Hey guys TND here giving you a message here after much consideration I have decided to end TDTM here which I've chosen due to three fics at once along with High school has pretty much axed my free time so I thought that this would be the best decision however I've decided to show you guys how I would've have done with some eliminations as well as some plot points.

Elimination Order. (Bold=Eliminations not in story)

22 Mayline

21 Nanando

20 Takbir

19 Bonnie

18 Claire

17 Jill

16 Brock

15 Snow (vs. Aphrodite)

14 Greg (vs. Alex)


13 Aphrodite (vs. Ash)

12 Fumiko (vs. Jade)

11 Needles (vs. Zakk)



10 Zach (vs. Grady)

9 Anna (vs. Cherrie)

8 Calypso (vs. Bridgette)

8 Bridgette (vs. Ash)


7 Jade (vs. Ash)

6 Sapphire (vs. Ash)

5 Ash (vs. Zakk)


4 Cherrie (vs. Zakk, Grady and Alex)


3 Grady ( vs. Neo Minion)





2 Alex (vs. Zakk)


1 Mimic (vs. Zakk)

Winner: Zakk

Calypso and Zakk vs. Warhawk


What the numbers represent=details in the plot.

1. The teams are changed from Killer Klowns and The Saviors to Team Calypso and Team Chris.

2. Needles uses his wish to overpower Calypso and locks Chris, Chef, Duncan and Auger in a closet making the show Total Twisted Sweet Tooth. Calypso becomes a contestant in Needles place.

3. Teams are unified.

4. Bridgette defeats Calypso in a death match, but Calypso gets his power back from Needles and puts Bridgette in a match against Ash.

5. Zakk and Ash have a brutal fight in the cars both get wrecked so the two get into a fist fight outside the cars which Zakk wins. Ash then turns into a giant demon which is only defeated due to the help of Holo-Takbir, Holo-Jade, Holo-Anna, Auger, Duncan, Calypso and the Original Mr. Ash.

6. Cherrie's elimination is caused by a villainous breakdown which she reveals that she convinced Ash to manipulate Team Calypso, cut Sapphire's breaks in her match, broke Anna's spirit to compete and was stringing Zakk on about their relationship.

7. Alex, Grady and Zakk discover a cloning lab with clones of them in it, where Calypso reveals the competitors die at the end of death matches and are released with memory of the competition except when they die and the Holograms are the originals ghost's. (Chris, Auger, Chef and Duncan didn't know this)

8. Grady, Alex and Zakk refuse to fight each other so Calypso sends a revived Minion into the fray who manages to eliminate Grady before the guys destroy him.

9. Grady didn't get his wish he instead used it as an opportunity to escape with Chris, Duncan, Chef and Auger. Greatly angering Calypso to no end.

10. Zakk meets the girl with blonde hair that stole the car parts and got the better of Duncan and Chef. She reveals herself as an Interpol agent sent to take down Calypso saying that she'll help Him and Alex after the match.

11. Zakk beats Alex and wins TDTM but the Interpol Agent is revealed to be working for Calypso calling herself Mimic, in a car made up of parts of every car but Zakk's. The two fight with Zakk coming out the victor again causing Calypso to rage.

12. Zakk throws Calypso into the Roadkill to drop him off at a police station but they get attacked by Warhawk. Calypso and Zakk team up in Calypso's car the Grave Robber to fight Warhawk which they succeed. Calypso tries to attack Zakk but he slams his head into the dashboard knocking him out.

Ending: Zakk drops Calypso off at Jail and meets everyone else (minus Needles, Ash and Cherrie) at Brock's bar the Basement where they reflect on what happened during the contest everything seems right with the world. But they see a report on the news announcing that the police station Calypso was in was destroyed and Calypso escaped. Later Chris enters his mansion only to find Calypso there who says he'll make him an offer he can't refuse.

Well that is as much as I can give so this is TND here reminding you to rock on.