Pairing Descpription: Sexy

Story Rating: Fifth Favorite

Pairing Rating: Second or Third Favorite

Ah, I really love this pairing. For some reason, it always turns out even slightly sexual when I write it though. If you like this pairing, then you should check out my other stories, Madararui Mafia and Strongest Weakling Known. Review.

While leaning on the roof railing and looking over the sun setting on Namimori, Gokudera took a long drag of his cigarette then sighed out thin, gray smoke. His eyelids hung low and lips were slightly parted.

"Not on campus," Hibari said from the doorway, arms crossed.

Gokudera scoffed and snuffed the cigarette's flame with his fingers then let it plummet to the ground below. "Happy?" he asked.

Hibari didn't answer. After a pause, the older boy asked, "Why are you still here?"

"Waiting on a friend," Gokudera said.

"Sawada Tsunayoshi has left."

"Not the Tenth."


"What's it to you?"

Suddenly, Hiabri was upon him, hands on either side of Gokudera and chin inches above the younger boy's shoulder.

"Answer the question, herbivore," Hibari demanded.

"Bite m—" Gokudera caught this slip up, this inappropriate word choice and stopped himself.

"What was that?" Hibari asked almost delightedly.

"I said, screw you!" Gokudera sputtered, turning around so that he and Hibari were face to face as well as dangerously close. He gulped and pulled his head back a little.

"You really have got some nerve," Hibari said with anger ringing in his voice. He glared into Gokudera's hatred-filled eyes, looking for a hint of fear, but finding it harder to spot the more he searched. "Why aren't you afraid?" he asked.

Gokudera thought hard about what to say. Truth was that he was scared shitless. There was no way a fight with Hibari could end well, but he wasn't going to let his pride get beaten down by mere intimidation. In the eyes of others, and often enough in his own eyes, Gokudera was classified as a rebel. And he was going to be a rebel until the end.

"Afraid of what? An asshole like you?" The silver-haired boy barked. "Tch. There are much scarier things out there."

Hibari couldn't stand Gokudera. He was defiant and a waste of intelligence. He was going to slowly kill himself with tobacco and didn't even care. Not to mention the boy was loud, unreasonably loyal, and rude. But at the same time something about the hate glowing in Gokudera's eyes made Hibari's body hot with a feeling other than rage…

The older boy's eyes became half lidded and his lips curved into a smirk.

"Do you want me to really frighten you?" he asked, placing his hand on Gokudera's chest.

The answer was: Gokudera was already super frightened. The silver-haired nonconformist couldn't bring himself to speak as Hibari's hand slid down his torso and underneath his shirt.

"What are you…?" Gokudera muttered, lost when Hibari began to bite his ear. "I..."



"You can let your voice out as I—"

"I hate you! You sicko! Don't touch me, pervert!"

Gokudera pushed Hibari away, both pissing Hibari off and exciting him. Chasing could be fun.

Gokudera, with a completely red face, covered his chest like a girl would when caught naked. "You're worse than that creeper Shamal! I'll…" He reached for some dynamite.

"Hey, Gokudera!" Yamamoto called out as he opened the door to the roof and stepped outside. "I'm ready to go now."

Gokudera glanced at the irritated Hibari, and then dashed to Yamamoto. "Took you long enough!" He shouted. "Let's go!"

As he shoved Yamamoto back through the door and peeked back at the figure on the roof, Gokudera caught a glimpse of Hibari's seductive stare.

"That's not something you do on campus!" Gokudera hollered quickly before disappearing. To Hibari's dismay, Gokudera would be a rebel until the end.