it out. It was on the floor, looking up at Vance with a friendly stare.

"I already have enough for my journey. I mean, my friend's probably stacked with tons of potions and revives and etcetera."

"Nice. I'm Raymond Shane, but call me Ray instead." he said, holding out a hand.

"Vance Christian Golddagger, but you can call me whatever the hell you want."

Ray chuckled at this, and gave him a small nod. "I gotta go to the pokemon center, then grab a bite to eat."

"Oh wow, I'm heading that way as well. You can join us to get something to eat." he said, and Ray nodded. "Sure. Might be fun." he said, and they both walked out of the pokemart, heading for the pokemon center, which were very close to each other. Entering the overly pink palace of healing, Vance looked around to see if Sora or Emma were around. He only saw Sora, waiting for hi— well, now them.

Walking up to her, he questioned, "Hey. Where's Emma?" "She has a room for us. And who are you?" Sora asked Ray, to he whom smiled and answered with his name. "I'm Raymond Shane, but you can call me Ray."

"Oh-kay, just a small question. Did Vance here convince you to come with us on our adventure or something?" she asked politely, hoping not to offend the guy. "No, we just met when I was buying my potions, and he asked if I'd like to join him during lunch with him and company."

Sora blinked.

"Uh, okay then..." she turned to Vance. "We're sharing one bedroom with four beds, two bathrooms. This time, the one on the left is mine, understand?"

"Yeah, yeah, super serious gal."

Something tells me they're really close, despite the fact that they're like this to each other, Ray thought, when Sora turned to him. "You're welcome to join us, if you want." she said, a very light pink blush passing by her face. He nodded with a smile, and she pointed up the stairs.

"Nuse joy is healing our pokemon, and Emma's in the room, the one all the way at the end. Same number from this morning, okay? Get your money ready, Vance, 'cause I'll be spending all of it!"

Yeah.. I feel sad for Vance. Well, just a little.

Anyone remember the number of their cabin in the beginning of the story without looking at the first chappie? Well, keep that in mind cause I'm pretty sure Vance doesn't remember.

Oh, also, I'm thinking of making a new series. It's not about my own characters, instead, it's with the manga characters.

I already have the first... uh... eight chapters on paper, so I just need to transfer it, edit it, and post it. I still don't have a name for it though, any suggestions?

It's action/ romance about the the pokedex holders going off to some school, where instead of teaching to battle and all that jazz, they fight. Completely AU.

It has all of the manga characters fighting each other, killing, powers... Even the ones who haven't come out are in it. []

And yeah, I may sound dull, but that's 'cause i'm tired of freakin' studying for the semesters. Even if we are still on day 1. D:

I'll try to update earlier than 4 weeks.

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