Total Drama Twisted Metal

Hey guys New Divide here you know I've seen my share of submit your own character stories so I've decided to finally make my own what better to do then combine two of my favorite things Total Drama and Twisted Metal.

As the camera turns on it shows Chris standing next to a man who has a Severely burned face wearing a Tuxedo.

Chris: Hello everybody in the World I'm Chris McLean the awesome host of Total Drama. As you know last season we got are highest ratings ever so how do you follow that you might ask.

The burned man spoke up

Man: By teaming with me Calypso the enigma of Twisted Metal himself.

Chris: Anyway not only this season are we offering 1 million Dollars but

Calypso: But also one wish your one greatest desire coming to fruition.

Chris: So send in your Apps we want to see twenty two of you. To see if your awesome enough to win on TOTAL DRAMA

Calypso: Twisted METAL HAHAHAHA

Chris: I'm beginning to like this guy

The camera cuts out.

Okay for those of you who don't know twisted metal is a vehicle combat series about a bunch of people competing to see who gets to get a wish in various death matches.

Here's the character vehicle's you can choose from.

Thumper, Sweet Tooth, Outlaw, Grass hoper, Warthog, Road kill, Spectre, Darkside, Yellow Jacket, Manslaughter, Crazy 8, Junkyard dog, Mr Grimm, Axel, Hammerhead, Crimson Fury, Pit Viper, Mr Slam, Twister, Shadow, Firestarter, and Auger.

Anyway here's the app I need Twenty Two. Eleven Male and Eleven Female.

Also I want people to submit with Guy apps because I don't this to be one of those stories where the only update is I NEED MORE GUY APPS.

Name (First and Last):



Stereotype (Unique not anything like the surfer who's funny is a jock and cares for the Environment):

Hair (Style, Color, ECT.):


Tattoos or piercing:

Race(Diversity Wanted):

Sexual Orientation:

Day clothes:

Past ( Events leading up to why they want to make they're wish ):

Personality(NO MARY/GARY SUE'S):



Fear and why:


Paired up?:

If so, with what stereotype?


Character Theme:


Audition Tape (Not Mandatory):