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"Table eight. Black slacks, black jacket, red tee shirt and sneakers. Find out what he's drinking, then bring him and a bottle back in ten." Felix gave me his all-knowing smirk before nodding and heading towards the bar. The guy at table eight wasn't my usual type, but the pickings were slim tonight and I figured he would suffice. The outfit was a definite turn-on, I just wasn't sure how attractive he'd be once I got him out of it.

That's where the alcohol came in.

"Bella, we're going to head out to catch a midnight movie. You wanna come along?" Alice could barely hide her skepticism. They all knew by now how I planned to spend the rest of my night.

"And watch you perform mouth to mouth on Jasper all night long while Em and Rose get arrested for indecent exposure? I think I'll pass." I rolled my eyes for added effect.

Ali pouted at me, widening her doe eyes to complete her perfect wounded puppy look. I turned away quickly before she could pull me in to do her bidding and walked off to our dressing room, dismissing my band mates with a wave of my hand.

They all had somebody, why was it so hard for them to let me have somebody too?

So what if it was a different somebody every night of the week? Is that so wrong?

I had tried the committed relationship thing and it had bombed.

I gave James three years of my life. In fact, I couldn't remember my first years in Forks without being blinded by memories of him. I could still perfectly picture how he had so brazenly flirted with me during my first day at Forks High. I could vividly recall how surprised I was when he asked me to the girl's choice dance, too impatient to wait and see if I would ask him.

I could still remember the way he pressured me to give it up on prom night. I insisted I wasn't ready, but he eventually wore me down. I'll give him this much, he went all out with the romance. There had been roses and candles and twinkle lights and soft music. That didn't stop it from hurting like hell when he popped my cherry or from absolutely disgusting me when he came after only three thrusts.

I'd like to say that the sex had been terrible because it was our first time and we were awkward teenagers, but that was always how things were with James. Foreplay was non-existent and it never took more than a few quick thrusts for him to get off. I was lucky if I even had time to get turned on; I had yet to achieve an orgasm, with or without James.

Yep, that was what I gave up my scholarship for. I gave up a full ride to Florida State University to play house with a minute man. He planned to attend Washington State on a football scholarship and convinced me to stay behind for the sake of our happily ever after. And the band.

I realize now that I had never really believed in a happily ever after with James. I came from parents who divorced shortly after my birth and then moved as far away from each other as the continental United States would allow. That doesn't leave much in the way of positive romantic influences. How was I to know that I was just settling?

Therefore, it came as a complete surprise to me when the whole thing fell apart in the middle of one of our performances. James came with some of his team mates to watch us play, but disappeared right before our break. He had a habit of drinking more beer than his bladder could possibly handle, so I assumed he would be locked in the john for a while. I wandered into the ladies' room to take care of business myself when I heard the grunting and moaning. I would have walked away and given the couple some privacy if the groaning hadn't been so damn familiar.

There was three-stroke James, banging the skanky head cheerleader against the bathroom stall. Victoria was a porn star in the making – big hair, fake tits, panties around her ankles and a white cheerleader's skirt up around her hips - striking a series of cum faces like she was posing for freaking Polaroids.

For a month after that, I rejected James' pleas for forgiveness. Despite his numerous requests, I did not allow him to "explain" why it wasn't what it looked like. Not a single rose, teddy bear or box of chocolates made it past my door. I ignored all of his phone calls, e-mails, voicemails and texts until the day that he called to tell me that Victoria was pregnant.

Four months pregnant, to be exact.

Which meant that he had been fucking that whore for at least three months before I found them that night in the bathroom at New Moon.

I had given James everything. My high school memories. My first kiss. My virginity. My heart. I had poured my hopes and dreams into a future with him and he had crushed them, leaving me with nothing but the best angry songs I had ever written. My loss was the band's gain and my anger, hurt and misplaced passion set us on fire like never before. The band was all I had left, so I gave it my all now.

That left little time for finding "Mr. Right" and falling in love, not that I had any interest in trying that shit out again anyways. So, when the rest of the band wanted to go out, I immediately passed. The only thing worse than being the fifth wheel was the way that they all looked at me, or tried to set me up, or catered to me or worse…didn't cater to me. Instead, I've found other ways to field off loneliness and reduce my stress.

Turns out that a lot of guys fantasize about one night stands with rock stars. Since there aren't any rock stars in Forks, Washington, that leaves me second in command.

I opened our dressing room door to find Felix finishing up with the nightly disclaimer.

"This is not the beginning of a relationship. You will not be allowed to talk, call, e-mail or contact Ms. Swan again in any way after this night is over. If you have any objections to these guidelines, please feel free to leave now."

The handsome stranger looked up to catch me in the doorway with a mischievous glint in his eye. His gaze wandered from my thigh high boots and over the little skin that was visible below my black mini-skirt. His gaze trailed over my tattered black skull-and-crossbones t-shirt, eyeballing the red bra that was plainly visible beneath the strategically placed slashes. When our eyes finally met, he licked his lips provocatively and I could feel the moisture pooling between my thighs. I downed my scotch before making my way over to the bottle on the counter. Apparently, he was a bourbon man. That would have to do. I poured my glass full, downed it all in one swallow and quickly refilled.

Felix rested his hand lightly on the crook of my arm before I was able to down the second glass.

"You're good to go. My man Riley here seems anxious to show you a good time." He chuckled slyly. "I'll be right outside. Call me if you need me." As the door closed behind Felix, I slowly brought the glass to my mouth and sipped, feeling the bourbon burn all the way down to the bottom of my empty stomach.

"So, you like bourbon?" Riley asked from the couch behind me.

Without turning to face him, I responded. "Do you want to talk or do you want to fuck?"

Riley cleared his throat before lowering his voice in an attempt to sound seductive. "What if I want to do both?"

I finally turned around to face him, leaning back against the make-up counter. I swished the bourbon around in the tumbler before taking another fiery drink. "Unless you plan on saying something to turn me on or make me cum, I could care less about talking."

Riley rose stealthily from the couch and slinked across the small room, closing the distance with three strides of his long, lean legs. He lunged, grabbing my hips and devouring my jaw, throat and collar bone with untamed passion and desire. He pressed the length of his tall frame up against my body, the solid bulge in his tight pants pressing firmly against my quaking stomach.

The sandy haired man stepped back in order to grab the hem of my shirt and quickly tore it over my head, leaving my mahogany hair to cascade softly down, tickling my bare skin. His square jaw set, causing it to tense provocatively near his ear. I leaned in and quickly licked up along his jaw line, until I could reach and nibble on his ear lobe. He groaned, eagerly rubbing his throbbing shaft against me. I ran my fingers from his tight abdomen, up over his pecks and slid my fingers under the lapel of his heavy black jacket, slowly peeling it off of his arms until it fell thickly to the floor.

He quickly removed his tight red t-shirt so that I could appreciate the chiseled lines of his washboard stomach and defined chest. The bourbon wasn't necessary after all; despite looking a little lanky in clothes, this dude definitely worked out. Hot damn!

His strong arms wound around me, making quick work of my bra, throwing it somewhere behind the couch once my arms were free. He lowered his mouth to my tits, popping my pert nipples between his lips and tugging on them quickly before flicking his tongue rapidly across each throbbing peak. His fingers wandered up my thighs, hot flesh against hot flesh. His hands gripped the back of my thighs, massaging as they meandered up under my skirt, over my tight ass. Without warning, his thumbs hooked into the waist band of my thong and pulled it down over my high heeled boots in one swift move.

He smoothly lifted me onto the counter, sliding between my parted knees and pulling me forward so that he could rub his rock hard bulge deliciously against my sweet spot. I threw my head back and moaned with delight as he returned his attention to my breasts. My pussy was humming with excitement. When Riley stepped back to unbuckle his belt, I traced my own fingers along my inner thigh, up to my moist folds until I found my expectant center. I was barely conscious of the sound of his zipper and the tearing of foil as I slid my finger over the wetness to press down in tight little circles on my eager clit. My muscles clenched and unclenched repeatedly, anxious to feel him moving inside of me, anxious to have this unending pressure finally relieved.

Riley swatted my hand away and quickly pushed into me with a grunt. Through the smooth rubber, I could feel the veins and ridges of his cock as they slid past my hypersensitive walls. I clamped down tightly around him, wanting to feel every inch of his dick against every inch of my waiting core. With my muscles tense around him, he pulled out and thrust in again. The sensation his head made as it pulled out from my tight center was absolutely mind-blowing.

I clamped down even tighter, trying desperately to suck him back in. With that, he thrust forward, shooting volts of electricity from my pussy to the rest of my aching, coiled body. He maintained a steady, pulsing rhythm as I continue to tighten and loosen my muscles, shifting my hips ever so slightly so that each thrust brought an entirely new euphoric sensation.

His thrusts quickened and I could feel my tits swaying hypnotically back and forth with the movement. The room was silent except for our rapid breathing.

I was close. I could feel the trembling developing in my legs. The pressure building in my clit was extraordinary, and too much, and not enough all at the same time. The knot in my stomach was pulling inconceivably tighter and yet, I knew, it had never been closer to completely unraveling. This was it. Dear, sweet Riley was going to give me my very first orgasm.

I wrapped my legs around his waist, pressing my heels into his tight ass, spurring him on. With my coaxing he began to plow into me, burying himself deeper and deeper into my tight, dripping slit. The pounding increased and I wrapped my arms around him, gripping his broad, strong shoulders, pressing my breasts against his heated chest. Our nipples danced past each other, gliding easily through the light sheen of perspiration that now covered us. It heightened the experience and I was so close to cumming that my pussy was now consistently clenched tightly around his large, throbbing dick, milking him for the epiphany that I so strongly desired.

He was grunting with exertion now, his hands on the mirror behind me for added leverage. I was moaning with anticipation. Then, I was suddenly transported back to that night in the ladies' room. James' grunting. Victoria's moaning. A skirt hitched up around a girl's hips because she was too eager to get fucked to get undressed. Hands pushing against the wall.

The building pressure ceased and quickly receded.

There would be no flood of pleasure for me tonight.

The dam was back up and was once again indestructible. Riley would not help me find my release after all.

Anger and hatred and resentment flushed the lust clean from my system. My fists clenched and my face flushed as Riley hammered into me once more, his cock twitching inside of me with his release.


He was so caught up in getting his rocks off that he hadn't even caught on to the fact that I was now laying beneath his sweating, heaving body, seething with fury. Is that all men care about? Getting theirs! My stomach roiled and I momentarily contemplated throwing up all over his satisfied body.

Instead, I pushed him off of me, grabbed the bottle of bourbon and jumped down from the counter. I found my shirt a few feet away where Riley had thrown it and hurriedly pulled it on in an attempt to abate my growing disgust. I swigged violently from the bottle, coughing as some of the alcohol splashed into my wind pipe, burning me.

I welcomed the burn.

I teetered around the dressing room, picking up his shirt and throwing it at him viciously. Having recovered from his orgasmic haze, Riley steadfastly tucked himself back into his pants, obviously fearing for the safety of his now flaccid cock.

"Get dressed and get out." I seethed, flopping down onto the couch with my bottle of bourbon.

"What the fuck?" Riley screeched, slipping into his tight red tee. "I thought we were having a good time?"

Were all men this insanely blind? Was there not a man on the planet who could tell whether or not a woman was "having a good time"?

I stood on shaky legs and glared. I staggered towards him, the alcohol really starting to make me a little unsteady on my feet. He flinched as I bent down in front of him. What, did he think I was gonna bite his dick like an animal or something? I picked up his jacket and shoved it into his face with all of my strength.

"Get the fuck out." The words were low and husky and pure venom.

He grabbed at his jacket, ripping it from my hands. "You're one fucking crazy bitch, you know that?" He spewed, yanking the door open and storming out.

Although I made Felix give the "one night only" disclaimer before each of my little trysts, no one had yet to attempt a repeat performance. I'd been called a "crazy bitch" more times than I care to recall, but how long could a person be expected to maintain a constant state of sexual frustration before going a little bonkers?

I sunk my miserable, horny, unfulfilled ass back onto our couch, hugging the bourbon to my chest like a life preserver. As quickly as the lust and anger had taken hold, they flooded out of me, leaving me void of emotion. Yep, just another failed night in the life of Bella Swan.

A handsome face ducked under the door frame, peering at me with intense concern. The rest knew it was bad, but only Felix had actually seen me like this. He was the only one with the strength to stand by my side, to hold my hand as I confronted this demon again and again, only to pick up the alcohol-drenched pieces after it all fell apart.

He stepped across the threshold, all 6'7" of him dwarfing the door as he closed it behind him.

We didn't need words anymore. We had relived this night over and over until we had every step coordinated like a complex waltz. He reached the couch with one long stride and sat beside me, his long, muscular arms circling around me, drawing me protectively against his side. His hand engulfed the bottle and he drank generously before handing it back to me.

"Nothing?" he asked tentatively.


"James and Victoria?"

I nodded sulkily. "Fucking James and Victoria."

"He didn't realize?"

"Not a fucking clue." I drank to the cluelessness of Riley and all the men before him.

"We could try again, if you want? I could do some research this time…"

"I don't think you could even get it up for me again. Besides, all I would be thinking about is Demetri." I looked up into my towering friend's warm face.

"That's okay, I'd probably be thinking about Demetri, too." He smirked and with that, the emotional void was broken and I could smile again.

Felix played football with James in High School. I won custody of his friendship when James screwed me over and Felix saw him for the dickwad he truly was. It was the best thing I had gotten out of my three years with him.

Although tons of girls had eagerly thrown themselves at my friend - the giant - no one had ever piqued his interest.

About a month after James left me, Felix helped throw me a pity party. We played Guitar Hero until the alcohol made our motor functions dangerous. Then, we settled onto the couch and talked for hours. After I confessed my lack of sexual gratification, Felix felt the need to unburden his questionable sexuality. In our drunken stupor, we agreed that it was in our best interest to have sex. Felix felt confident if anyone could get me to climax, it would be him, and I boasted if any woman could make him straight, it would be me.

An hour later, as we drifted off to sleep in each other's arms, Felix finally accepted that he was indeed as gay as gay could be. In exchange for being unable to deliver the earth-shattering climax he felt I so deserved, he vowed then and there to help me scour the earth for the one man who could.

Three months after "Project Orgasm" began, I was beginning to believe that such a man was purely the stuff of legends.

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