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Chapter 7

Sam turned around to stare at me and Dean glanced at me through the rearview mirror with the same small smile on his face he'd had before when I talked to Lucas. "We've been together for over three years now, we love each other and we weren't going to tell you because of everything that happened but I can't keep it in anymore."

Sam raised an eyebrow and looked between the two of us.

"Well?" Dean asked, clearing his throat.

"Well what?" Sam asked.

"You've got to be thinking something." I said quietly. I was waiting for him to ask Dean to stop the car. I'd imagined the whole thing in my head: Sam gets pissed and glares that the both of us and then yells at Dean 'stop the car!' Dean slams on the break and we both watch as Sam throws the car door open and then slams it shut behind him as he stomps away from us. Forever.


Except, Sam didn't do any of that. He kind of did the exact opposite of that.

Sam started to laugh.

"Did you guys think that I wouldn't approve or something?" He asked between laughs. He snorted. "Please, there has been so much sexual tension between you two since we were in high school. It was really only a matter of time before I knew something was going to happen between you guys."

"That's it?" Dean asked. Apparently he had been expecting something a lot more dramatic as well.

"I mean, I had figured something might have happened when you guys were off on your own all those years. How could it not? You were both known for one-night stands." I pouted and sat back in my seat.

"I'm not a slut," I said. Sam rolled his eyes.

"I didn't say that," he sighed and turned around to look at me with a smile on his face. "I'm happy for you guys, honestly."

"Well, good," Dean said.

"Is that why you play Heart and Journey or Rose's other music?" Sam asked. I laughed.

"No, he does that because he made a deal with me and now he has to play my music when I want. It was totally worth it." I said. Sam nodded, laughing a little too.

"Do I want to know what the deal was?" He asked.

"I don't want to talk about it," Dean said bitterly. I rolled my eyes.

"You're such a baby."

"I'm just tired of listening to Barracuda every other day, okay?" He said.

"You secretly love that song and all my music. You never had a problem with it until Sam started traveling with us again." I said. Dean narrowed his eyes and kept his eyes on the road and I smirked but didn't say anything about the small blush creeping up his ears.

"That's not true," he said.

"Uh huh, sure. Whatever helps you sleep at night sweetie," I said.


We stopped at a motel somewhere in Illinois when it was too dark and Dean was too tired to keep driving. We got a room and we all slowly shuffled inside. I checked the time on the clock as I dropped down on one of the beds. It wasn't even midnight but we hadn't slept in a while.

Sam set his stuff down on the other bed and Dean fell face first beside me on our bed. He groaned from the feeling of a bed and I smiled softly as I ran my hand through his hair. I heard Sam chuckle and I turned to look at him.

"What?" I asked. He just shook his head with a smile before looking over at us.

"Everything you guys do makes more sense now," he said. I laid back and closed my eyes for a minute before Dean nudged my side.

"You stink." He said. I glared at him.

"Speak for yourself jackass," he smirked and raised an eyebrow.

"Well if we both stink then we should take a shower," he said. I looked over at Sam but he was flipping channels on the television and not paying attention to us. I turned back to Dean. A shower with him sounded amazing and I couldn't deny that everything would be so much better afterwards, if you know what I mean. We had been teasing each other for a while now without being able to go all the way so we were both definitely horny and very high strung. I nodded and he quickly stood up, scooping me in his arms. I laughed and ducked my head closer to his chest before he accidently whacked me against the wall.

"Please not in front of me," Sam whined.

"Don't flatter yourself Sammy," Dean said while carrying me towards the bathroom. "Just because you're pretty doesn't mean you get me in the mood like Rosie does."

"Oh god, just go now, please," he said, completely grossed out. Dean smirked at him and stood in front of the door. I was getting tired of just laying in his arms but I knew Dean could carry me for a while without really getting tired.

"If we're too loud just bang on the door," he said. He set me down on the tile floor and shut the door, locking it quickly before turning back towards me.

He wrapped his arms around my waist and brought me closer to him, pressing our bodies together. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him down before kissing him softly.

"How long has it been?" Dean asked. I could all ready feel his arousal through his jeans.

"Long enough," I muttered, kissing him more passionately.

As we kissed I dropped my hands down his chest and grabbed the bottom of his shirt. I lifted it off of him and threw it to the floor. His lips connected back to mine after he tore my shirt off and he grabbed my hips tightly before lifting me onto the counter. He stood in between my legs and ran one of his hands through my hair. His other hand wrapped itself around my back, holding me close to him.

I reached down and started to unbuckle his jeans. Once I pulled down the zipper I pushed them down and let them fall to the ground. I started playing with him through his boxers and he started kissing down my neck. He lifted me off the counter and pushed me gently against the door. As his hands reached down to unbuckle my own pants I heard the T.V. get louder and I giggled.

"We should start the shower," I whispered. Dean pulled away as my pants fell to the ground and he reached into the shower while his eyes stayed locked on mine. I heard the shower start and steam started to fill the room after a moment. I ran my hands all over his chest and admired his muscles. He started to get goose bumps all over his torso and I smirked, knowing it was because of me.

I slowly and agonizingly removed his boxers and pushed him into the shower. He stood under the stream of hot water and kept his gaze on me. I reached behind me and unclasped the hooks on my bra and let the straps fall from my shoulders. It dropped to the floor and I teasingly hooked my fingers through the bands of my underwear. His excitement was obvious as he watched me and I was surprised that he'd let me take this long to undress.

I bent down as I removed my underwear and gave him a look he could really appreciate before I straightened back up to finally join him. He grabbed my arm and pulled me to him, shutting the curtain closed behind us. He turned us so the hot water was scolding my back and he kissed me hard as his hands roamed all over my body. I gripped his biceps when his hand dipped in between my legs but he didn't keep it there long. I knew he was teasing me now and we'd definitely started a game to see how long we'd each be able to last.

He liked me against the wall and I quickly wrapped my legs around his waist kissing him passionately. I rested my head against his forehead and we stayed like that for a moment. I opened my eyes to see his eyes watching me, curious.

"I love you Dean Winchester," I whispered, a little out of breath. He kissed me softly, panting and out of breath himself.

"I love you Rosemary Bennett."

When we both finished we stayed in the same position, out of breath. We stayed until the water became cold and I got down off of Dean. My legs were a little wobbly so I sat down on the edge of the bathtub and Dean wrapped a towel around me. He kissed the top of my head before wrapping a towel around his waist.

"We have a slight problem," I muttered. Dean raised an eyebrow and I motioned to my naked body. "All our clothes are out there, I don't want to put on dirty clothes."

"I'll go get them," he said, rolling his eyes. He came back soon after and he showed me the pajamas he had picked out for me. It was just a pair of underwear and one of his old t-shirts. I smiled and held the shirt close to me, rubbing my nose in the soft material. It smelled amazingly like Dean and I quickly pulled it on over my head. I slipped my panties on and looked up to see Dean watching me. He all ready had a pair of boxers on and a gray t-shirt.

"Ready for bed?" He asked, holding his hand out. I grabbed it and nodded, turning the light off. The lights were out but the television was still on. Sam was sitting up in bed with his eyes closed, still holding the remote. I slid into Dean's and my bed and looked up at him.

"Do you think he sleeps at all?" I whispered quietly. Dean glanced at Sam as he crawled into bed before shaking his head. He laid on his side and pulled me over to him so my head was resting on his chest. "My hair is wet and cold."

"I guess that's the price I'll have to pay if I wanna sleep like this," Dean said, closing his eyes. I smiled softly and leaned forward to kiss him. I pulled away before resting my head back down on him, closing my eyes as well.


October 4

I woke up to the door slamming and I groaned as I sat up. Sam was standing by the door with coffee and donuts.

"Mornin' sunshine's," Sam called.

"What time is it?" Dean groaned, glaring at his brother.

"About 5:45," Sam said, setting down the tray and bag. I got up and grabbed one of the coffee's and a maple bar donut. I took a bite out of the donut and sighed in happiness.

"Mmhmm, haven't had a donut in forever," I moaned.

"5:45 in the morning?" Dean asked, still upset over being woken up. Sam nodded.

"Where does the day go?" Dean asked sarcastically. He sat up and watched Sam carefully. "Did you get any sleep last night?"

"Yeah, I got a couple hours," Sam said.

"Liar," Dean said, standing to grab a coffee and donut for himself. He pecked my cheek before turning back to Sam. "I woke up at three and you were watching the George Foreman infomercial."

They continued to bicker and I easily got bored with it. My hair was probably a mess from falling asleep with it wet so I finished my donut and grabbed my duffel and my coffee before going into the bathroom. I didn't bother shutting the door since they weren't really paying the slightest bit of attention to me. I put on a pair of jeans and slipped a bra on from underneath the shirt just in case Sam looked up at me.

I took off Dean's shirt and put on a black camisole before slipping his t-shirt back on. We didn't have a job yet which meant we were probably either just going to hang around here or keep driving until we found something.

I put on a little make-up but didn't bother with anything fancy. I came back out into the main room just as Dean's cell rang. He was holding the knife that he usually kept under his pillow for precaution and Sam was rolling his eyes at him.

"You okay?" I asked him as Dean when out to talk to whoever was on the phone. Sam gave me a look of annoyance. I held up my hands in defense. "Just asking out of curiosity. He was holding his knife out."

"I'm fine," he said tersely. I nodded but didn't believe him, obviously. Dean came back in and I knew from the look on his face that we had a job.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Remember Jerry Panowski?" He asked. I nodded.

"Poltergeist in Pennsylvania, right?" I asked. Dean nodded.

"He wants to talk in person and he needs help." He said.

We quickly packed our things into the Impala and headed out to meet up with Jerry.


We met up with Jerry at an airplane hangar and I looked around and watched as men were constructing some of the giant metal monsters. I noticed Dean eyeing the planes wearily and I reached out to clasp our hands together. The poor guy didn't like flying much, or at all really. He smiled softly before giving my hand a squeeze.

"Thanks for making the trip so quick." Jerry said as we followed him to his office. "I ought to be doing you guys a favor, not the other way around."

He looked at Sam. "Dean, Rose and your Dad really helped me out."

"Right, they told me. It was a poltergeist?"

One of the men working on the construction made a comment about the movie "Poltergeist" and Jerry told him to go back to work.

"Damn right, practically tore our house apart." Jerry said to Sam. He looked at us. "If it weren't for you guys I probably wouldn't be alive." He turned back to Sam. "Your dad told me you were in college."

"Yeah, I was." Sam said. "I'm, uh, taking some time off."

"Well, he was proud of you. Talked about you all the time." He said. Dean and I glanced at each other. "I tried to get a hold of him, but I couldn't. How's he doing?"

"He's wrapped up in a job right now," Dean said. Jerry finally noticed our hands together and he smirked. We hadn't been together when we had helped Jerry out.

"I'm glad to see you guys finally together," he said as he led us into his office finally. He motioned for us to sit down and he put a CD into his computer. "You guys should hear this."

"What is it?" I asked.

"Well, it sounded like it was up your alley. Normally, I wouldn't have access to this. It's the cockpit voice recorder for United Britannia Flight 2485, one of ours." He said, playing the CD. It was mostly static and talking as we heard a plane take off and then suddenly there was a hissing noise. It definitely didn't sound normal.

Sam, Dean and I all exchanged glances.

"The plane took off from here and crashed about 200 miles south of here. They're chalking this up to mechanical failure. Somehow the cabin depressurized but nobody knows how. There were over a hundred people on board but only seven got out alive. The pilot, Chuck Lambert was one of 'em. He's a good friend of mine and he's pretty broken up about it. He thinks it's his fault." Jerry said.

"You don't think it was?" Sam asked. Jerry shook his head.

"No, I don't." He said.

"We'll need passenger manifests, a list of survivors," Sam said, listing off.

"Yeah, and is there any way we can take a look at the wreckage?" Dean asked.

"The other stuff isn't a problem but the NTSB has the wreckage locked down in an evidence warehouse. I don't have that kind of clearance." Dean shrugged.

"It's not really a problem," I said.


Sam and I sat out in the car while Dean was getting us fake ID's. We needed new ones anyway and Sam didn't have any of his own so now was as good a time to get them. Sam was playing the CD in his laptop to check for EVP and I was on my own laptop researching any legends about plane crashes. I pulled out my cell phone and looked up at Sam.

"I'm gonna make a phone call real quick," I told him, getting out of the car and walking a few feet away so he wouldn't hear. I dialed Jerry's phone and waited for him to answer. I had a feeling that we might end up on a flight whether Dean wanted to or not. I had an idea that would make it slightly easier for us to get on a flight at last minute and to persuade Dean to go too.

"Hello?" Jerry answered.

"Hey Jerry, it's Rose." I paused. "I was wondering if you could manage a huge favor for me."

"Sure, I owe you one, really." He said. I told him what I wanted. "Well, even though I don't really have access to that sort of thing, I do have a few numbers I could call."

"You can get it for me A.S.A.P.?" I asked.

"Absolutely, Rose." He said.

"You're great, Jerry. Thanks," I said. I hung up and went back over to the car just as Dean came out of the store and got back into the car. I followed his lead and resumed my previous seat. Sam looked up at him.

"You were in there forever," he said. Dean grinned and held up our fakes. I grinned as I reached forward to grab mine.

"You can't rush perfection," Dean said. I leaned forward and kissed his cheek.

"Thanks for using a good picture this time," I said. He laughed. He used to pick the worst picture of me. My FBI picture looks like I'm a 40 year old crack whore.

"Homeland Security?" Sam asked skeptically. "That's pretty illegal, even for us."

"It's something new, you know?" Dean said. "People haven't seen it a thousand times."

"And we haven't used it a thousand times." I added. Dean nodded.

"Exactly," he turned to Sam. "So what did you guys get?"

"Well, there's definitely EVP on the cockpit voice recorder," Sam said. "Listen."

He played the audio and you could distinctly hear 'No survivors' crackle through the speakers.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Dean asked.

"Didn't Jerry say there were seven survivors?" I asked.

"You got me," Sam said.

"So what are we thinking here? A haunted flight?" Dean asked. I sat forward and handed him my laptop, leaning over the seat to point to my screen and all three of us could see it.

"There's a long history of spirits and death omens on planes and ships, like phantom travelers," I said. Dean nodded. "Remember Flight 401?"

"The one that crashed then the airline salvaged some of its parts, put it in other planes and the spirit of the pilot and co-pilots haunted those flights, right?" Dean said. I nodded.

"Maybe it's a similar deal," I said. Dean grabbed the list of the survivors and we all looked through them.

"Which survivor should we talk to first?" Dean asked. Sam pointed to one of the names.

"Third on the list, Max Jaffey," Sam said.

"Why him?"

"Well for one, he's from around here. And two, if anyone saw anything weird, it was him." Sam said.

"What makes you say that?" Dean said. I smiled.

"He was sitting towards the front of the plant. Plus we called his mom and she told us where to find him." I said.

"And that would be where?" Dean asked.

"Riverfront Psychiatric Hospital." Sam said. Dean started the car and gave Sam a look.

"A crazy hospital?" He asked as he drove where Sam directed him to. I shrugged.

"Doesn't mean he's actually crazy," I told him.

"Right, well, Dean and I will see when we get there," Sam said. He turned around to look at me. "If we're gonna eventually try to pass as Homeland Security to see that wreckage we're gonna need to get ourselves some better get-ups. No offense but you guys look like high school kids going to the winter formal with your old suits, and I don't even have one."

"So while you guys are off interrogating a crazy man, I'm buying suits?" I asked. Sam nodded.

"I'll drop you off and we'll pick you up when we finish," Dean said. I pouted and sat back in my seat, crossing my arms.

"I want to interrogate a crazy man," I muttered. Dean rolled his eyes and pulled over in front of a fancy store called Mort's For Style. Dean took out his wallet and handed me one of his many credit cards. I checked the name (Layla Bernard) and got out of the car.

"Hey," Dean called before I shut the door. I bent down to see what he wanted. "Make sure it's something I'll look good in."

I ignored him and shut the door, turning and walking into the store as they drove off. I was greeted in the store by a creepy old man and went to look through all the suits. I knew Dean's size but I'd have to guess Sam's. I pulled out a few suits for them to try on and I went over to the women's section of the store.

I tried on a few skirt suits and settled for a black pinstripe suit with a dark purple blouse. I got the boys some dress shoes and a pair of high heels for me. I aimlessly walked around the store until they finally showed up. They changed into their suits while I paid for them and then I went to go change into my own suit.

I walked out of the store and met up with Dean and Sam who were leaning against the Impala. Dean whistled when he heard my shoes clack on the ground. They were pretty tall so I knew I'd have to be careful while I walked.

"Look at you," he said. I waved him off and brushed the wrinkles off of his suit and fixed his collar.

"So what did you guys find out?" I asked.

"We went to visit the crazy guy who says he saw the guy in the seat behind him open the door on the airplane, which is impossible. The guy also had pitch black eyes. We visited the guy's wife, because he's obviously dead, but the only information she could give us was that he suffered from very bad acid reflux." Sam said.

"Lovely," I said, cringing.

"So now we're on our way to the warehouse with the wreckage." Dean said. He grinned. "I wonder if there's any carnage."

When we got to the warehouse we flashed our ID's to the security guards and they just nodded and let us in. Dean took out the EMF reader and put in my old headphones, holding it out to check for any possible supernatural phenomena.

"What is that?" Sam asked.

"It's an EMF meter," Dean said, "It reads electromagnetic frequencies."

Sam raised an eyebrow. "I know what an EMF meter is but why does yours look like a busted up Walkman?"

I laughed.

"You wanted to know why Dean has to play my music whenever I want, remember?" I said. Sam nodded and I motioned to the meter. "It's because that is a busted up Walkman. It's my busted up Walkman."

"I made it myself," Dean said, grinning, obviously proud of his work. The reader started to beep, picking up frequencies. We all looked closer at the emergency door that had been ripped off its hinges. When Dean waved the meter over the handle it started to beep like crazy. There was some sort of substance on the handle.

"What is it?" Sam asked. I pinched some up and brought it close to my nose to smell.

"I think it's sulfur." I said. Sam scraped some off with a knife into a plastic bag and put it in his jacket. I looked over towards the entrance and saw two men in suits showing their ID's to the security guards. "I think we've got company."

Dean nodded and put the EMF meter back in his own jacket and we started to walk calmly out of the back of the warehouse. As soon as Dean pushed open a door an alarm started going off loudly. We didn't even have to look at each other and we started racing out of the warehouse. Dean tore off his jacket as we started coming to a tall fence and he threw it over onto the top so that we could climb over.

While Dean and Sam climbed over I took off my heels and threw them to the other side and climbed it as quickly as I could in my skirt. Maybe the next time I get us suits I should get pants instead of a skirt, just in case. I finally reached the top and dropped down to my feet. Dean had grabbed his jacket and my shoes and we ran to get to the car.

I jumped into the back as Dean started the engine and he skidded off, away from the warehouse. We sat back and all glanced at each other before laughing.

"Oh man," I said, catching my breath, "that was a major adrenaline rush."



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