The first thing Mikado registered in his mind: Did he get his homework done? His subconsciousness told him that he had fallen asleep. Then his awareness inquired his subconsciousness on why had he fallen asleep when his homework wasn't even done. It went silent.

Warning: Foreign territory. Dangerous prescence beside you.

Or so his conscience told him.

Mikado blinked once, then twice, as he was about to blink for the third time-

Why was he on an airplane?

Shuffling quietly as possible, Mikado did a circumspection of the area. All he saw was an aggravated silver-haired man trying to burn a hole with his eyes through the seat in front of him and a few foreigners conversing in Gibberish (much to Mikado's dismay).

I'm not going to have a nervous breakdown right now.

Fortunately, Mikado's freak out session was interna; he did let out a undignified squeak afterwards. Nevertheless, that caught the aggravated silver-haired man's attention.

"You're awake? Good. We'll be landing soon," the stranger said in perfect, unaccented Japanese.

Mikado could practically hear the strain in the man's tone. As he was about to voice his protest and confusion, he noticed the man's formal apparel. The sharp, black suit reminded Mikado of the movie Godfather; therefore he sincerely hoped that the man didn't belong to the Mafia.

Whilst Mikado was lost in thought, he didn't notice the stranger unbuckling the seat belt.


Perplexed, Mikado looked up at the now standing man. It wasn't until a few seconds later that he comprehended what the man was asking.

Mikado answered, "No thanks." He winced inwardly at the rude tone he applied to his response.

Shrugging it off, the man said, "Your loss."

Afterwards, the man left to get his coffee. Now Mikado has some time to think about his current situation. One, he was on a plane (since Mikado never been on a plane before, he took this chance to observe his surrounding and goggle at the technology). Second, he was probably going to a Western country by the looks of the passengers in the aircraft. Third, the man seemed to know about Mikado enough to talk to him, hence the coffee offer. Upon reaching these three conclusions, Mikado realised that he should be freaking out more because he on a plane to somewhere he doesn't have any knowledge of.

Cue another freak out session accompanied by manical laughter and thundering background.

The stranger returned with a styrofoam cupful of coffee and eyed Mikado with much annoyance.

He took a sip of the coffee before commenting.

"Don't worry kid, your friends won't even know you're gone."

That did nothing to help Mikado's nerves. He was kidnappped, wasn't he?

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