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Change of Mind

Chapter I: School Starts Tomorrow

"I can't believe we have bloody school tomorrow." Bakura growled as he slammed his cup back down on the table. His fingers quietly tapped against the wooden surface. Why could summer last forever again? He wasn't sure how school helped people live anyway. He was just fine a couple thousand years ago and he didn't go to school.

"Well, we can't help it." Marik glanced up at him from across the table, then returned his attention to mixing his drink with his straw. "Now that we're here we just have to go to school with Yami and his little friends."

The albino grinned at that. "Meaning we're going to cause grief for the Pharaoh, right?"

His 'partner' smirked at that. "We couldn't go to the same school and not do that, Bakura." he chuckled softly under his breath.

"What classes do you even have?" Bakura asked. Marik looked at him, trying to figure out what he meant. Bakura sighed, "Do you have your schedule on you?"

"Oh! Yeah!" he reached into his khaki pants and pulled out the crumbled up piece of paper.

Bakura rolled his eyes, unraveling the paper. He held it at eye level as a waitress came over to the table. She grinned over at Marik.

"Would you like anything else?" she asked in a heavy, annoying country accent. Marik shook his head. She smiled once again. "Are you doing anything tomorrow, hun? I wouldn't mind you taking me out anywhere." she winked at him once.

Bakura narrowed his eyes angrily at the girl, wishing that he had the power to kill her with only his stare. Marik coughed, awkwardly and glanced over at Bakura for support. But, the albino wasn't sure what was going to happen if he opened his mouth. Anything could come out from between his lips. Like how he thought that her face looked almost like a hippopotamus, although, he'd probably choose the hippopotamus as a date over her.

"Um… I'm sorry, miss... I have school tomorrow." Marik quietly murmured under his breath.

The girl's grin got even wider. "Oh, really? You looked like you had already graduated!"

"N-no. I haven't." Marik answered.

Bakura hands gripped the paper, causing the sides to crinkle up more than they already were. He wanted the girl to leave this very instant, he didn't care where she went, but hopefully she went somewhere far away. She was annoying as hell and he wasn't sure he could take it any longer.

On 'accident' he coughed to cover up the word 'die'. The waitress glared over at him and Marik gave him a the "look". The "look" meant that Bakura was supposed to be nice. The waitress rolled her eyes and got Marik's attention once again.

"We would like to pay though…" Marik searched his pocket for his debt card and handed it to the waitress.

She nodded once. "If you need anything else, just give me a call, hun!" she walked away back to the counter.

"What was that for?" Marik glaring at the alblino.

"What was what for?" Bakura returned the question to the other as he took a sip of his drink almost as if nothing was wrong.

"Don't do that! You always do that when women are around us." Marik rubbed at his temples. "I'm really scared for you, my friend."

"I'm sorry, none of them really fit my standards…" Bakura muttered under his breath.

"Yeah… That's what you said about the last one… and the few hundred before that." Marik smiled.

"Well, there just aren't any attractive girls around here." he pondered for a moment, thinking of if there were any at all, but couldn't seem to think of any at the moment.

"Well, maybe you just haven't met her." Marik quickly added in.

Or maybe their to dense to notice… "Yeah…sure…" the albino answered, looking the plate his food was on. "Can we go?"

"But you didn't eat." Marik pointed at Bakura's food that still filled his plate to the brim.

"I don't bloody care if I ate or not, and neither should you. I just don't want to be in this ugly café anymore anyway!"

Marik stood up and stretched before giving Bakura a small glare. "Fine, let's go then. Thanks to someone we've disrupted this place enough." Marik hissed before walking briskly to the counter to retrieve his debt card. Bakura followed close on his heels, almost tempted to shove Marik away as he neared the annoying waitress at the cash register. Bakura watched as she touched Marik's hands as she handed him back the card. Marik looked surprised when she winked at him and slipped a small note in his hand. Bakura's blood boiled as he thought of the multiple ways to kill her, but Marik's words rang though his head.

Murders aren't easy to cover up.

Bakura sighed with gritted teeth as he watched silently. The waitress wouldn't let go of Marik's' hand! Marik fumbled around, trying to find the right words to say, before Bakura grabbed his wrist and tugged him through the café and outside. The bright sun's light hurt the albino's eyes, but that was the least that was on his mind.

"What did that bitch give you?" he demanded, pressing harder on Marik's hand. After a minute or so, it opened from the pain and Bakura seized it quickly.

"A number..?" he asked. "A phone number!"

Marik shrugged. "Yeah, I guess so."

"Your not going to call it, are you?" Bakura demanded as he crumpled it up, threw it on the ground and stomped on it. Marik couldn't help but grin.

"What's wrong with you today? You're even angrier than usual." He mused.

Bakura crossed his arms and turned around in embarrassment.

"I'm not bloody angry, I just wanna know." he growled.

Marik smiled and put his hand on Bakura's shoulder and eyes the number. "Well… you know I wasn't… but….she was kinda hot." Marik teased the other. Bakura's fists clenched and he kicked it out into the road. Traffic whizzed by, and soon the note was gone.

"Well then." Marik laughed and firmed his grip on Bakura's shoulder. "Never mind."

Bakura sighed. Why wouldn't Marik just hurry up and notice that he might, maybe, just a bit, in a way, liked him? Maybe just a little bit... just a little. Then they didn't have to go through this every other time they went somewhere together…

Marik just grinned away, enjoying the conflicted look plastered on Bakura's face. "Hey, Ba-" he started, but stopped halfway though because he started to fall to the ground.

Bakura looked at him, frightened, but he managed to keep a straight face. He poked the Egyptian with his foot.

"Get up, Marik." he grumbled hoping he's comply.

No reaction.

"Oh, Ra…." Bakura cursed to himself. He wasn't going to lose his best friend to the stupid concrete.

He knelled down beside him, taking his wrist in his hand and pressed it to see if there as a pulse. He felt the slightly relived when he felt the steady beat there.

He felt the tan blond squirm around then, finally flipping over.

"Baku-chan?" Marik's voice was a bit higher than normal, almost to the point where you wouldn't even tell that it was him. Then he smiled widely. "Hi~!"

The albino started at him blankly. "Marik? What's wrong with your-"

"Ooo~ A puppy!" the boy jumped up, rushing towards the dog as fast as his legs could take him, asking the obese lady if he could pet it. "Aww~" he cried while petting the creature.

Bakura felt frozen. What in the name of Ra was going on!

He wiped off the disturbed look off his face before following his… friend?

"M-Marik?" Bakura asked more than said. Marik petted the puppy one more time before standing up and beaming at the albino.

"Hehe~ Haaai~ Baku-chan!"

Bakura stepped back a few steps. Was this really his…er… not his…but… was this really Marik! Bakura thought wildly to himself. It couldn't be! There was no way-

"Baku-chan?" Marik tilted his head to the side, looking at Bakura strangely. "Baku-chan?"


Marik grinned and stood upright, he seemed happy that Bakura said his name.

"That's right, Baku-chan!"

"Wh-Why do you keep calling me that..? Wh-What's going on! I-I-" Bakura looked around wildly, and quite ironically, Yami and Yugi just so happened to be across the street. They were Bakura's only hope.

Unfortunately, this so-called Marik spotted them first.

"Where did he..?" Bakura looked behind him in search of the missing Egyptian. He looked back at Yami and his 'boy-toy' seeing a new person had joined their walk.


"Oh Ra…" Bakura yelled through gritted teeth as he jaywalked (more like sprinted) across the street.

"Marik!" Bakura yelled, getting Marik's attention away from Yugi. Marik's eyes lit up as he saw his Baku-chan running towards him.

"Baku-chan! Look! Yugi-kun and Yami-chan!" Marik giggled.

"Y-Yami-chan?" the former pharaoh asked in disgust, turning towards Bakura. "What in Ra's name is wrong with him?"

"Bakura? What's going on?" Yugi questioned, while keeping a close eye on Marik, who was dangerously close to the street. Bakura inched closer to the two and brought his voice down to a whisper.

"I-I don't know! He-he fell and hit his head, and now he's…well, he's gone loopy!"

"What are you talking about? He was loopy before. This is mad." Yami chided as Yugi punched his arm lightly.

"Be nice!" he scolded. The pharaoh grunted and crossed his arms, glancing over at Marik every few seconds.

"What do we do!" Bakura asked in a scared tone. "This isn't him!"

"Phsh, well obviously." Yami retorted. Yugi ignored him and began to speak.

"Well… he's probably jogged something. I'd take him to a doctor or something…"

Yami looked at Yugi. "Oh, so they can put him in the crazy house! Or, so Bakura will have to pay 300 dollars so that a doctor can tell him what we already know. That Marik has, and probably already had, brain damage." Yami said, sarcastically.

Yugi rolled his eyes. "Maybe they'll put you in a crazy house." he muttered.

Marik watched a butterfly, admiring it's wings. "Ooo… pretty~!" he took one step out into the road before something grabbed a hold of his collar, pulling him back onto the sidewalk.

"Don't even try." Bakura whispered to him angrily. "Well, should I take him to the doctor or not?" he asked the two almost identical teens. The answer sounded like a mix of yes and no. Bakura growled. "Then, what do you want me to do? Sit and watch this bumbling idiot until he's normal again!"

Yami smirked. "You wouldn't mind at all, would you… Fluffy?"

"Only Marik can call me that!" the albino hissed though gritted teeth.

"Well…" the pharaoh murmured. "I think he's to busy calling you 'Baku-chan' to care."

Bakura was about to come back with, 'I wouldn't be talking, Yami-chan', but Yugi interrupted him.

"You guys! Can we please get back to what's important? Our…friend… who probably has brain damage and you two are fighting about who knows what! Now, what are we going to do?"

"I…fine! I'll take him home and watch over him for a while, okay?" Bakura muttered under his breath.

Yami grinned, "You have fun with that."

Bakura grabbed Marik's arm dragging him away. "You know what? I'll have a lot of bloody fun." Bakura called over his shoulder.

Two hours later, Bakura sat in a chair massaging his temples to sooth his growing migraine. He looked over at the other teen, who was still acting like a five your old hyped up on sugar and Mountain Dew.

"What's this do?" Marik asked, sticking his hand into the blender and trying with his other hand to turn it on.

"Stop that!" the albino yelled, reaching over and yanking Marik's hand out of the device. "Would you like me to show you what the blender would do to your hand?"

Marik grinned. "Yup!"

Bakura felt like he was going to go crazy if he stayed with Marik any longer. "Oh… I would gladly do that."

Bakura picked up a strawberry from the counter and held it in front of Marik's face.

"Observe. Pretend this is your finger."

He flipped the blender switch on and dropped the strawberry inside, slamming the lid on after. The strawberry burst into a pink color and continued to revolve in the blender.

"Ooo~! Pretty finger!" Marik grabbed the lid and yanked it off so he could stick is head over it.

"Ack! Marik no!" Bakura yelled as he tried guard his face from the strawberry and pull Marik back away from the blender.

"Fingers!" Marik giggled and threw more strawberries into the blender. He giggle more as the strawberries flew out and covered the entire kitchen.

"Oh God!" Bakura yelled angrily, running through the madness and flipping the blender off.

"Aww…fingers…" Marik pouted as Bakura whisked him away from the counter.

"No, Marik. Those are strawberries." he sighed. "I merely meant for you to- oh never mind." the flustered teen muttered after gaining a confused, yet cute, look from Marik.

"So there not fingers?" Marik pondered.

"No, strawberries. You eat them." Bakura licked the side of his face and smiled a bit.

"See? Fingers are these." Bakura held up his ten fingers.

"I want fingers!"

"You have fingers."

"Oh!" Marik looked at his fingers and grinned. Then he looked back at Bakura. "Well then, I want strawberries!"

Marik reached out and ran his finger across Bakura's cheek.

"Eh-uh-" Bakura stuttered as Marik brought the finger to his mouth and licked it. Marik did a small giggle and grinned.

Color spread across Bakura's face. He grabbed a rag and started to clean the strawberry goop off the wall.

"T-That's enough of strawberries. Help me-no, wait. I'd rather you just sit there…" Bakura muttered. Marik smiled.

"Can I go play outside?"

"No." came a short reply.

Marik's smile went down a notch. "Can I go play with the blendberer?"

"No, and Marik, it's called a blender."

"Can I go play in my room?"

Bakura started at him for a moment. "Do you want to know what you can do?" Marik nodded vigorously. "Sleep. That would be bloody fantastic."

Marik paused. "Can I sleep with you? I promise I'll be good in bed!"

Bakura's eyes widened as he stared at the Egyptian. "Your-gah! This is so bloody confusing!" he felt like ramming his head against the wall.

"But, Baku-chan. I can't go to sleep without you." Marik cried out sadly.

Bakura pressed his lips into a thin line and shook his head. "No, your not as young as you act, I think you can manage on your own." he said pushing him into the bedroom.

"No!" the Egyptian cried suddenly, holding onto both dies of the door, to keep him from going in.

"Yes!" the albino shoved him in harder until he finally was in the room.

"B-But Baku-chan…" he whimpered. "I'm scared of the dark….please?"

Bakura fought the urge to open the door and say yes. Doing this would fulfill all of his fantasies after all.

"No, I'm sorry Marik."

He cracked the door open and flipped on the light for him. Marik was on his hands and knees, looking up at Bakura.


"No. I'm sorry. Sleep with the light on. I'll see you in the morning."




"Do you want me to turn the light back off!" Bakura threatened.


"Well then good night." he shut the door and began to sulk off to the couch. In the distance he heard Marik whisper something like 'Goodnight Baku-chan.' but he wasn't sure. Bakura took residence of the couch and propped his feet up on one of the cushions. He rubbed his aching temples and sighed. What a day this had been…

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