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I've never broken any bones so I don't actually know how long they take to heal. If you want to tell me in a review that would be much appreciated. Plus I forgot to mention in the last chapter that this story has talking animals, so if you don't like that . . .

Back in a lab somewhere in Titan's Tower. The Titans are standing around a hospital bed where Beast Boy, still in dog form, sits with a cast on his front right paw.

Cyborg: Well, it's definitely broken. And the bad news is he can't morph at all, because when he morphs his body changes his bone structures and with a broken bone it can't morph it. I think he's been trying for the last hour, but he's stuck in dog form.

Robin: So I guess he won't be able to fight, right?

Cyborg: Not unless he wants to fight in dog form. Hey, stop that. (Referring to Beast Boy who keeps on trying to put his broken paw down.) If you want it to heal you need to keep your weight off of it, you have three other legs to depend on. And no chewing on it either. (Going back to the other Titans) But fighting with a broken leg at all isn't a good idea either.

The Titans then leave the lab room, leaving Beast Boy alone who looks around, jumps off the hospital bed and then falls because of unbalance.

Scene Change

The Titans are all sitting in the living room/kitchen. Robin and Cyborg are playing video games on the coach next to Raven who is reading a book. Starfire is in the kitchen creating a wreath with flowers which she then completes and puts on her head. Beast Boy sits on the coach, as well, looking bored. He then proceeds to climb on the back of the coach carefully making sure that he stops every once in a while to regain balance. He then stops behind Raven and lays down trying to read over her shoulder.

Raven: Beast Boy, do you mind laying somewhere else?

Beast Boy then goes around her and jumps down, without falling, between her and Cyborg. He watches the screen longingly and then jumps down from the coach and walks past Starfire, who is adjusting her wreath, he stops for a few seconds and then precedes to leave. He reaches the door, looks around, and walks out with his head down.

Scene Change

Beast Boy is now on the streets limping with his head still down. He lifts up his head and sniffs a little, an aroma enters his nose from an alley way. He goes down that way and realizes that it's coming from a trash can. He looks around then sticks his head in, he comes out with a piece of pizza which he gulps down in one bite. He then proceeds to leave the alley way but blocking his path are two dogs who are growling and half way covered with shadow. Beast Boy backs up.

Black out.