You know I always noticed Neutron was a little attractive. Well, REALLY attractive okay? Especially now that he got older, but he is still stuck up and a total know-it-all. Still, there is something about him that I could never put my finger on, of course everyone knows that Nick is one of the most popular, gorgeous freshman at school.

So it makes sense right? For Nick to go with the prettiest, smartest, most interesting Freshman to homecoming right? Unfortunately since we all know Nick isn't very bright, he decides to go with

Betty-freaking-Quinlan, instead of me. What an idiot..

Walking to my locker I see tons of guys asking girls to homecoming, some of them ask them in the cutest, sweetest way possible. I couldn't help but get jealous, was I going to be the only one to go without a date? I passed by a guy kneeling on one knee facing a very teary eyed girl.

" Will you go to homecoming with me Annabel?" She squeaked and nodded her head. Okay now, this is where I draw the line. This stuff was so sickening that I wanted everyone to just disappear.

Finally! I had reached my locker, away from all these lunatics.

" Cindy! Wait up!" I turned around to see Neutron running up to me. He wore some worn out jeans and a nice T-shirt that sorta showed off his muscles, not that scrawny short kid from 5th grade anymore.

"Good Morning." I greeted him nicely he returned it with his dazzling smile, I could feel my cheeks get warmer. Probably because of the cold morning..

He began to look around noticing all of the 'cute' (disgusting) couples happily celebrating,

"Jeez, I never thought Homecoming was this big of a deal."

"Well of course its important! It makes up your social standing for the rest of these four years!"

He seemed to look a little disappointed when he heard my reply.

" Is all that you ever care about? Popularity?" I sighed, he didn't get it.

" Neutron, Jimmy, its not really about the popularity to me, its mostly about how I want to be remembered and thought of when people think back to their high school years. I want to be know as that girl who everyone knew she was going to do some amazing things. So how I am going to do that when no one notices me?"

" Your as blind as a bat Vortex, everyone notices you. You're actually, dare I say it, pretty smart. You're confident and clever, know one will forget that." I smiled brightly, that was actually sorta sweet.

"Thanks Neutron", you know he wouldn't be such a bad date.. " So uhm.. You planning to ask anybody?"

"Well.. I wasn't planning to.. Till now." Jimmy gave this gorgeous coy smile. It nearly made my heart melt.

"Are you saying what I think your saying?" I asked wanting to make sure.

"Yes, I'll pick you up at 6?", The bell rang, " I have to go to class bye!" He gave me a quick peck on the cheek and ran off.

For a moment I was so happy words could not explain.

But! He didn't even ask me correctly !Why did that conceded jerk automatically think that I said yes? And what gives him the right to kiss me!

Ugh.. Boys.

Well at least I'm not dateless.



Thanks for reading my short and quick little story- Tripple L 3