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Pairing Description: Lolita/Shota

Story Rating: Second Favorite

Pairing Rating: Fourth or Fifth Favorite

So. Adorable. Yamamoto is so naive and Dino is so adult so I can only imagine Dino indulging in Yamamoto's cute innocence. Plus, they're both such happy characters, it multiplies the cuteness to a (over nine) thousand. Though Gokudera and Hibari are also younger than Dino, Yamamoto seems the most chidlish so this pairing gets the label, Lolita/Shota. This pairing is growing in the ranks of my favorites and hopefully, it will for others too. I don't have any D80 stories, but if you guys like this pairing, I'll write one. Review.

It wasn't the voice itself that was cute, but more of the way it said his name that made Dino's face flush slightly.

"Di-no-sa-n," A boyish voice sounded out the syllables as though they were unfamiliar and foreign.

With a groan and a sigh, Dino stretched, eyes fluttering open.

"What time is it?" He asked, wiping his eyes and yawning.

"Pretty late." The voice replied. "I can't believe Hibari-san left you up here."

"Who…?" Dino muttered as he looked up and tried to refocus his adjusting eyesight.

There stood a grinning Yamamoto who had his hands proudly on his hips. "It's me! Can't you tell by my voice, Dino-san? Hey, do you need any help up?"

"No," Dino said quickly, standing. "I'm not some old man."

Yamamoto laughed at this while Dino looked around and took in his surroundings. He was on the roof of Namimori Middle School. It was on the verge of night, but too early to be called dusk and hanging on the edge of being the evening. On the floor of the roof were pools of drying blood and on the walls of the doorway to the staircase were dents and scratches.

"What happened?" Yamamoto asked as he also scanned the remnants of the battle.

Dino bit his lip in thought then cursed to himself. "All I remember is sparring with Kyoya then Romario said he was getting tired and asked if we could leave. I told him to go ahead without me and a little after that I think I was knocked unconscious…"

Yamamoto chuckled. "And Hibari-san left you here, blacked-out?"

"I suppose so," Dino growled. "He's so untamed."

"He just has a lot of character is all!" Yamamoto laughed. His face was bright, filled with the kind of purity that made one want to ruffle the kid's hair and tell him "Good job" just for being so adorably childlike.

Dino pat the boy's head. "Good job!" He said, giving Yamamoto a thumbs-up.

Yamamoto first stared up at the blond confusedly then gave him an innocent smile. "You're weird, Dino-san!"

Dino blinked. "Hey," He said. "What were you doing up here anyway?"

"I had to clean the baseballs for the club today and after I had finished the others, I had remembered that I'd hit one really far and I think it landed up here. I haven't found it yet." Yamamoto surveyed the area quickly for a few moments then turned to Dino, beaming. "Hey, will to help me look for it?" He frowned slightly then added, "You don't have to if you don't want to, though."

Dino gulped and looked away. "I'll help," he said.

For about two hours, the pair crawled around on their hands and knees, eyes wide and alert. In the cutest tone Dino ever heard, Yamamoto would call out, "Come here baseball! Come here! Baseball, baseball, baseball!" Every now and then one would crack a joke or tell a story from their life in order to pass the time. Sometimes they would take breaks and lay on the ground, trying to find the constellations, usually to no avail. They would shortly get back to work after joking about seeing shooting stars. When scrambling around on the ground for so long, with their heads casted downwards, it was destined that Dino's clumsiness would cause them to crash into each other violently.

It wasn't the voice itself that Yamamoto loved, but the care that lurked deep in its cry.

"Are you okay? I'm so sorry!" Dino said, caressing Yamamoto's cheek.

Dazed, Yamamoto placed his hand on the one that gently touched his face. "I'm fine," he said blissfully.

There, with Dino kneeling and the boy's head in his lap, the blond leaned down and planted a soft kiss on Yamamoto's forehead. The second he did, he hoped Yamamoto didn't hate it, or at least that the boy didn't notice. His heart skipped a beat when he saw the smile stretch further across Yamamoto's face.

"I'm sorry, Dino-san," The raven-haired boy said.

"For what?"

"I lied to you."


Yamamoto snuggled deeper into Dino's lap as he explained his story. "I saw you and Hibari sparring and got distracted by watching you, so when I was up to bat, I hit the ball wrong and it hit you in the head. When I went up to make sure if you were okay, Hibari was gone and you were lying here, sleeping peacefully. You looked so tired, that I just let you sleep, I've long been found the baseball, cleaned it, and put it away. I lied about not finding it so I could spend time with you." Yamamoto looked up at the blond with big worried eyes. "I'm sorry," he said. "Please don't be mad. I was planning on telling you that, Dino-san, but—"

Dino leaned down once more and placed a kiss on Yamamoto's lips.

It wasn't just the voice itself that Dino loved, but also the cute things it said.