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The Forgotten Children That Weren't To Be Remembered

Chapter 10

In a split second Mai somehow managed to get an image of a cube through her mind and set up a barrier protecting John, Takagawa, and Ayako. But Mai noticed that Naru, Lin and Masako weren't protected. 'Oh no! My barrier wasn't big enough to protect them!', Mai thoughts screamed through her mind as she panicly watched and tried to figure out what to do.

The sharp objects flew gracefully towards Naru and the others, as Kyoko appeared standing in the corner of the kitchen with one hell of a creepy smile seeping onto her face. Before anyone could register what happened, the Knives reflected off a barrier that formed around Naru and the others. Kyoko let out and angered cry, and Tatsuya slowly appeared in front of the three. 'you will not hurt anyone anymore! It's time for you to leave!', with that said Tatsuya tackled Kyoko pinning her to the wall. 'Exercise her now!', he yelled.

Takagawa and John started chanting, and not long after Kyoko let out a piercing scream before she disappeared. Tatsuya left after he kissed Mai on the forehead whispering, 'sorry'. Soon after the children that were bounded to the house passed on too.

"There is still one more child in this house…. And for some reason she isn't moving on", said Masako.

"Who is it?", asked Takagawa.

Before Masako could answer, there was a loud thump in the kitchen. Everyone turned their faces so they were facing the object that cause that sound.

"Mai!", everyone ran toward the fallen girl that laid on the floor. Of course Naru got there before anyone else, but he had to give room for Ayako to examine her.

"I don't see anything wrong with her…. Maybe she's exhausted from everything happening", reassured Ayako.

Everyone nodded but Masako started at Mai for a while before speaking, "No….", Everyone once again turned their attention to Masako with questioning looks. "Mai is talking to Mitsuko…. She's trying to convince her to move on it seems".

Naru and Lin nodded in understanding, "Takagawa, John and Lin start packing up, Masako and Ayako go walk around the house to double check."

"WAIT! What about Mai?" yelled Takagawa. "what if Mitsuko tried to kill Mai in her dream?"

"Yeah, I'm not leaving Mai's side till she wakes up!" shouted Ayako in a motherly tone.

Naru sighed inwardly, "I'll be by Mai's side and I believe in Mai, also the little girl isn't a vengeful spirit or anything for that matter. So stop worrying and go do your jobs I assigned you now or you don't get paid".

Ayako and Takagawa were about to start yelling again but Masako, John, and Lin already dragged them out of the room. Naru knew they would understand what Naru meant and that they would explained to those two idiots.

I looked into the darkness to only notice the small girl standing a few feet away from me. "you got to move on", I said.

She looked up with frightened eyes, "I-I cant…I'm scared, what if mommy comes and pulls me away? Where's D-daddy? I want my daddy", the little girl slowly broke into sobs and she wished to be with her father.

Mai slowly approached the girl and kneeled down to her eye level, when they locked eyes Mai grabbed the girl in a tight reassuring hug and whispered, "It's alright, your mom cant hurt you anymore, and your fathers waiting for you, so you have to leave ok?"

"R-Really?", her sobs slowly died down.

"yes, really" replied Mai. "Now get going, you don't want your dad to keep waiting do you?"

The little girl shook her head and then started to glow. It took a while, but the girl let out a sigh of relief when her mother didn't appear and prevent to keep her bound to the house. She turned facing and whispered, "Thank you" before she disappeared. Once again Mai fell into darkness alone but slowly she woke up.

Mai felt comfortable in the warmth that she was surrounded in and snuggled closer. She then her someone calling her name, so she slowly tried to opened her eyes only to be met with sapphire blue eyes. Then a blush creped on to her face, and she turned beat red when she noticed that she snuggled into Naru's stomach. Mai quickly stood up from the couch she was lying on, but she soon got dizzy and was about to fall. Naru quickly grabbed her before she would bash her head into a table corner.

He let out a sigh and hugged her closer, "Idiot…"

"well sorry!, I was too busy getting a little girl to pass on and then I wake up with my boyfriend staring at me! Who wouldn't react like that?", yelled Mai.

Naru said nothing but chuckled a little and pulled Mai into a tight embrace. Mai was shocked to have heard Naru laugh but she brushed it aside and leaned into the embrace. They stayed like that for a while, before they were rudely interrupted by a 'ahem'. Mai and Naru turned around to meet their audience that consist of Lin, John, and Takagawa.

"Sorry for interrupting again….", apologized Takagawa, but he brushed aside his embarrassment and went to give Mai a big bear hug Mai when Naru let go of her. "I'm glad you're alright".

"Bou-san…. Cant…. Breather… need… air…. NOW!"

Takagawa reluctantly let go and then apologized. Masako and Ayako entered after they walked around the house.

Ayako gave Mai and hug and reported, "Masako says that there's nothing in the house anymore and that Mitsuko finally moved on."

Naru nodded, "then lets go, since the packing is done".

Everyone walked out of the house and returned home. SPR got note of that Mr. Matsushita has a newborn daughter and they named it Mitsuko for respect of the child that lived there before.

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