The Boy With The Scarf

Ch. 4 "Silence"


Yuugi didn't show up for school the next day.

This unnerved Yami tremendously. The past day's events ran through his head like a swarm of ferocious insects. It was almost like white noise in his mind, that never ceased.

Three hours. Three hours was all Yami could take of being in school before asking the teacher after class,

"Teacher, where's Yuugi today?"

He didn't sound nearly as confident as he usually did. She looked at him with a disapproving glare.

"To what concern do you have for him?" she asked.

Yami paused, then the cold realization washed over him. She knew what had happened.

"Mr. Amarna, I am unsure if such actions you've displayed were acceptable in your old school but they most certainly are not acceptable here. I suggest when Mr. Mutou returns you keep your distance from him. He is a very fragile boy." She warned with a frigid tone.

Yami looked up at her, then down at his feet. And then he lied. "Yes Ma'am."


Yuugi didn't want to get up, he just laid there and sighed stressfully. He knew his grandfather was worried about him, that his doctor's knew that something was wrong with him.

He looked at the clock to check how much time he'd been able to waste, but his eye caught his reflection and he paused.

He was thin and frail. His eyes still somehow maintained their innocence throughout his hard lifetime. The few strands of hair that still graced his head hung limply.

So often had he pitied himself, that he'd felt shame because of his condition. But suddenly another emotion came over him. One he suppressed from a young age, one he'd hidden.

It washed over him a sudden intense wave.

Anger….no, that wasn't the right word.




That was the right word. Loathing for, well, everything. Unadulterated loathing for his condition, his familial situation, his classmates, Yami.

Yuugi shook his head and smiled weakly. "No, No Yuugi don't think like that." He scolded himself.

He returned his gaze to the clock and sighed. "This isn't good." He told himself. "I hate that feeling." He whispered, "Just close your eyes and take a deep breath, it'll go away…it always goes away….just like everyone else."

He laid back down on the bed and took a deep breath. "You'll be okay Yuugi…you'll be okay.."


Yuugi didn't come to school for the next two weeks. That was two weeks of hell for Yami. He became distant and depressed.

He laid down on his desk and watched the lesson absent mindedly, it was almost half way through the middle of class when the door slid open unexpectedly.

The whole class froze. The teacher almost dropped the chalk she was using.

A figure walked calmly into the classroom without looking at anybody. He sat down at his desk and settled his things.

It was Yuugi, but without one key thing. He didn't wear his scarf. His balding head was displayed in an almost pseudo-proud way. The entire class –including Yami- was staring at him.

"I do believe Teacher was in the middle of the lesson yes?" he spoke with a level voice.

Slowly, everyone turned around and the class continued. Except Yami. Yami just stared.

Yuugi glanced at him coldly before turning to the board again.


As soon as the bell rang the halls flooded with the other students leaving Yuugi and Yami alone. Yuugi was almost threateningly calm.

Silence fell upon them for an eternity.

"Yuugi I-!"

"Don't say anything." Yuugi cut him off coldly. "I noticed that Tea girl sat next to you today." He said trying to change the subject.

"Yeah, she's been following me around these last few days. She insists that I'd be good for her. Surprisingly good for her. She's Domino's little Rainbow tour isn't she?"

"She's the most popular girl in school." Yuugi continued.

"Yuugi where are you going with this?" Yami asked looking at Yuugi's back.

He turned to Yami with a stern eye.

"Go bother her. Leave me be."

Yami smirked at Yuugi.

"You aren't fooling me for a second Yuugi. Cut this 'tough guy' act. It doesn't suit you." Yami scolded.

Yuugi tensed and glared heatedly. "Perhaps it's time I left to eat lunch. Its not like I need to worry about my scarf being ripped off my head." He said angrily.

He turned to leave but Yami forcefully grabbed his arm and yanked him back. Yuugi yelped in pain and ripped his arm from Yami's grasp before shouting,

"Leave me alone!"

"No!" Yami yelled back grabbing Yuugi's wrist and pulling on him again.

"Let me go!" Yuugi shouted. Yami kept a firm hold on him, though Yuugi struggled fiercely.

"Stop struggling Yuugi, you'll hurt yourself." Yami said in a caring but hurt tone.

Yuugi struggled for a few moments before giving in and dropping to the floor sobbing pathetically not looking up.

"…Yuugi." Yami began, letting go of his wrist. Yuugi buried his face in his hands. Yami kneeled down and wrapped his arms around him in an attempt to calm him, but when he touched Yuugi jumped and yelped in fear.

The loathing was there again. And it was more towards himself this time. Why was it that whenever he was around Yami his mind never worked right.

"Yuugi? Yuugi are you okay?" he asked stroking Yuugi's hair soothingly. "I'm sorry Yuugi.." he admitted

"Shut up!" He shouted suddenly slapping Yami's hand away. "I'm sick of apologies and I'm sick of feeling sick and tired and weak! I'm sick of being pitied and taken care of! I'm fine! I can take care of myself!" he shouted holding himself.

"…Yuugi…" Yami tried.

"I never had anyone who cared about me before I was sick!" Yuugi shouted. "I didn't have a 'happy loving family'! I took care of myself!" he sobbed.

Why? Why was he telling Yami this? He never told anyone anything from his past.

"I never had a real family…or at least not one that loved me." He sobbed.

Yami didn't know what to say. He stroked Yuugi's hair, surprised that the younger let him do so. Yuugi sobbed uncontrollably before falling against Yami, burying his face into Yami's chest.

Yami wrapped his arms around Yuugi, pulling him close.

"Yuugi…I'm sorry." Yami apologized again. He wasn't what the apology was for. Maybe it was for everything. For hurting Yuugi, for his condition, for his situation, the list went on.

Yuugi wrapped his arms around Yami and sobbed, before smiling at him weakly. He giggled and nuzzled close to Yami.

"What? Happy now?" he asked ruffling Yuugi's hair. "Just know that you don't have to keep that all inside of you, I'm always here." Yami reassured, before kissing his forehead.

Yuugi blushed deeply and smiled.

"Y-Yami? The other's will be back soon." He said shyly, looking away.

Yami pat Yuugi's head again not minding how little hair hung from it.

"Oh? Are you worried we'll be caught? We aren't really doing anything." He teased.

Yuugi buried his face in Yami's chest again. "N-No! I mean, I know! I-It's just…I don't know what they'd think if they saw us like this…" he said embarrassed.

Yami lifted Yuugi's chin so he was looking at him.

"You're adorable when you're flustered." He chuckled.

Yuugi blushed and glared at him.

"But you're even cuter when you're angry." Yami teased.

"You need to stop talking like that." Yuugi said looking down still blushing.

Yami pat his head again and pulled him up. They stood there for a moment, Yuugi leaning on Yami's strong toned chest.

"Y-Yami?" he asked weakly. Yami smiled and pat his head again. The feeling of his hand soothingly massaging his pale scalp sent waves of comforting calm warmth through him.

"What little one?" he asked.

Yuugi blushed at the nickname.

"I forgive you." He said with a shy smile as he reluctantly removed himself from Yami's hold.

The bell rang.


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