The Boy With the Scarf

Ch. 1 "Yami"

Yami wasn't a bad person, but he wasn't a good person either. He'd thought that way since the day he'd been born, but as he watched the movers haul his things out to their truck he thought to himself,

"Perhaps I might be able to close that gap in this new town."

He brushed a few blond bangs out of his face, before ruffling his own red streaked ebony hair with a sigh.

His guardian Mahaad had decided that a move would be good for the 'family'. The family consisted entirely of Mahaad, Yami, Marik, and Bakura. The three of them were adopted, but still stayed more like friends than brothers.

A hand on his shoulder snapped the crimson eyed teen out of his thoughts.

"Hey Yami, I guess this is it huh?" said Seto, his cousin.

Seto was Yami's age, with dark brunette hair and piercing blue eyes. They were related distantly by a very deluded bloodline. They argued a lot, and weren't that close, but that was put aside for the last day of Yami's time in Osaka.

"Yeah, I guess so." He agreed.

"I want you to have this." Seto said, holding up a small blue piece of fabric. Yami smiled.

"We were kids the last time I saw that old thing." Yami laughed.

When they were kids, each of them had a color. Seto was blue, red was his, purple was Marik's, and Bakura's was brown. They each had bandannas, and wore them everyday until they were eight years old. Everybody else had lost theirs, but Seto had held onto his.

"C'mon take it." Seto grumbled.

"I can't take this." Yami mumbled.

"Quit being a puss ass Yami!" Bakura shouted from inside the house.

"Ten minutes to take off!" Mahaad called.

Yami sighed heavily, taking the piece of cloth and tying it around his head before turning to Seto.

"See ya." Seto said.

"…yeah, see ya."

With that Yami hopped in the van and began the long road to Domino City, Japan.

Their house was nice, a small place in town close to the school. Yami and the others had settled in nicely. Yami had finally gotten all his posters on the wall and favorite things strewn about in a meticulous, yet careless matter.

"Yami!" Mahaad called. "Time for school!"

Yami grimaced, looking himself over in the mirror one last time.

His tanned skin complimented red eyes, that looked as frustrated and unenthusiastic as Yami really felt. His blue school uniform was nothing special, so he jazzed it up with his leather choker and Seto's bandanna.

"New town, new school, but nothing new about hating Monday's."

With that he ran downstairs to the bus.

Domino High was a larger high school than the one he'd gone to in Osaka. Instead of having lots of small schools in each district, here they just had one large one.

Bakura and Marik both shared Homeroom with him, and as they all waited in the hall to be introduced, the conversation shifted to the usual.

"…Do you think there are any cute boys here?" Bakura asked grinning.

"I hope so, it's been so long since any of us had boyfriends." Marik moaned out.

"You two are hopeless."

"Yami just needs to get laid." Bakura snickered, poking the other playfully. Yami ignored the action, and it wasn't long before the teacher came and got them.

"Alright class, we have three new students today, please say hello to Yami, Marik, and Bakura, Amarna. Now the Amarna brothers are new to Domino city, so be nice. You may all take your seats."

They all sat in the back, where only one other boy sat. He was small, with a patite form and weak aura. His hair was similar to Yami's own, except it was wrapped up messily into a large African style wrap headscarf. Ebony hair with magenta tips poked out on uneven sides.

Yami leaned over to him tapping him on the shoulder.

"Hey, hey you! What's your name?" He asked.

The boy looked up from his desk and Yami gasped. His skin was paper thin, but pale and beautiful. His eyes were dark pools of amethyst purple, that filled with curiosity at the thought of somebody talking to him.

"Yugi," he said softly "My name's Yuugi."

He was slightly offended that Yuugi didn't ask for his name, but he let it slide and introduced himself.

"That's cool, I'm Yami."

"I know." Yuugi replied shyly, "The teacher just introduced you after all…"

How cute. He was awkward.

"Mr. Amarna," the teacher began. Automatically all three heads snapped up. She pointed to Yami and his brother looked at him smirking.

"I do not tolerate talking in class, am I understood?"

Yami glared at her. "Yes Ma'am."

"Good." She said turning back to the blackboard. "And Mr. Amarna?"

"Yes Ma'am?"

"No hats, bandannas or hoods inside the building."

Yami grudgingly took off the blue material from his head and glared at her when she thanked him. Marik had removed the hood from his hoodie, and another kid had taken off a baseball cap.

The only one who hadn't moved to remove anything was Yuugi.

"What about Yuugi?" he asked without thinking. "How come he keeps his on?"

The whole class went silent. The teacher looked aggravated and suddenly all eyes were on Yuugi, who sullenly looked at the desk, looking like he wanted cry. Wow, he was awkward, wasn't he? Awkward and thin-skinned. The teacher cleared her throat.

"Mr. Mutou has special permission to wear his scarf indoors on campus." She stated.

"Why? What makes him so special?"

Yuugi's eyes looked like they were desperately trying to keep them focused on his desk. He looked like he wanted to disappear.

"Mr. Mutou's legal guardian has made an agreement with the staff about it, its regaurding Yuugi's well-being and will be tolerated by myself and his fellow classmates. I would like to continue my lesson, if you don't mind."

Yami looked back at Yuugi, whose head was buried in his arms on his desk. He looked embarrassed about being called out. Yami half wanted to apologize, but decided against it.

After all, what stupid reason was there for him to have special permission to wear it all the time? What justified that?

He decided to let it go and take notes.

Before Yami knew it, lunch was upon the class, and most crowds dissipated. Yami sat with his brothers near the front of the class, but he couldn't help but notice Yuugi, sitting in the back corner by himself. He took out a small lunch, consisting of a half a sandwich and a water bottle.

Then to Yami's surprise he took out a three small canisters. They were meds. Why would he be taking meds in the middle of the day? Was he sick? Or was he just one of those ADD kids (me lol)? He took out four pills in all, and gulped them down quick. When he set his water down he noticed Yami staring at him and blushed startled and embarrassed looking back down again.

Yami smirked, he got an idea. He strolled over to Yuugi , sitting down on a misplaced chair and pulling it up to face Yuugi's desk.

"Hey." He smiled.

"Hello." Yuugi responded quietly. He wouldn't look Yami in the eye.

"I just wanted to apologize for before. I shouldn't have called you out like that. Why do you wear that scarf?"

Yuugi's shoulders were tense.

"You should go. You'll get a bad reputation for hanging around me." He said.

"Why? I mean, I can look after myself in all, why do you think that?"

"The rumors will start again. Your brothers must be wondering where you disappeared to, yes?" he attempted to change the subject.

"What rumors?"

"Have you finished your math packet? You should-!"

"What rumors?" he asked sternly, slamming his palm onto the table.

Yuugi jumped, and Yami noticed he was shaking slightly, he'd gone and scared him now. Idiot!

"P-Please leave!" Yuugi stuttered fearfully.

This time Yami did so.

Yami kept a close eye on Yuugi for the rest of the day until the afternoon. They were outside on their twenty minute break (for the janitors to clean their classroom) and Yami found himself watching Yuugi closely.

He sat under the shade of a sakura tree, nose in a book. In big bright letters it read "Miracle Cures in the Medical World."

Yami was about to go to him, but the bell rang and they were ushered back into the classroom.

Only a few minutes into the class a voice rang out over the intercom,

"Yuugi Mutou for early dismissal?"

"Thank you Ma'am." The teacher replied, "I'll send him down."

Yuugi packed up his things without saying a word. He walked up to the teacher and Yami could barely hear their conversation.

"Your homework is pages fourteen through seventeen, can you do that?"

"Yes ma'am." He answered.

"I want a report of your progress Mr. Mutou, and a schedule of when you will be attending school. Let's have less of that therapy this year, it's made you look so tired. Am I understood?"

"Yes ma'am."

She was quiet for a moment. She leaned over and told him, "You're a brave boy, Yuugi, I know you can do it."

With that Yuugi left the classroom.

Yami watched him go. He looked like a pig at the gates of the slaughter. Yami felt sorry for him, he was what he looked like. A very strange, very scared, little boy.

Yami then decided that he wanted to know Yuugi. He wanted to know his hopes and dreams, his fears, his problems, his life, and above all else, Yami wanted to know how to make Yuugi feel safe.

Yuugi looked like he didn't have another soul in the world that cared for him or protected him. Yami for some unfathomable reason, was smitten with him. He didn't even know if Yuugi was gay, and he didn't care.

Yami blinked and an hour had passed. The bell rang, and school had ended. Marik and Bakura dragged him home enthusiastically.

"Woah Bakura! You see that kid from Class B? Ry- something? He looks just your type! Hah!" Marik drawled.

"Really? I saw him too, he was a nice show. Isn't there some kid he hangs out with named Malik? He would be cute for you, eh?"

"I don't know Bakura, right now I think we should ask Yami about his days spyin'!"

"Spill Yami!" Bakura demanded.

"I didn't see much."

"Shut up, we all know you had your eyes on that weird lookin' kid in the back, Yuugi, right? He looks like Yami's type. Shy, submissive, obedient, all the right components for a good fuck-n-run!"

"Hey! Shut up!" Yami shouted, clanking his brothers' heads together.

…Yami's thoughts drifted to Yuugi again. What would he be like in that situation? The mental image was a rewarding one. Of Yuugi on his back, hot and bothered with Yami over him, begging Yami to touch him-!

Yami stopped his thoughts before they drifted out of control.

Soon enough he was back home again, and as he laid down to an afternoon nap Yuugi's sickly pale face was still in his mind…Was he in love?