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A colorless gang that roamed the streets of Ikebukuro. No, it was more like they own the street. Simply because the people of Ikebukuro was Dollars. Its fame and influence spread like a wild fire throughout the Internet. For long months, maybe even years, it was one of the biggest controversies of all time. Does it exist or not? Was it just a prank? After whispers of the team's existence and the debates amongst strangers on message boards, Dollars earned its place among the color gangs of Tokyo. The creators of Dollars were only foolish teenagers; they never knew the impact with Dollars' creation bought to Ikebukuro. Before it got out of hand, all of them fled. Within the exception one.

That was Ryuugamine Mikado, and he was in danger.

The reason? He was facing it right now.

"We'll be delighted to have your alliance Mr. Ryuugamine," said the young Vongola Don, "but please keep in mind that we have enemies. They won't be hestiant to kill."

Mikado nodded, slowly but surely.

Don Sawada smirked, sensing his companion's anxiety, "I won't be forgiving if you betray us either."

That was the last straw, the line that broke down all of Mikado's security and what was left of his sanity. The Mafia boss had the little Dollars leader under his palm.