Dante was in his bathroom at his home.

He had just taken a shower and was drying off his hair

"Man I love my gorgus white hair," he said to himself "Just one of the many things that maes the ladies adore me,"

"You said it," some teenage, emo, guy smoking a cigaret said. Suddenly appearing in his bathroom

"Whoa!" Dante said in shock "You the hell are you? And how'd you get in my home?"

"I'm you," teen Dante said

"Huh?" Dante aid

"Ya, apperently you're getting a prequeal and in your teen years you didn't have white hair," teen Dante said

"AH!" Dante said waking up in his bed "Oh man that was a crazy dream. That's it no more pizza before bed for me,"

"Then can I have it?" teen Dante said in the bed, sitting next to Dante with hi pizza

Dante screamed in terror again

The end