I saw the ad for Rafters yet again today, and only then it clicked at how big Miss Ruby has gotten! I wanted to cry! As I will tomorrow, when my little man turns one. It seems like only yesterday that I got a text message at midnight, proclaiming he had made his way into the world. Happy birthday bud!

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Rhyleigh xoxox

"Hey Rubes", Rachel said to the camera, grinning. "So, there's a possum in the roof. You were in bed and Granddad has a broom to attack the ceiling, and I yelled at him not to get the broom because it's animal cruelty, and Mum was trying to get the broom off me and Granddad because we were going to wake you up". She laughed. "One day, Rubes, you're going to look around and realise what kind of family you've been born into".

She had thought that many times, when she was growing up… but she wouldn't swap them for anything in the world. The brothers she loved but fought with over everything, the parents who wanted the best for her and would love her until the end, the grandparents of whom she was the princess, and her baby sister.

"Right now, Mum's into 'live and let live'- believe me, Rubes, you won't be growing up without that little saying. She wants to take time to smell the roses- everything's changing. I'm starting my new job soon, Ben and Mel are going to have a baby, Nathan and Chel are starting their new lives, and Carbo's looking for a wife. And you're in the middle of it".

But the little girl was just going to have to roll with the punches that life threw at her.

"Good luck, baby sis". Rachel grinned before turning the camera off.