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Emerence watched fondly as the two blanket covered figures in the bed stirred when the sunbeam that had gradually been approaching finally moved across their faces. She was so happy everything had worked out for the two of them – not that she'd ever had any doubts. The bigger lump pulled the blanket up over both of their heads in an attempt to get a few more minutes of uninterrupted sleep before they faced the day.

"Mummy! Daddy!" A squeaky voice yelled, its owner opening the door and launching himself at the two people in the bed.

"Scorpius," the larger lump groaned as a small foot landed rather hard on his stomach.

"It's day! Time to get up sleepyheads." The small boy announced.

Hermione came out from under the covers and grabbed him around the waist before he managed to jump on poor Draco again. She could still hear him wheezing slightly from the stomach hit he'd just taken.

"Granger, get that offspring of yours under control," Draco ordered, sounding slightly out of breath.

Both the brunette and the little boy she was carrying laughed.

"Mummy's not Granger daddy, Grandma and Grandpa Granger are called Granger." The little boy chided. His daddy had obviously forgotten that Mummy was called Hermione Malfoy, or just Mummy.

Hermione stood up from the bed and made her way to the kitchen, Scorpius still in her arms.

Estrella was waiting for them when they arrived in the dining room. "Sorry Mum, Patsy and I told him to let you two sleep in, but he never listens."

Hermione smiled warmly at her daughter. She was only eight and so grown up already with looks just like her mother, but her father's colouring.

Patsy chose that moment to pop into the room, holding a tray of breakfast foods. The elf had been more than thrilled when she'd found out that Hermione was pregnant with Estrella, going as far as to only cook meals that were 'good for the baby' despite her mother's preferences.

They politely thanked the elf for the food and sat down for their meal, despite the fact that it was unreasonably early for normal people to be up and about in Draco's opinion.

Draco wandered into the room when they were half-finished, still in his pyjama pants. He smiled fondly at his family, settled around the table eating breakfast.

He joined them, plunking down into a chair before pulling a plate towards himself and piling it with Patsy's delicious cooking. At the moment, Narcissa and Lucius were living at Malfoy Manor while Draco, Hermione, and their two children were living in Delamater Manor.

"You're heavier than you look Scorpius," Draco announced, rubbing his stomach so the small boy would know he was referring to the bed incident.

Scorpius grinned proudly. "I'm growing!"

Estrella rolled her eyes. "I doubt you're significantly bigger than you were yesterday when you jumped on them and stepped on Daddy."

"Careful Ella, you've inherited my humour. It's greatly misunderstood." Draco told the small girl. She had her mother's brains and Draco's humour. It was a dangerous combination that was sure to make for an interesting time once she got her Hogwarts letter.

Hermione rolled her eyes at the same time Estrella did. "Ignore you Father, his humour wasn't misunderstood, he was – and still is – just a foul git." Before either of the children could say something to that, Hermione frowned to herself, mentally going over what she'd just said. "And neither of you are to repeat those words, they're not polite." She added.

Draco was smirking at her after she'd looked at the children to make sure they'd understood that they weren't to go around calling people 'foul gits'. "What?"

"If I'm such a horrible person, then how come you love me so much?"

"You're making assumptions Malfoy, and you'll only make a fool of yourself." She announced, turning away from him with a pretend huff. The children saw the exaggerated wink she gave them where Draco couldn't see and giggled at the pretend argument between their parents.

They laughed harder when Draco got up from his chair and stormed around the table, looming over her mock-threateningly. "No one makes a fool of a Malfoy."

She raised an eyebrow. "Not even another Malfoy?"

He dropped the threatening pose to grin at the children, who were giggling. "What should we do with this person who dares to try and make a fool out of a Malfoy?"

They seemed to think about it for a moment, before Scorpius jumped up on the seat of his chair and raised his hand. "We find their weakness and exploit it shamelessly!" He said excitedly.

Hermione glared at her husband. "I told you not to teach them that kind of thing."

Draco shrugged, giving her an innocent look. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"If you get caught: deny, deny, deny." Scorpius chimed in helpfully.

"I was just going to suggest a ransom kiss," Draco complained. Looking to the children for sympathy and only getting more giggles.

Hermione caved in and gave him a peck on the cheek so he could go sit down again. She could deprogram the children later, on a day that wasn't her anniversary.

When they'd finished eating, they went their separate ways to get ready for the party that was taking place at their house that night. Patsy followed Scorpius to make sure he didn't try to wear his Muggle superhero outfit to a social event again.

The guests were had started to gather in the ballroom, and Hermione and Draco were just going in to join them when they were interrupted.

"Look! I'm an underwear model, just like Daddy!" The shout was immediately followed by a small boy, wearing only his underwear. When he got to the center of the room, he posed dramatically for the people that had come to investigate the loud noise.

"That boy has a few screws loose." Draco heard his daughter mutter. He was so proud; his little girl was growing up to be a true scornful Malfoy – minus the prejudice.

Hermione wasn't paying attention to the children, she was looking over at the knowing look Emerence was giving the two children as Estrella got fed up and dragged the boy from the room, scolding him about wearing pants in public no matter what his Father got paid to do. Hermione was a little worried, she knew that look.

Blaise and his wife – a Muggle woman who'd also started her modeling career as an underwear model – came into the room with apologetic looks on their faces. It wasn't unusual for those two to have to apologise for their son, he was just like his father, but without a friend like Draco to keep him in line.

"Like father, like son," Draco said with a raised eyebrow, questioning how the boy had managed to shed his clothes without them stopping him.

Blaise shrugged and looked after the two children. "He's exactly like me, without a prat like you walking into the room and whacking him on the back of his head before telling him to put his damn pants back on." Both wives laughed a little at this, it sounded just like something Blaise and Draco would do.

"I wouldn't have had to do things like that if you didn't have an obsession with practically naked modeling!"

Blaise shrugged again. "I can't help it if I'm irresistible. No one can stop looking at me, even me."

Draco rolled his eyes before smiling at the moron and motioned them towards the ballroom, where all their friends had gathered. He noticed the look on Hermione's face and grabbed her by the hand, pulling her into a corner out of the sightline of their guests.

"What's wrong?" He asked, smoothing a thumb over the space between her eyebrows, where a frown-line had appeared.

Hermione glanced towards the painting Emerence was visiting. "Recognise that look?"

His eyes widened a little bit before he covered the look with a glare towards the painting. "She's doing her all-knowing thing again, isn't she?"

Hermione nodded.

"Please tell me Zabini's spawn isn't the one she was looking at with that look." He paled a little when Hermione remained silent, only levelled a serious stare at her distraught husband.

"Everything will be all right." She soothed, patting his tense arm. "Emerence never had any doubt that everything would be all right with us, we're going to have to have the same attitude with Estrella."

"The damn painting knew all along." Draco muttered. "Seems to know everything, and it's really infuriating."

Hermione smiled and pulled him back towards the guests; there was nothing they could do if their daughter was fated to be with the boy, despite any objections they might have. "We didn't think this-" she gestured between them "-would work out in the beginning, but look how happy we are. We just have to trust that fate will make our daughter just as happy."

Draco mumbled something, not sounding pleased with the way things seemed like they were going to turn out. "Come on, we have a room full of all of our friends and family waiting to congratulate us on not killing each other after ten years of marriage."

"Not that there was ever any doubt that we wouldn't get a happily ever after," Hermione added, with a less-than-gentle elbow in his ribs.

"Happy anniversary!" Everyone yelled when the pair entered the room.

Hermione smiled a dazzling smile at the gathered people, Draco pretended to scowl at the lot of them on principle – they were mostly former-Gryffindors. No one bought the scowl and they treated his dark expression with the same smiles they directed at Hermione – they were more than used to Draco's attitude.

"Hermione!" A very large, pregnant Ginny launched herself at her friend. Harry followed behind his wife at a more sedate pace.

"It's been ten years and I still can't believe you married Malfoy!" Ginny exclaimed, an old joke between their friends, who had met the initial relationship between the Gryffindor and the snarky Slytherin with doubt and worry for their friend in the beginning.

After they had seen that Draco wasn't as bad as he initially came across, everyone had eventually decided that if he made Hermione that happy and wasn't really a bad guy, then there was no reason for her not to be with him.

The band started up as they were accepting yet another congratulation from a friend. Draco announced that he 'didn't want anything more to do with their sappy nonsense and was going to dance with his wife before he needed to vomit'.

He was a little put off when no one cowered in fear, but that's what he got for associating with Gryffindors too frequently – too much courage for their own good, the whole lot of them.

Hermione sighed happily and leaned against Draco as they swayed across the dance floor. "I love you, you know." She told him. He already knew, but she liked saying it.

He chuckled and pulled her closer. "I love you too. Now let's get out of here, I have a surprise for you."

Pulling back, Hermione looked up at him in disbelief. "You want to leave a party in our honour?"

Silver eyes rolled to the ceiling as he glared at the guests dancing around them. "They're having fun; they won't miss us for a while."

She was going to object further, but he gave her that look. That are-you-seriously-going-to-avoid-something-fun-because-of-your-pesky-Gryffindor-morals look. A quick glance around the room revealed that no one was actually watching them for the moment.

"Fine," she sighed. "But we've got to be quick. It's horribly rude to leave your guests like that."

Draco didn't wait for any more encouragement, he started swaying them towards the edge of the dance floor before she changed her mind and made him smile at the Weasel some more.

"This way." He grabbed her hand and pulled her into the Floo.

"Malfoy Manor?" Hermione was confused. Narcissa and Lucius had been at the party they'd just left, probably spoiling the children and teaching them that superior smirk they all seemed to be so good at – something Hermione had been horrified to notice she'd picked up from Draco. Why had Draco taken them to Malfoy Manor?

"I have something to show you." He led the way outside, exhibiting his usual Malfoy 'flair' when he made her turn around before he would open the door.

When Hermione finally saw what was outside, she gasped. Where there had once been a topiary garden towards the back of the property, there was now a small, serene lake.

"Draco, it's beautiful," she breathed, watching the light play across ripples in the water. Then something else occurred to her: "You mother's going to kill you for ruining her topiary garden.

Draco only smirked. "I asked her if she'd mind me putting a lake here, and she gave me permission. I thought it might be nice for one daughter to live at Delamater Manor when she grows up, and the other can live at Malfoy Manor."

Hermione's hand moved to cover her stomach. "How'd you know?"

Draco just smirked at her. "Love, I'm a Slytherin, no matter how many years ago I graduated. Just like you'll always be a goody-goody Gryffindor, forever surprised when I use underhanded techniques to get what I want."

Indignant, Hermione glared at him. "Speaking of underhanded, you need to stop teaching the childre-mmmffh."

The blond smirked against her lips. Yes, he decided. It was still his favourite way to silence her.